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LANCOM as your site networking partner.

Reliable IT infrastructures for companies

Professional site networking aims for smooth workflows and clear, fluid communication – whether it involves data and signals or people. Both should be in flow and constantly move the company forward.

How do you efficiently, securely, and sustainably connect branches, partner companies, suppliers, and home office employees to the corporate network locally and across the globe? How do you make the most of existing networks and leverage the strengths of VPN, Voice-over-IP, Wi-Fi, or digital ePaper signs to take site networking to the next level?

Ideally by turning the technical network into a human network as well: With a trustworthy partner for cross-location corporate infrastructures that goes beyond mere provision of services to ensure secure, reliable, and optimized IT networks. This is why we accompany our customers from network planning and installation, through day-to-day network operation, and far beyond the identification of improvement and expansion potentials. The comprehensive LANCOM portfolio, comprising all the necessary WAN, LAN, WLAN, and security components for site networking, tailor-fit software upgrade options, and our in-house technical manufacturer support, enables this long-term partnership – both technically and personally.

VPN site networking

Trustworthy, flexible, resource-efficient, scalable, and reliable – these are the qualities that every IT department wants for its network. LANCOM VPN infrastructures are designed to deliver just that. Read all about the great advantages of VPN site networking and how LANCOM implements them for your benefit.

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Homeoffice with VPN

Home office and remote work are no longer exotic or exclusive work models – nor do they have to give IT admins a headache. The right VPN router, the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client, and optional VPN tunnel extensions if required – that's all it takes to securely connect all employees to the corporate network.

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VoIP telephony

Professional corporate communications are all about efficiency. For telephony, this means voice-over-IP telephony or IP telephony. Low operating costs, best accessibility, and highest voice quality are just some of the many advantages. With the flexible and reliable LANCOM VoIP routers, you are well equipped for every scenario, and you are certainly connected in the best possible manner.

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Wi-Fi solutions

With wireless LAN solutions from LANCOM, you can network your sites in a highly flexible manner to suit your environment, requirements, industry, and price expectations. Whether classic WLAN indoors, under extreme weather, industrial, or temperature conditions, in high-density settings, or digital signage solutions with ePaper displays – you will experience the best reception, both technically and humanly.

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Guest Wi-Fi

First impressions count, especially when it comes to Internet access. Give your guests and visitors the most welcome reception with the LANCOM cloud-managed hotspot or with the business-relevant special functions of the LANCOM Public Spot Option. Read more about how you can set up carefree and individual guest access to your network!

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Digital signage

Room signs that automatically display the current occupancy at all times; price signs that dynamically adapt to changes in the merchandise management system in real time; menu cards that display the available menu of the day to the minute – the world of Wireless ePaper is versatile and holds great potential for work processes of all kinds.

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The more branches an IT network has, the greater the risks of performance loss and cyber attacks. Not so when branch networking is supported by a holistic product portfolio and automated network orchestration. Learn how even more complex SD-Branch networks can remain manageable, secure, and still capable of growth for you!

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Thinking a little bigger? Wide area networks in particular demand the highest application performance, efficient use of the lines available at the site, state-of-the-art security, and a high level of investment protection for the future. Secure growth of this kind does not happen automatically? Let LANCOM SD-WAN prove you wrong!

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