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Reliability for POS systems

Every shopping experience is followed by a smooth, simple payment process, which rounds off the positive perception of a purchase or service. Along with this "soft skill" is the simple fact that a failure of the POS system is unacceptable. Furthermore, all of the customer's internal data and information should be processed securely. IT infrastructures from LANCOM meet both of these requirements without high additional costs and effort.

Do you know the latest retail trends for 2024 / 2025?

Innovative store concepts and technologies show time and again: the retail sector is changing and is eagerly using digitalization and networking to cleverly revolutionize the sales and shopping experience. Smart retail applications such as ESL, self-checkout, and retail analytics play a key role in this.

Our retail glossary shows you the current concepts, terms, and innovations in retail and what they entail.

Glossary of retail trend terms 2024 / 2025

Have you heard of NIS2?

Did you know that manufacturing and processing companies will also be covered by the NIS2 directive in the future and will have to ensure a certain level of cyber security? Check our topic page to see whether you are affected and what you can do to fulfil the EU requirements for network and information security.

Find out more about NIS now

The basics of secure payment systems

The basis of secure and reliable payment systems is the IT infrastructure of the shop and company. The IT manager must ensure that the POS systems function perfectly at all times and are configured to be completely fail-safe, i.e. for redundancy. Especially in the context of payment at the checkout or terminal, customers and employees have important needs that are central to a positive shopping experience in Retail 4.0.

Your customers expect...

  • ... that they can pay in cash or by card.
  • ... that all checkouts can be opened quickly when large numbers of customers are in the store.
  • ... that their personal data and account information is transmitted and/or stored securely.

It is important for employees...

  • ... that the POS functions are always available without any problems.
  • ... that a checkout can be opened quickly.
  • ... that prices are up-to-date and it is easy to access information from the headquarters or branches.

Be it large or small: LANCOM has the right concept for any size of shop or company, and it reflects your requirements and wishes as well as those of your customers and employees. At the same time we never lose sight of creating redundancy, i.e. high availability, along with the stability of the POS system.

Intelligent digital retail networking

"In recent years, shopping has become faster, contactless and, above all, is increasingly digital. [...] At the same time, it is clear that the classic retail store is still the most important touchpoint for a personal, high-quality shopping experience. To manage the balancing act between stationary and digital sales channels, or even in store and online trade, what we need more than ever is a profitable symbiosis of networking solutions that are specifically tailored to the diverse requirements across the retail sector. From chain stores and franchisers to shop-in-shop operators, it is important to cost-effectively plan individual retail networks and roll them out as widely and as quickly as possible."

LANCOM White Paper about smart retail infrastructures and network requirements

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Secure networking in retail

A LANCOM smart retail IT infrastructure follows a holistic approach: At the company's headquarters and in the branches, sophisticated networks are set up that harmonize and work perfectly with each other. With LANCOM gateways, routers, switches, and access points, your network is equipped with high-performance hardware that, with a professional range of functions, enables, for example, network segmentation through virtualization and Wi-Fi optimization at the push of a button with Active Radio Control 2.0.

POS systems, Wi-Fi access for customers, and electronic price tags can be assigned to specific user groups via securely separated networks in LANCOM's retail 4.0 network. The headquarters control and manage these branch-related services and applications in a practical and clear manner.

Make clever network segmentations with virtual networks

Secure networks are characterized by a clear separation of responsibilities and roles between the users and the components used. With virtual networks (VLAN) for various applications, such as cash registers, video surveillance or hotspots, a differentiated segmentation is also achieved at the application level. Access rights can be assigned individually so that only company data related to user groups can be viewed.

IT security is thus guaranteed at the application and user level. This economically efficient solution enables several networks to be operated in parallel in a single infrastructure. At the same time, this saves procurement, configuration, and maintenance costs.

You can rely on our expertise for smart retail

Various applications and devices need to interact flawlessly in order to achieve a satisfactory result. Build on LANCOM's many years of experience as a supplier of high-quality and reliable IT setups in the retail sector. In concrete terms this means:

Redundant routers and powerful access points ensure the data traffic and the seamless use of applications within the store. LANCOM routers for retail and site connectivity always have a backup line so that a failure of the DSL line can be covered by LTE. In addition, many of our access points not only provide powerful Wi-Fi, but they also use Bluetooth to send data from mobile handhelds and MDT readers to checkout systems, servers, and merchandise-management systems. Electronic shelf labels (ESL) are controlled almost in real time with a special radio module, and they are fed with data from your company.

Security and failover Ensure the availability of cash register functions, their connection to internal processes and the protection of company data with redundant IT networks: Backup hardware steps in if there is a problem elsewhere.

Trustworthiness & highest data protection Highest European data security and GDPR compliance including PCI DSS compliance with network management cloud (LMC) hosted in Germany and products "Engineered in Germany" guaranteed without backdoors.

Intelligent network automation for branches Fail-safe, cloud-enabled network components such as SD-WAN gateways, next-generation firewalls, high-performance switches and Wi-Fi 6E- and Wi-Fi 7-enabled access points with zero-touch rollout and deployment, remote monitoring and automatic configuration.

Reliable Wi-Fi for a modern shopping experience Seamless, powerful and stable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the branch for the use of modern logistics and sales technologies such as barcode scanners, self-service checkouts and self-scanning hand scanners (self-checkout (SCO)), payment and bonus point apps, and much more.

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) & Digital Signage advertising spaces Centralized and automated price adjustments and offers by connecting electronic price tags and displays to the merchandise management system, calendar systems and much more

Invest in durability

When it comes to IT networks, "reliability" particularly stands for "investment protection". Those who equip their stores with high-quality technology expect that there will be no failures or unforeseeable loss of performance. This is especially essential for digital payment systems with MDE devices. With their consistently low defect rate and high durability, you can alway rely on LANCOM devices – for an uninterrupted high-quality sales and shopping experience.

Let's talk about investment protection

Icon: Small circle is pierced by hook and surrounded by larger circle with opening at bottom left protectively

Because we can offer more

It is good to be able to rely on fail-safe and also easy-to-manage IT for all business processes. But it's even better to know that LANCOM solutions amount to more than installed routers and access points. We also offer transparent costing, dynamic license models and, above all, the certainty that you are not being left to your own devices in the event of changes or problems: Our sales teams have successfully and enthusiastically supported large and small branch projects for over 20 years.

And not to be forgotten are the added values that make LANCOM so unique as a German manufacturer.

Security and trust

The LANCOM hardware and software is completely backdoor-free. We can guarantee that because most of our production takes place in Germany, we develop the operating systems ourselves at our locations and subject them to constant testing. Our servers for the LANCOM Management Cloud are hosted in Germany. National and international compliance requirements are just as important to us as GDPR conformity and cooperation with the Federal Office for Information Security. You won't find anything more "Engineered in Germany" in professional network technology. IT security is thus guaranteed at the application and user level. This economically efficient solution enables several networks to be operated in parallel in a single infrastructure. At the same time, this saves procurement, configuration and maintenance costs.

Proven scalability

Our branch solutions are suitable for all possible sizes of scenarios. Regardless of whether a few locations or several hundred branches in different countries are to be networked, we know our way around. And with adjustments and extensions, the network grows with you without any problems. By using technologies such as SD-WAN and SD-Branch with the LANCOM Management Cloud, it is also possible to access entire networks, individual branches and their devices at any time and from any location.

Practical time saver and simple operation

Many IT administration tasks are just hard work and endless clicks. In order to save time and money, the LANCOM operating systems are regularly optimized to achieve the best result with less effort. The “zero-touch deployment” functions help you when commissioning the devices, “one-click security” when setting up secure networks and 24/7 monitoring to keep track of things.

Cost transparency and planning security

Right from the start you have a complete overview and transparency of your costs. All retail packages put together by us are subject to our software lifecycle management for long-term software maintenance. For you this means: Full TCO transparency (Total Cost of Ownership) for investment and operating costs.

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