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Understanding, setting up, and maintaining network scenarios – sounds like a challenge? Not with LANCOM Systems, because with the right know-how we make you a professional for IT infrastructures. How does that work? It's simple: Attend our wide range of workshops and you will receive specific knowledge directly from the manufacturer. You will see: You can use the knowledge you acquire after the workshops directly and effectively when configuring LANCOM devices and implementing solutions. In particular, resellers, system house technicians, system administrators, and IT decision-makers benefit from the optimally aligned range of offerings in our LANacademy.

Maybe you already know our training offer?

You benefit from

Bundled expertise from LANCOM experts

The LANacademy offers you a wide range of workshops on the LANCOM product range as well as the setup and administration of networks. You receive first-hand, bundled knowledge that our professional trainers convey to you in a comprehensible way: From in-depth technical know-how and detailed product knowledge to concrete application examples – we support you on your way to becoming a real LANCOM IT expert.

Maximum flexibility: You learn when you like and how you like!

We know about the limited time in your hectic everyday life. Maintaining a work-life balance, mobility requirements, and even the indispensability of your job or private life often make it difficult to participate in continuing education. In addition, of course, everybody is a different type of learner. LANacademy therefore offers you maximum flexibility with a selection of different workshop models. Whether you want to learn on your own terms and at your own pace, take part in real-time workshops as online events, or attend workshops on-site – with LANCOM you can learn in the way that suits your needs and your availability of time.

Certifications – an expertise that sets you apart

Do you want to stand out from the crowd of suppliers and impress your customers with the knowledge you have acquired? LANCOM certifications are the best proof of comprehensive network know-how. LANCOM workshops and the associated certifications build on each other, depending on the subject area. After passing the exam following a workshop, the certification identifies you as a LANCOM Certified Professional, LANCOM Certified Specialist, or LANCOM Certified Expert.

Our workshop models at a glance

Web-based Training

Location-independent learning when and where you like

Do you prefer to learn independently of location and without time pressure? You are abroad and the time difference collides with your training plans? You would like to train employees, but a leave of absence of several days causes bottlenecks in your own company? No problem: The majority of LANCOM workshops can be taken via Web-based Training and thus adapt to your availability and learning pace. Whether during or after working hours, for several hours at a time or divided into small units – upon booking, you will be provided with self-learning material on our professional LANacademy platform, which you can process according to your wishes and pace. Experience entertaining learning through small learning units using varied media and exciting exercises that increase your motivation. Our LANCOM trainers professionally prepare all the content for you and are also available via a consultation hour if you need help. Access to the Web-based training is granted for 180 days.

Virtual Classroom or On-site Classroom

Learning with a professional LANCOM trainer by your side

There are subject areas whose content complexity is a bit higher, so that a direct conversation with a LANCOM trainer has definite advantages. It is exactly for this purpose that we offer you some more in-depth workshops, which you complete in a small group together with a trainer. LANCOM offers you training courses that are conducted as online events in so-called "Virtual Classrooms", as well as selected "On-Site Classroom" offerings in presence, which you can attend at a previously defined location. We provide you with the equipment and all the necessary technical requirements both online and on-site.

The range of workshops

LANCOM Certification Workshops

LANCOM Professional Workshop

Our Professional Workshop provides you with the perfect introduction to the overall overview and use of the LANCOM portfolio in terms of WAN, WLAN, Switch & Cloud. As a technician, reseller, or end customer, you will gain the theoretical and practical knowledge you need to set up a small customer network (including Wi-Fi guest access) at a single location. The topics are supplemented by practical exercises. Not only will you benefit from valuable tips for your daily work, but you can also optionally decide to obtain the certification that will label you as a "LANCOM Certified Professional".

Type of attendance: Web-based Training

LANCOM Specialist Workshops

You want more than just professional basic knowledge about LANCOM products? The Specialist Workshops build on the knowledge gained in the Professional Workshop and are optimally adapted to the needs of technicians and network administrators. All the important skills required for the planning, commissioning, and administration of medium-sized customer networks with LANCOM devices are taught. Here you can choose a more in-depth course focusing on WAN, WLAN & Switch, Security, and Cloud. Optional for these workshops as well: Show us the knowledge you have acquired and you will receive a certificate that makes you a "LANCOM Certified Specialist".

Type of attendance: Web-based Training, Virtual Classroom, On-site Classroom (varies depending on the workshop)

LANCOM Expert Workshops

Detailed knowledge is a real game-changer, especially for large and complex customer networks. After the Professional and Specialist Workshops may have already made you a true LANCOM network professional, our Expert Workshops add a large portion of know-how on top. Building on the individual Specialist Workshops on the topics of WAN, WLAN & Switch, Security, and Cloud, experienced network engineers gain in-depth knowledge and are able to plan, set up, and manage complex scenarios at any time. The additional competence you have acquired can also be certified in this workshop with an optional certification as a "LANCOM Certified Expert".

Type of attendance: Web-based Training, Virtual Classroom, On-site Classroom (varies depending on the workshop)

LANCOM Technology Workshops

LANCOM Fundamental Workshop

You are a newcomer to IT, a trainee or simply want to expand your everyday knowledge in the area of network technology? As the name suggests, these workshops are all about providing you with a solid and professional foundation of knowledge. Unlike our certification workshops, where this basic knowledge is already assumed, LANCOM products are not the focus here. Instead, we generally teach you the technical basics of network technology and thus expand your understanding of contexts and mechanisms in IT. You can choose between four workshops on the topics of WAN, WLAN, Firewall, and Security.

Type of attendance: Web-based Training

LANCOM Focus Workshops

Even if you already have a very good knowledge of network technology, you may still come across LANCOM-specific topics or technologies in your daily work or out of your own interest, for which you would like to build up more in-depth know-how. By participating in LANCOM Focus Workshops, our trainers will teach you monothematically about current technologies and thus make you a LANCOM specialist in your field of interest.

Type of attendance: Web-based Training, Virtual Classroom, On-site Classroom (varies depending on the workshop)

LANCOM Deep Dive Workshops

Are you already a real pro when it comes to network technology, and words like scripting don't make you shy away? Then our exciting LANCOM Deep Dive Workshops are the right place for you as a technician to gain the ultimate in LANCOM know-how. The focus is mainly on the LCOS operating systems. The goal is to gain in-depth knowledge of LCOS, LCOS FX, LCOS LX, and LCOS SX, so that after the training you will be able to develop scripts on your own and roll them out via cloud scripts.

Type of attendance: Web-based Training, Virtual Classroom, On-site Classroom (varies depending on the workshop)

LANCOM Sales Workshops

LANCOM Specialist Sales & LANCOM Specialist Presales

Building, configuring, and keeping networks up and running is one thing – successfully selling the LANCOM portfolio is another – and requires primarily value-added solution arguments that meet the challenges and wishes of the customers. Especially for employees from the sales and presales areas, the focus of the sales workshops is therefore on understanding LANCOM Systems with our unique selling points, competitive advantages, and solution strategies. You will receive the perfect argumentation tools to convince customers in discussions with LANCOM solutions and to successfully increase your sales. The corresponding certifications are already included in these training courses, so that after passing the exam you will graduate as an accredited "LANCOM Certified Sales Specialist" or "LANCOM Certified Specialist Presales".

Type of attendance: Web-based Training

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