Aggregation Switches

The foundation for hierarchical switch infrastructures

LANCOM aggregation switches enable high-performance and hierarchical switch infrastructures to be set up and serve as the distribution basis for networking subordinate access switches. Equipped with future-proof fiber-optic and multi-Gigabit Ethernet (mGbE) ports as well as high-throughput uplink and stacking ports, they form the basis for efficient and fail-safe networks. Stacking allows network expansions, redundancy scenarios, and single IP management to be implemented. Every LANCOM aggregation switch was developed specifically with the aim of reducing operating costs (TCO): all ports are native and conform to industry standards. Thus, a cost-intensive, modular design is avoided.

Our products at a glance

  • LANCOM XS-6128QF

    28-port stackable 10G fiber switch

    20x 10G SFP+ (4x combo) / 4x uplink / 4x stacking

    1.000 Gbps throughput

  • LANCOM XS-5116QF

    16-port stackable 10G fiber switch

    14x 10G SFP+ (2x combo) / 2x 40G QSFP+ uplink/stacking

    440 Gbps throughput

  • LANCOM XS-5110F

    10-port stackable 10G fiber switch

    8x 10G SFP+ / 2x 10G multi-rate Ethernet

    200 Gbps throughput




  • 25G stackable fiber aggregation switch with 48x 25G SFP28 ports and 6x 100G QSFP28 ports, including 4x FleX stacking ports, as well as up to 3.6 Tbps switch capacity for campus networks
  • Support of Virtual Port Channel (VPC or MC-LAG) for the realization of networks with 100% uptime
  • Full layer 3 functionality thanks to VRRP, DHCP, static and policy-based dynamic routing via OSPF v2/v3 and BGP4
  • Choice of front-to-back (F2B) or back-to-front (B2F) cooling in 19” racks
  • Incl. 2x redundant, hot-swappable PSUs and 5x redundant (n+1), hot-swappable fans for maximum reliability
  • Functional expansion option with integrated 32GB SSD
  • Cloud-managed LAN and switch stacking for fast configuration and convenient management via the LANCOM Management Cloud
  • LANCOM Limited Lifetime Warranty (LLW) included

Datasheet LANCOM YS-7154CF

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