Work, Health & Social Commitment

Health and care.
With commitment.

Responsibility in the digital age

The most valuable thing in any company is healthy and productive employees. Our goal is to create structures for our employees that sustainably promote job satisfaction and health. In 2020, we were honored for this with the Corporate Health Award in the SME category by EuPD Research and Handelsblatt.

Health and care

Our corporate health management takes a holistic approach. After all, employees who are physically and mentally well feel good at work. This includes massage, annual health check, sports & fitness room, functional training courses, relaxation room and ergonomics consulting.

Work-life balance

LANCOM offers a good framework for balancing family and career. We offer flexitime, parent-child office, childcare allowance, dog in the office, home office and company social counseling for personal and family crisis situations.

Company social benefits

Voluntary company social and fringe benefits for employees make us an attractive employer. LANCOM Systems is committed to charitable heart projects with a bonus program, contractual additional leave, free drinks (water, organic/fair-trade coffee, tea), bicycle leasing via JobRad, employee parties and the employee sponsoring program.

Social Commitment

We support non-profit associations and social institutions based in our home region on their way into the digital age. Most of all, we like to help with much-needed hardware for networking or make a financial contribution to digital projects.

In the following, we present selected sponsoring projects and cooperations.


Making computer science understandable in a playful way and giving children early access to digital education - that is the vision of IT4Kids. The social startup of the student initiative enactus Aachen e.V. offers age-appropriate computer science courses for 3rd to 6th graders that promote logic and process thinking. In addition to organizing the courses, which take place in cooperation with schools, the learning material as well as the software is developed independently. With our support, we were able to enable 160 children from the region to participate in the program.

Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen

The Flugwissenschaftliche Vereinigung Aachen 1920 e.V. (FVA - Aviation Science Assoc.) received a LANCOM 1781 EW+ for networking its workshop at Merzbrück Airport and its office at the Institute of Aerospace in Aachen. True to the motto “Research. Build. Fly”, students of the RWTH and FH Aachen who are keen on flying work with the association on the development of aviation equipment.

Chess club DJK Aachen

What does chess have to do with digitalization? It's straightforward: In the 1st Division of the Chess Bundesliga, chess is played in real-time so that every move can be watched online. To this end, the chess club DJK Aachen required digital equipment: a high-tech chessboard and figures. The equipment was sponsored by LANCOM.

Girls Day

Each year, LANCOM invites schoolgirls to the "Girls' Day" event. Together with our colleagues from hardware development and quality management, we have developed a program to give the girls an easily comprehensible insight into the basics of our daily work: "Hardware development for beginners – the assembly, soldering and programming of micro-controllers".

LANCOM on Mars expeditions by the Austrian Space Forum (ÖWF)

The Austrian Space Forum is developing a Mars spacesuit simulator. The development of the suit is a part of an international research program and serves as a concept study for a spacesuit for manned mars expeditions. Together with the University of Innsbruck and various research institutions all over the world, the ÖWF performs simulations of Mars walkabouts under extreme conditions in the mountains, in the desert or in caves to test the hardware under field conditions. LANCOM supports the ÖWF with hardware donations.

Educational cooperation

Heilig Geist Gymnasium Würselen

For many years LANCOM has been a partner of the HGG high school in Würselen. The cooperation was agreed in the 2009/10 school year, with signatures of the school directors and company management confirming the long-term and strategic partnership. The aim of the cooperation is to transfer knowledge to the pupils about career choices, our industry and everyday work. We have already completed award-winning projects together, such as the KURS Award in 2015 and 2017.

LANCOM awards scholarships to RWTH university students

As a part of the North Rhine-Westphalia Scholarship Program, LANCOM provides annual support to up to four students of the RWTH Aachen. LANCOM thus promotes promising IT talent, who can fully concentrate on their computer science studies thanks to the financial support. We are especially pleased about the fact that we can already count the first graduates among our colleagues.

LANCOM sponsors youth prize MyDigitalWorld

LANCOM is a partner of the MyDigitalWorld youth competition, which is organized by Deutschland sicher im Netz e.V. (DsiN). The non-profit association aims to improve digital security awareness and the behavior of Internet users by providing concrete assistance. The competition is intended to encourage young people to get to grips with the issue of Internet security.

We answer your questions


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