Aggregation Switches

The foundation for hierarchical switch infrastructures

LANCOM aggregation switches enable high-performance and hierarchical switch infrastructures to be set up and serve as the distribution basis for networking subordinate access switches. Equipped with future-proof fiber-optic and multi-Gigabit Ethernet (mGbE) ports as well as high-throughput uplink and stacking ports, they form the basis for efficient and fail-safe networks. Stacking allows network expansions, redundancy scenarios, and single IP management to be implemented. Every LANCOM aggregation switch was developed specifically with the aim of reducing operating costs (TCO): all ports are native and conform to industry standards. Thus, a cost-intensive, modular design is avoided.

Our products at a glance

  • LANCOM XS-6128QF

    28-port stackable 10G fiber switch

    20x SFP+ (4x combo) / 4x uplink / 4x stacking

    1.000 Gbps throughput

  • LANCOM XS-5116QF

    16-port stackable 10G fiber switch

    14x SFP+ (2x combo) / 2x QSFP+

    440 Gbps throughput

  • LANCOM XS-5110F

    10-port stackable 10G fiber switch

    8x SFP+ / 2x 10G multi-rate Ethernet

    200 Gbps throughput


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