Thinking and acting in an environmentally conscious way.

Responsibility in the digital age

In its Sustainability Commitment, the LANCOM management board sets out the focal points for the CSR strategy that are of particular relevance to the company. In terms of environmental protection, this includes sustainable product development and procurement, operational environmental management, and compliance with all relevant laws, guidelines and standards as a matter of course.

Environmental guidelines

Minimization of component costs

Wherever possible, we use highly integrated and thus energy-saving components of the latest technology to meet our performance targets and to use resources efficiently. The material costs saved through integration go hand-in-hand with reduced energy and raw-material consumption.

Service life

Our products are designed to remain fully operational long after their 5-year warranty has expired. With regular free updates of our operating systems, the devices remain at the latest state of development long after purchase. This increases the useful service life of LANCOM devices by years.

Virtualization for multi-purpose IT infrastructure

Using virtualization technologies, several logically separated networks can be operated in parallel based on a common physical network infrastructure. In this way, the number of required network components can be significantly reduced.

We also offer virtual network devices that, for example, completely reproduce the functions of routers in software. Without any additional hardware, these are installed and operated on existing servers in the data center.

LANCOM virtualization technologies are thus significantly contributing to savings in resources and energy.

Ecological standards for production in Germany

The majority of value added in the areas of software and hardware development, manufacturing and hosting takes place in Germany. Production in Germany is subject to extremely high environmental standards. Our manufacturing service providers operate production sites that are certified to ISO 14001: Environmental Management.

Implementing EU recyclability requirements

All products in our portfolio comply with the requirements of the ElektroG, a law that transposes the EU directives RoHS and WEEE into German national law. We avoid using hazardous substances in our devices so that, even during development, we facilitate the environmentally-friendly recycling and disposal of waste. LANCOM complies with the European Union's REACH requirements for the use and declaration of the substances used in its products.

Sustainable site management

At its main office in Würselen, LANCOM Systems participated in the ÖKOPROFIT program run by the Aachen district in 2018/19. ÖKOPROFIT is a modular consulting and qualification program that helps companies with the continuous improvement of environmental protection and environmental management. Our subsidiaries were also actively involved in the project and support the development of appropriate environmental protection concepts.

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