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Every corporate network has its own everyday challenges when it comes to secure and reliable networking. Individual high-quality network components are a good basis, but only in combination with a systemic, well thought-out networking strategy and the appropriate know-how about the latest technologies do they become an efficient solution for your IT network.

For us, it's all about taking a realistic view: How is your network currently designed? What technical requirements should your IT network meet? What do you need and – more importantly – what do you want? We will find suitable, feasible solutions for your concerns and problems in the areas of site networking, network security, and network management using the latest technologies. Because the time is now to solve what's on your mind. Ideally with a highly secure complete package that strengthens your digital sovereignty. That said, which of your network requirements are we implementing together today?

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Every IT network must pass at least this one test: It must be fit for practical use.

Are there already similar use cases with best practices for your networking project? Which LANCOM products are recommended for your use case around site networking, network security, and network management and how do they meet the specific requirements? How can digital sovereignty be optimally promoted and expanded in the SME, retail, public, and healthcare sectors?

Our smartphone-optimized LANCOM InfoHub is a clear and handy PWA app that shows how the individual challenges can be mastered - even offline when downloaded to mobile devices. So that all the possibilities are in your hands.

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Overview of LANCOM solutions

What does it take for efficient site networking? How can you increase your network security? Can't system administration be simplified and improved through automation? Find out on the following web pages which specific solutions and technologies are available for your individual company network.

Site networking

Reliable. Scalable. Trustworthy. These are our core features of all site networking solutions. And we will flexibly find a professional solution for every individual requirement in your IT network. Take advantage of our long-standing years of experience and expertise in one of the most important areas of digitalization and browse our pages for comprehensive information on network solutions tailored to your needs.

Network security

Are you already protecting your internal IT infrastructure well enough? In our solution area, we offer you comprehensive security expertise – from the basics to Unified Threat Management and risk management. Take advantage of our expertise in network security and IT security and protect your company network quickly, effectively and securely from external access and manipulation.

Network management

The reform of network management is called LANCOM Management Cloud! This central management and monitoring tool simplifies the processes that often tie up a lot of time and resources: The initial setup of a secure, reliable network, the connection of multiple sites of a company or branch offices, or the troubleshooting of network problems – all of these become quickly completed processes with just a few mouse clicks.

Small and mid-size enterprises (SME)

Medium-sized enterprises have their own unique requirements for their IT infrastructure – but it must be powerful, capable of growth, and secure no matter what. Turn your IT network into a valuable collaborating entity with LANCOM by understanding it as a digital foundation that increases your value creation, productivity, customer loyalty, competitiveness, and future viability. We take you on your personal digitalization journey, from one SME to another.


Excellent store Wi-Fi, fail-safe digital payment systems, fast and secure data transmission between headquarters and stores – retail needs network solutions that facilitate working, enrich shopping experiences, and can always be relied on. As a specialist for retail infrastructures such as branches, franchises, and shop-in-shop systems, we place particular emphasis on durable, secure network technology and software, reliable roll-outs, data protection and transparent costs.

Public sector

Whether educational institutions, government agencies or medical facilities – digitalization in the public sector usually has in common that it follows lengthy, highly regulated processes and has particularly high security and data protection requirements. And yet it is particularly important here that the digital transformation progresses. LANCOM Systems provides the necessary digital sovereignty and security and accompanies you throughout the entire digitalization process as a trustworthy partner.

Know and incorporate IT trends 2024

“As SMEs face the ever-increasing demands of the digital transformation, the trend is clearly toward increased data transmission speed, intelligent cloud utilization, and a general reduction in complexity. The inescapable need for IT security also continues to cast its shadow as a requirement SMEs need to meet. [...] This short study addresses the question of how SMEs, primarily those with 250 to 2,500 computer workstations, are currently positioned when it comes to modern operational concepts and company networks. To what extent is the cloud and as-a-service concept already being adopted by SMEs? What is driving the expansion of company networks? And what investments in networks are SMEs planning for 2024?” – techconsult study from 2024


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Overview of LANCOM solutions

We always give a little bit more: That's why we have made it our mission to make you an expert in secure networks and sensible IT infrastructures. After all, knowledge and a feel for new technologies are the foundation for acting with digital confidence. On our technology web pages, you will find comprehensive information on current technologies, such as the Wi-Fi standard Wi-Fi 6E or the 5G cellular radio communication standard.

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