Guest Wi-Fi

A warm welcome for customers and guests.
Clever, secure networking with guest Wi-Fi access.

Offering a professional guest Wi-Fi as a gesture of welcome

Eye contact, a smile, a nod, a handshake – the most common welcoming gestures when arriving at a new location are accompanied by another: checking available wireless LAN networks on your device. Being able to log into a guest Wi-Fi on site is not only one of the new basic expectations of travelers, but also one of the must-haves for modern establishments to ensure a pleasant customer experience while maintaining data security.

After all, one hand washes the other: A guest network holds immense advantages, especially on the hotspot operator side. Defining a separate guest Wi-Fi guarantees a strict separation of access between simple Internet access for surfing, working, and communicating, as well as sensitive company data and applications reserved for employees only. With LANCOM guest Wi-Fi solutions, public Wi-Fi hotspots can not only be set up in a professional and legally compliant manner, but can also be managed in a particularly user-friendly and reliable manner and, thanks to open interfaces, can be integrated into the company's own third-party systems.

What is a guest Wi-Fi and how to set up a secure guest Internet access?

With a guest network, you provide your customers and visitors with temporary access to wireless LAN. A guest Wi-Fi can be used for both professional and private purposes, e.g. as a visitor Wi-Fi in companies, as a Wi-Fi access in the city, university, or school, or for offering WLAN in a hotel, restaurant, or café. In this way, you can provide access to the Internet as well as a neatly separated path to the company's own network. A professional public hotspot provides increased security by requiring users to authenticate themselves in advance for access to the WLAN, granting them restricted access to specified services and websites, and separating them from the internal network with a separate VLAN.

A masterclass in site connectivity

In our Online Masterclass Site Networking, we demonstrate in 30-minute webinars how companies can network their sites in a secure and future-proof way.

However, the practical experiences of other international companies are particularly interesting. With 500 locations in 21 countries, the Dussmann Group is a leading multi-service provider in the fields of facility management, food services, and technical solutions and has transformed its IT infrastructure into a more uniform, secure, and user-friendly one with LANCOM. Our video takes you through the project and reveals the reasons, challenges, and benefits of the rollout with LANCOM.

Would you like to know more about site networking? Then browse our topic pages or catch up with the online masterclass at your convenience:

Free expert know-how in 4 x 30 min.

Your Wi-Fi menu

In order to set up a separate wireless LAN network for fluctuating and temporary users, all you need is a device with Internet access (router, gateway, firewall, or access point) and, if required, additional well-positioned access points. This is particularly easy when you can flexibly use any type of Internet connection with the extensive Cloud-ready LANCOM portfolio and when you are equipped for all deployment scenarios with precisely fitting WLAN components.

The LANCOM Cloud-managed hotspot

Maximum flexibility, scalability, and centralized network management

Remote hotspot operation via the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) is the most elegant way to easily offer one or more hotspots directly from the cloud without additional purchases or delays.

Combined with a powerful gateway, the Cloud-managed hotspot scales optimally with large branch networks and MSP scenarios. When deployed on an access point, the Cloud-managed hotspot is perfect for small networks with few devices and does not require the use of additional gateway hardware, such as routers or WLAN controllers.

A valid LMC license on the device providing the hotspot – that's all it takes to get started. The LMC automatically provides securely separated Wi-Fi hotspots via VLANs, separating them from internal services and data. In addition, you are able to:

Icon: cloud with gear

Create one or more hotspot SSIDs with different login pages including password authentication, important information, and terms and conditions for WLAN usage via the LMC editor

Icon: Hand taps tablet

Roll out and manage your guest networks simultaneously at all desired locations with just a few clicks thanks to a graphically appealing, user-friendly interface

Icon: cloud with gps-mark and security lock

In combination with the LANCOM Content Filter Option or the LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls, you can use professional security features in your network for the guest accesses you create

Icon: Router, Internet icon, shield with checkmark

Implement your guest Wi-Fi completely with LANCOM components or across switches and routers from other manufacturers, depending on the use case

Icon: Hierarchical tree with three branches

Optimally implement shop-in-shop scenarios with multiple hotspots (multi-SSIDs) in one network

Feel free to read more about the hotspot setup with the LANCOM Management Cloud:

Techpaper: Cloud-managed Hotspot

Any more wishes? The LANCOM hardware hotspot

LANCOM Public Spot Option with business-relevant special functions

If your hotspot has very individual requirements, such as different login options (e-mail and SMS login) or different bandwidth offerings, we recommend using our hardware hotspot.

On existing routers or gateways, the LANCOM Public Spot software option can be used to set up perfectly tailored, secure hotspots with profitable business functions without having to add additional hardware components to the network:

Icon: Hand taps tablet

Completely freely designable hotspot registration page possible via own web development, incl. use as extensive advertising and information space

Icon: Branching star, search magnifier and circle with arrows

Special requirements, such as login options via e-mail or SMS, as well as selectable bandwidth profiles (data rate and volume) for different guest Wi-Fis offerings can be presented on the login page

Icon: Gears with stopwatch

Efficient integration of Property Management System via LANCOM PMS Accounting+ Option and of other business-relevant systems such as cash register, ordering, or reservation systems via open interfaces

Icon: Login screen with arrow and password asterisk

RADIUS authentication possible

Icon: Cloud with arrow up and key in circle

Easily integrate third-party captive portals

Feel free to read more about the hotspot setup with the LANCOM Public Spot Option:

Techpaper: Public Spot

Just the way you like it

Your guest network – your appearance: Wi-Fi reception, similar to the personal reception of visitors, can shape the first impression of a location. Fortunately, you are completely in control of how you want to appear as a guest access provider:

  • Customizable WLAN login page with your own graphics, text, and terms and conditions
  • Full control over possible time- and volume-limited WLAN usage for your guest clients via vouchers/tickets for a certain period of time from activation or incrementally reduced from the time budget
  • Serious and legally sophisticated appearance thanks to blockable connection to certain services and blocking of inappropriate Internet content when additionally using the LANCOM Content Filter Option or a LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall
  • European security standards and GDPR-compliant data handling
  • Data protection-compliant logging of logins and logouts, MAC addresses and IP sessions for evaluation and security purposes possible*
  • Convenient, location-independent and centralized settings via your LANCOM WLAN controller or the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC)

*Note: Currently only available when using the LANCOM Public Spot Option

Spoilt for choice?

Ask our guest WLAN experts which option would be most suitable for you!

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Specifics of industry-based guest networks: Advantages and disadvantages

Legally compliant operation of public Internet accesses

Online – anytime and anywhere, in the best case free of charge and without much effort. What means technical freedom and maximum convenience for your customers may cause you concern about the possible disadvantages of a guest Wi-Fi. To provide you with the best possible support in implementing your hotspot solution, we help you minimize any liability risks. For this reason, at the conclusion of the contract we provide our customers with sample terms and conditions for the use of Wi-Fi guest access, a legal report with exemplary legal cases, a guidebook for the well-thought-out handling of warnings, and a guide for safe and legally compliant hotspot operation.

This allows you to focus on the benefits of your guest network without worries – no matter how many different and unknown clients come enter and leave your premises every day.

Guest Wi-Fi in hotels, restaurants, and cafés

A WLAN infrastructure in hotels, restaurants or cafés is a key criterion for many guests when choosing a location. Solutions from LANCOM provide fast, secure, and user-friendly guest access to your WLAN – absolutely securely separated from the internal management network. The LANCOM PMS Accounting+ Option simplifies the authentication of guests as well as the billing of guest Internet access charges, and allows guest access to be registered and billed via a property management system (PMS) such as Micros Opera, Fidelio Suite8, or Protel.

Public hotspots in public spaces

Whether in the middle of a city center, in sports stadiums, or at events – professional and secure Wi-Fi access is a prerequisite everywhere in public spaces these days. Especially for trade fairs and other business events, reliable Internet access is essential. With LANCOM wireless LAN solutions, this is easy to implement. While you protect your network from abuse thanks to the Content Filter Option by blocking category-based websites with e.g. illegal content and handling personal data responsibly, you can additionally use the hotspot login page as an advertising and information space.

Guest Wi-Fi access of schools and universities

The ability to use the Internet is essential for pupils and students, teaching staff, and employees at modern schools and universities – even in separate parts of the building, as wirelessly as possible and with their own terminal devices. The LANCOM hotspots on campus and school grounds not only ensure Wi-Fi coverage with high availability and easy operation, but also maximum data and youth protection! This provides professional support for the digitalization of educational institutions of all kinds.

Find out more about the LANCOM solutions for schools and educational facilities.

Sit back and enjoy all-inclusive service

The customer is king – this also applies to us as your partner for professional networks. Good, long-term support and a trusting partnership are the be-all and end-all for us in our projects.

That's why we not only gear our software and hardware to user-friendliness and added customer value, but also continue to support you after your network has been installed and commissioned with extensive upgrade options for your devices and a wide range of service and support offerings – from planning and setup assistance and training options, to warranty extensions and replacement devices, to emergency assistance and all-round carefree packages. With us, you are the guest – and you will be treated accordingly with attention and respect.

Make yourself at home and make an appointment for a "virtual coffee" with a guest Wi-Fi expert right away to find the most suitable solution for you.

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