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Digital branch stores and smart retail with LANCOM.
Intelligent, reliable networking for chain stores.

Highest availability, security, and predictability for retail

Growth in retail has its own dynamic. In the quickest possible time, entire chain stores have to be set up and networked, new franchise locations established, or shop-in-shop systems efficiently integrated. Smart retail functions and processes are also on the rise and require a suitable basis in terms of network technology. Everything has to be timed to perfection, the costs have to remain fixed and manageable, and you need a reliable partner who keeps to agreements and delivery times.

As a specialist for IT infrastructures in the retail sector, our networking solutions are designed for the demands of retail.

Free network consulting at EuroCIS 2024

Innovative sales concepts and store solutions need a strong technical foundation. If you want to be at the cutting edge of retail, you need to constantly adapt your digital infrastructure to the necessary data volumes and transmission speeds of automation and AI tools, etc.

From February 27-29, 2024, you can find out what retail networks need at EuroCIS in Dusseldorf, the most important trade fair for retail technology on the continent. Simply register for an exclusive appointment with our retail experts (including a free trade fair ticket on request) and visit LANCOM in Hall 10, booth G26!

We look forward to digitally strengthening European retail.

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Smart retail by LANCOM

Only with fail-safe site networking, automated management, comprehensive network security and high-performance Wi-Fi can the retail sector evolve and grow into smart retail:

  • Easily integrate state-of-the-art merchandise security mechanisms and video surveillance
  • Automate, centralize, and cleverly digitalize work processes (e.g., personnel, merchandise, and supply chain management)
  • Use intelligent IoT sensors in retail, e.g., in vending and deposit machines or in weighing and cooling technology
  • Securely use highly available and up-to-date payment systems, e.g., mobile payment with card, smartphone, or smart watch
  • Digitalize physical store and link it with online store (smart retail and connected retail)
  • Enhance local store with digital signage, e.g., electronic price tags and advertising banners
  • Smart retail par excellence: Implementing retail analyses such as visitor flow and walkway analyses via Wi-Fi in compliance with data protection regulations

Our bundled knowledge on retail networks

The future of shopping

Shopping in recent years has become faster, more self-determined, contactless, and automated – both in-store and online. Many retailers have realized that they need to digitalize their business for a modern shopping experience: In 'Smart Retail', the physical and the digital store become a profitable symbiosis. Get to know the numerous advantages and potentials of digital chain stores – for retailers and customers alike!

High availability payment

Secure, high-availability payment systems are the be-all and end-all in retail. This includes data security, GDPR-compliant data protection, reliability, and secure data transmission. Integrated into an IT infrastructure from LANCOM, your POS systems are optimally protected by network segmentation and equipped for modern mobile payment – with the highest grade, next generation IT security!

Chain store

The high degree of centralization and standardization of retail-chain structures enables clearly plannable network component packages with transparent costs, which can be multiplied by the number of branches as desired. True to the motto: Design once, roll-out thousands of times. With the LANCOM Management Cloud and its maximum network security, LANCOM provides an IT infrastructure that you can count on.


Be it an individual franchise store or a completely centralized franchise: The LANCOM networking solutions for franchise systems guarantee full cost control and maximum reliability. Depending on your needs, you can assemble your own solo kit for individual franchise sites, or even a universal product package for several branches. Either way, the LANCOM Management Cloud delivers automated administration.


Retailers cannot stock everything. Nor do they have to. Through cooperative shop-in-shop concepts, other sellers can be integrated into a larger shop quickly, easily, and with a minimum of conflict – with rented shop space and their own network technology installed without problem. LANCOM specializes in such infrastructures and has exactly the right products to offer.

Know and incorporate IT trends 2024

“As SMEs face the ever-increasing demands of the digital transformation, the trend is clearly toward increased data transmission speed, intelligent cloud utilization, and a general reduction in complexity. The inescapable need for IT security also continues to cast its shadow as a requirement SMEs need to meet. [...] This short study addresses the question of how SMEs, primarily those with 250 to 2,500 computer workstations, are currently positioned when it comes to modern operational concepts and company networks. To what extent is the cloud and as-a-service concept already being adopted by SMEs? What is driving the expansion of company networks? And what investments in networks are SMEs planning for 2024?” – techconsult study from 2024


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