Stackable full layer 3 multi-Gigabit access switch with PoE+

This fully managed multi-Gigabit access switch with Power over Ether­net and full layer 3 functions is the ideal solution for data-intensive infrastructures in enterprise environments. With its industry-standard port equipment, it offers the necessary performance even at high work­loads and enables uplinking and stacking. Professional redundancy functions and LANCOM fail-safe stacking guarantee fail-safe operation with the best protection covered by the LANCOM Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW). Orchestrated via the LANCOM Management Cloud, its configuration is automated.

Technical features

  • Multi-Gigabit Access Switch with 12x 2.5 multi-Gigabit Ethernet ports, 12x 1 Gigabit Ethernet ports, 4x SFP+, and 2 QSFP+ FleX ports
  • IEEE 802.3af/at PoE+ support to efficiently power connected devices at 720 watts
  • Full layer 3 functionality with policy-based dynamic routing and DHCP server function
  • Backplane stacking optionally (SW-defined) via SFP+ or QSFP+ FleX ports
  • 1x hot-swappable PSU plus separate socket for adding a second PSU
  • 2x fixed, redundant fans (N+1)
  • Front-to-back ventilation design for optimal cooling in 19" racks
  • Cloud-managed LAN and switch stacking for quick configuration and convenient management via the LANCOM Management Cloud
  • IPv6 and IPv4 support for modern enterprise networks
  • Includes security updates for 5 years after End of Sale and major releases for 2 years after End of Sale
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) included


High performance on 30 ports

The LANCOM GS-4530XP is equipped with 12x 2.5 multi-Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet ports, 12x Gigabit PoE+ Ethernet ports, as well as 4 SFP+ and 2 QSFP+ FleX ports supporting transmission rates of 10 and 40 Gbps respectively. In addition, with a data throughput of 324 Gbps on the backplane, it offers wirespeed performance even at high workloads. The multi-Gigabit access switch thus forms the powerful basis for modern network infrastructures in all industries and areas of application.

A high-performance basis for Wi-Fi 6 – PoE included

Thanks to 12 high-performance 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet ports, the LANCOM GS-4530XP is the ideal LAN-side basis for integrating the new wireless LAN standard Wi-Fi 6 into modern infrastructures. The increased data rates when using Wi-Fi 6 require 2.5 Gigabit Ethernet, as the required performan­ce demands exceed those of a simple Gigabit Ethernet port. This switch in combination with the corresponding PoE power thus enables the opera­tion of up to 12 Wi-Fi 6 access points or other network components with high performance requirements – without additional electrical installation.

Central power supply without additional electrical installation

As a powerful PoE switch, the LANCOM GS-4530XP supplies connected PoE end devices without additional power supplies or power cabling. It supports the Power over Ethernet standards IEEE 802.3af (PoE) and IEEE 802.3at (PoE+) with up to 30 watts at its 24 PoE ports. Thanks to high power reserves, a PoE budget of 720 watts is available, which ensures high availability of the device when using a second power supply in redundancy mode.

LANCOM fail-safe stacking

LANCOM fail-safe stacking allows up to 8 physical switches to be combined into one logical unit for convenient maintenance and management – at a single site or even distributed across different sites. Via the nonstop forwarding function, the stack manager cyclically supplies its standby with current information such as the MAC table and its own status information. In the event of a failure, the standby manager is able to take over with­out noticeable network interruption via the hitless failover function. Subsequent expansion of the network is also possible, as the new switch receives its configuration automatically from the stack manager and is ready for use within seconds. The stacking function can also be activated on both the front SFP+ FleX ports and the rear QSFP+ FleX ports, enabling a mixed stack with the LANCOM XS-5110F and XS-5116QF aggregation switches.

Full control over your investment

Fully equipped ex works, ready for immediate use, everything from a single source: In accordance with the principle of "Total Cost of Ownership" (TCO), the LANCOM GS-4530XP gives you planning security from the very beginning and at all times with regard to the acquisition costs for your network expansion. The full expansion with all necessary ports in the industry standard makes time-consuming and costly retrofitting of proprietary port modules a thing of the past. Furthermore, our accessories portfolio provides you with the necessary SFP modules and direct attach cables directly from us in tested LANCOM quality. In addition to the guarantee of maximum operational reliability through extensive load and long-term tests of the modules, you also avoid long delivery times.

Full layer 3 routing for high network efficiency

The LANCOM GS-4530XP is full layer 3 capable with policy-based dynamic routing via OSPF, providing dynamic network routes through one or more network segments. This provides tremendous increase in network efficiency for example in meshed networks with multiple aggregation switches at different locations.

Hardware redundancy

The LANCOM GS-4530XP with a "hot-swappable" PSU (power supply unit) allows the power supply to be replaced quickly and without interruption in the event of a defect. A separate plug-in module allows the addition of a second PSU. With the integration of two redundant power supply units, for example, highly fail-safe scenarios can be realized. In addition, the redundant (N+1) fan concept also ensures fail-safe switch operation in case one of the two fans fails.

Front-to-back ventilation design

The LANCOM GS-4530XP protects your investment with an innovative front-to-back ventilation design. This enables optimal cooling even in 19" racks and maximizes the lifetime of the device.

Cloud-managed LAN and switch stacking

With the LANCOM Management Cloud, the LANCOM GS-4530XP offers fast and easy network integration as well as automatic configuration assignment. Cloud-managed LAN replaces individual device configuration with holistic network orchestration and enables automatic VLAN assignment to the desired switch ports. Configurations can be rolled out or updated simultaneously at the click of a mouse and even more complex networking scenarios easy to administer. When using the LANCOM GS-4530XP in a stack, Cloud-managed switch stacking also ensures convenient management and monitoring of the entire stack. The cloud independently detects which and how many switches belong to the stack. Learn more about professional network connectivity and configuration in the  Design guide switch stacking.

Secure remote management

Secure communication protocols such as SSH, SSL and SNMPv3 mean that the LANCOM GS-4530XP is ideal for professional remote network management. The switch also supports the TACACS+ protocol for authentication, authorization and accounting. This solution is optimized for maximum security for multi-site network management and monitoring.

LANCOM Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW)

This enterprise switch is reliably covered ex factory by the LANCOM Limited Lifetime Warranty. Regardless of the switch's operating time, the warranty is valid until the End of Life status of the device (max. 10 years). For perfect complement: Ensure minimal downtime in the event of a hardware defect with next-business-day delivery of a replacement device. We recommend LANcare NBD Replacement or in combination with guaranteed service times LANcare Direct Advanced 24/7 or 10/5.

Learn more in the Infopaper LANCOM Limited Lifetime Warranty.


Connectors LANCOM GS-4530XP

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Further information & news

Wi-Fi 6: More throughput, lower latency times

What exactly do these key words behind the new Wi-Fi standard Wi-Fi 6 signify? Especially in so-called "high-density environments", i.e. in areas with large numbers of Wi-Fi clients, Wi-Fi 6, alias IEEE 802.11ax, brings more stability and reliability to intensively used wireless LANs by making more efficient use of the available bandwidths and channels

How you can benefit from the technology with the ax-enabled LANCOM devices is shown in our Wi-Fi 6 video, on the technology page, and in the whitepaper:

Whitepaper: The Wi-Fi standard Wi-Fi 6

Options & accessories

Service & support

Included services

  • Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW): Hardware warranty until the End of Life status of the device (maximum 10 years)
  • Security and feature updates within the LLW
  • Technical manufacturer support as part of a support contract
    (LANcommunity partner, LANcare Direct, or LANcare Premium Support)

Optional services

Click below to get more information as well as the item numbers for convenient additional booking.

Click below to get more information as well as the item numbers for convenient additional booking.

Notes: Times are given in hours (h) or minutes (m) per days (d). The products are available for different service categories (S, M, L, XL) as well as validity and can be easily added using the item numbers. The service category of each LANCOM device can be found in the LANCOM price list.

  • LANcare Direct 10/5
    Direct manufacturer support and security updates for 1, 3, or 5 years
    Availability: 10h / 5d, first reaction time: 2h (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2)
    Item numbers: S: 10740 / 10741 / 10742, M: 10743 / 10744 / 10745, L: 10746 / 10747 / 10748, XL: 10749 / 10750 / 10751
  • LANcare Direct Advanced 10/5
    Direct manufacturer support, security updates, and advance relacement for 1, 3, or 5 years
    Availability: 10h / 5d, first reaction time: 2h (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2), delivery: NBD
    Item numbers: S: 10764 / 10765 / 10766, M: 10767 / 10768 / 10769, L: 10770 / 10771 / 10772, XL: 10773 / 10774 / 10775
  • LANcare Direct 24/7
    Direct manufacturer support incl. 24/7 emergency hotline and security updates for 1, 3, or 5 years
    Availability: 24h / 7d, first reaction time: 30m (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2)
    Item numbers: S: 10752 / 10753 / 10754, M: 10755 / 10756 / 10757, L: 10758 / 10759 / 10760, XL: 10761 / 10762 / 10763
  • LANcare Direct Advanced 24/7
    Direct manufacturer support incl. 24/7 emergency hotline, security updates, and advance relacement for 1, 3, or 5 years
    Availability: 24h / 7d, first reaction time: 30m (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2), delivery: NBD
    Item numbers: S: 10776 / 10777 / 10778, M: 10779 / 10780 / 10781, L: 10782 / 10783 / 10784, XL: 10785 / 10786 / 10787
  • LANcare NBD Replacement
    Advance replacement in the event of a defect as a complement to the Limited Lifetime Warranty
    Delivery: NBD
    Item numbers: L: 61321, XL: 61323
  • LANcare Premium Support 10/5
    Manufacturer support and security updates for projects
    Availability: 10h / 5d, first reaction time: 2h (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2)
    (on request)
  • LANcare Premium Support 24/7
    Manufacturer support incl. 24/7 emergency hotline and security updates for projects
    Availability: 24h / 7d, first reaction time: 30m (priority 1) up to 4h (priority 2)
    (on request)

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