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Despite modern network infrastructures and efficient business processes, unexpected problems or adjustments necessitated by growth are part of everyday business life. It is precisely in these cases that it is good to know that customized services from expert hands are just a click away. From support for network problems, planning, configuration, and optimization to acute emergency support, our services offer individual assistance for entire networks directly from the manufacturer when you need it.

Our services at a glance

  • LANCOM WLAN Survey Service

    Professional network planning for efficient WLAN infrastructures including optimal WLAN coverage and cost estimation.

  • LANCOM Config Service

    Professional adaptation of your hardware configuration by LANCOM experts as a remote session or on-site appointment

  • LANCOM Extended Support Times

    Exclusive support availability at time windows outside regular business hours with minimal response times, e.g. for maintenance work and work without customer or visitor traffic

  • LANCOM Emergency Support

    Professional emergency support from LANCOM experts with a guaranteed response time of max. 30 min.

  • LANCOM Consulting Day

    Network optimization consulting with a LANCOM consultant on site including status quo and problem analysis and investment planning

Your direct line to us

Most questions can be resolved best in direct contact: We look forward to answering your questions and requests by phone or via the contact form.

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