Accessories & Access Routers

Practical network extensions

Custom-fit accessories expand the application range of the LANCOM router portfolio: The LTE and 5G cellular antennas for indoor and outdoor use can be placed in locations with excellent reception without high installation costs. LANCOM access routers are also ideal when high-quality modems are required or when cellular models are to be operated as additional "LTE antennas" / "5G antennas" connected to other routers. And LANCOM VoIP routers can also be quickly and easily expanded with additional interfaces such as analog and DECT.


Access Routers

  • LANCOM 750-5G

    Versatile cellular network extension with 5G technology for use as a modem or router

  • LANCOM 730-4G+

    Versatile cellular network extension with integrated LTE-Advanced module for use as a modem or LTE backup

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