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Security updates and support until EOL with advance replacement

Professional services in connection with business continuity are key to efficient network operation. So, it is best to protect your device directly when you purchase it. With LANcare Advanced, you receive security updates for your device throughout the entire product lifecycle as well as technical manufacturer support as a customer with a support contract. LANcare Advanced also offers you the highest level of investment protection and minimal downtime with its integrated advance replacement. In the event of a hardware defect, a replacement device will be delivered to you on the next business day.

Note: LANcare Advanced only applies within the EU. For replacement service outside the EU, please refer to LANcare Basic.

Product features

  • Security updates until End of Life (EOL) status of the device (min. 5 years)
  • Manufacturer support until EOL status of the device (min. 5 years, support contract required)
  • Shorter downtimes due to 5 years advance replacement with next business day delivery for a LANCOM device from LANcare Advanced registration (max. until EOL status of the device)
  • Registration within the first three months after purchase of the LANCOM device
  • Available as S, M, L, and XL variants, depending on device type

This illustration shows how our software maintenance is based on the product lifecycle.


High planning reliability with security updates

With LANcare Advanced, you can plan ahead and benefit from full protection throughout the entire product lifecycle of the device – i.e. for at least another five years. Particularly in long-term projects, LANcare Advanced ensures reliable, secure business operations beyond an official product discontinuation. This includes free software maintenance via security updates of the respective operating system to keep your device running at the highest level of security until the End of Life date.

For more information on software maintenance and the product lifecycle of your device, please visit the LANCOM Software Lifecycle Management website.

Technical support directly from the manufacturer

To ensure the safe operation of your devices, it may be helpful to contact the technical manufacturer support directly. For technical support or fault reports, LANCOM Support staff are on hand to offer advice and assistance. With your support contract, you therefore receive professional support for LANCOM devices for which LANcare Advanced is registered until the End of Life date of your device. For comparison: Without LANcare Advanced and after the device warranty expires, LANCOM support is only available at a fee.

Note on the support contract: As a partner, you automatically receive a support contract from us. As an end customer, the project-related products LANcare Premium Support 24/7 and 10/5, or the device-related LANcare Direct 24/7 and 10/5, as well as the variants with advance replacement, LANcare Direct Advanced 24/7 and 10/5 are available to you. For more information on support services for partners and end customers, please visit the Support Contact web page.

Fast advance replacement including delivery on the next business day

By purchasing products from LANCOM, you are choosing reliable and durable products, but failures and malfunctions do occur sometimes. With LANcare Advanced, you reduce the downtime of your network to a minimum and benefit for five years from an advance replacement of the device for which LANcare Advanced has been registered. If you report a support case by 2 p.m., you will receive a replacement device by the next working day. This means that your network will be fully operational again within the shortest possible time.

At a glance

Graphical presentation of the advantages of LANcare service packages with regard to security updates, support, and replacement service
Notation breakdown of 8/5/NBD of LANcare Advanced


  • Registration of LANcare Advanced within the first three months after purchase of the LANCOM device
  • The LANCOM device which is to be covered by LANcare Advanced must be fully functional and free of problems at the time it is registrated
  • LANcare Advanced is bound to a specific device (serial number) and is not transferable
  • When operating several LANCOM devices as an HA cluster, a LANcare Advanced is required for each individual device in the cluster
  • For further information on warranty conditions, please refer to the Service and Support Conditions.

Advance replacement conditions

  • If your LANCOM device fails, you will receive a replacement on the next business day (applies to metropolitan areas within the EU (excluding islands)). For information about the terms and conditions in your country, please contact your local distributor.
  • LANCOM will have the defective device picked up by a courier service. Shipping is free of charge for you.
  • RMA notification is possible at any time via the LANCOM RMA form or by telephone on weekdays (Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.). An advance replacement by the next business day is only possible if the notification of the support case and the dispatch of the replacement device does not fall on a public holiday (Registration until 2 p.m.).
  • Parcels cannot be sent on the following days:
    Fixed days per year: Jan 1st New Year's Day, May 1st Labor Day, Oct 3rd German Unification Day, Nov 1st All Saints' Day, Dec 24th Christmas Eve, Dec 25th 1st Christmas Day, Dec 26th 2nd Christmas Day, Dec 31st New Year's Eve
    Variable days: Rose Monday, Good Friday, Easter Monday, Ascension Day, Whit Monday, Corpus Christi

Supported devices

LANcare Advanced is available for all LANCOM devices except LANCOM unmanaged switches, AirLancer products, and accessories.

The service category of every LANCOM device can be found in the LANCOM price list.


LANcare Advanced can be procured via the distribution and our resellers and can be easily registered online: