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As the leading German manufacturer of reliable, innovative network solutions we do not only continuously follow current technological trends, but also have the claim of bringing them closer to you. With this in mind we focus on technologies that provide your company with advanced, secure corporate infrastructures — today and tomorrow. Take your time and get an overview of our currently prepared technologies.

  • Wi-Fi 7

    The WLAN standard Wi-Fi 7, aka IEEE 802.11be, impresses with higher data densities, larger channel widths, impressive speeds, and innovative functions such as multi-link operation and multi-RU & puncturing. Wi-Fi 7 thus achieves up to 480% higher speeds and more stability in 6 GHz than WiFi 6E for demanding future technologies and innovative, modern Wi-Fi networks.

  • Active Radio Control 2.0

    LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0 is a self-learning and holistic cloud-based solution for automated Wi-Fi optimization. It calculates the best configuration for each WLAN installation based on real usage and load data from the access points. Channel conflicts are resolved in the best possible way, the best bandwidths are utilized, and transmission powers are cleverly adjusted. Enabling the Wi-Fi you need!

  • Wi-Fi 6 & Wi-Fi 6E

    Due to the increasing number and density of WLAN clients, IoT devices, and data volumes, Wi-Fi radio traffic can hardly take place collision-free with the existing WLAN frequencies. Wi-Fi 6E extends the existing Wi-Fi 6 with the 6 GHz band for exclusive Wi-Fi use, providing the highest data rates for an interference-free Wi-Fi experience in high-density environments.

  • Anomaly Detection

    The intelligent WLAN Anomaly Detection of the LANCOM Management Cloud detects the warning signs of potential interference in the radio field even before it affects your WLAN and is noticed by users. The evaluation of various metrics of the WLAN devices managed in the LMC and the comparison with pre-defined threshold values ensures immediate and accurate troubleshooting.

  • Broadband expansion with fiber optics

    Glass fibers act as an optical transmission line. Transmission speeds within the fiber are extremely fast at 2/3 the speed of light. Fiber optics are a key element for future broadband Internet expansion. It offers almost unlimited bandwidth capacity and extremely low signal attenuation. This makes fiber optics ideal for transmitting large amounts of data over long distances.

  • What is 5G?

    The 5G standard is the fifth generation in mobile communications with the radio interface New Radio (NR). As the successor to 4G (LTE), 5G ensures high-performance use of real-time applications such as video streaming or augmented reality through the highest availability and best bandwidths.

  • What is SD-WAN?

    A software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) replaces traditional, static, manually configured network infrastructures with Internet-based wide area networks (WAN) with location-independent, cloud-driven configuration and many other technical advantages.

  • Supervectoring

    The latest change to the VDSL standard is called Supervectoring. Compared to VDSL, it offers a significant increase in the potential data rate. Benefit from speeds of up to 300 Mbps due to even higher transmission frequencies.

  • Software-defined Networking

    Software-defined networking (SDN) replaces static networks with software-based architectures. The advantages from network virtualization include immediate gains in agility, speed, and the considerable reduction of costs.

  • iBeacon Technology

    iBeacon a standard for indoor positioning introduced by Apple Inc. “Beacons”, in the best sense of the word, are small hardware modules that continually transmit radio signals based on Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth version 4.0). Clients like smart phones or tablet PCs can receive these signals as soon as they are in the range of the iBeacon.

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