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Secure, automated site networking

Modern, multi-site networks are a real challenge: The number of digital applications is increasing, as is the threat level in the network. In addition, employees are accessing corporate data and services from multiple locations and, to an unprecedented degree, from the home office, and they expect high bandwidth and secure working.

Find out how our SD-Branch solution not only makes networks of this complexity manageable, but also automates their setup and operation for maximum flexibility – all with state-of-the-art security.

Responsible networking with NIS2

Digital networking is enriching companies around the world and constantly evolving working life. However, network and information security must not be ignored. This is why the EU NIS2 directive now defines and prescribes this more precisely in order to increase cyber security overall and adapt it to current developments. Find out what this means and whether the new requirements affect your company.

More about NIS2

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The dynamics of today's workflows require a state-of-the-art network infrastructure. Decentralized working is the "new normal," as is the use of more and more cloud applications. The LANCOM SD-Branch solution takes your business to the next level and makes secure cross-site networking future-proof and at the same time low-cost.

Secure access to applications from all locations

Establish new branch offices and secure remote workstations

Implementation of security and compliance policies

Modern site connectivity from Germany

“Multi-site working requires fast, reliable, and economical data connections together with high-performance on-site networking. SD-Branch solutions enable companies to secure and optimize the connections to and within their branch offices (WAN, LAN, WLAN, security). Modern SD-Branch solutions reduce network complexity, and the entire network can be managed and operated via an integrated management platform. This not only increases efficiency, scalability and security in the network, but also saves time, effort, and expense.” – techconsult survey from 2022


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Why SD-Branch from LANCOM?

LANCOM SD-Branch offers you a holistic product portfolio for secure, multi-site working, automated network orchestration, and customized support. Rely on next-generation network technology, developed and hosted in Germany.

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Site networking

  • Highly integrated portfolio for future-proof branch connectivity - without system breaks
  • Zero-touch WAN provisioning thanks to Auto-VPN and Auto-VLAN
  • The entire SD-WAN architecture – both the on-premise devices and the central cloud orchestrator – are constantly kept up-to-date with software updates including new functionalities: See the LANCOM SD-WAN solution
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  • One-click security at all sites
  • Industry-leading cybersecurity technology and unified threat management with the R&S®PACE2 DPI engine, sandboxing and machine learning, anti virus, SSL inspection and content filter (incl. BPjM filter for maximum youth protection)
  • Intuitive monitoring capabilities for the highest level of visibility and transparency across all devices and activities on your network
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  • Highest scalability thanks to central network and security orchestration for the entire infrastructure
  • Centralized management & 24/7 monitoring without time-consuming and costly field engineer deployments
  • Fast and secure provisioning of new services to all sites at the click of a mouse, trusted applications are prioritized
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  • Trustworthy cloud, developed and hosted in Germany or alternative hosting of a private cloud in the data center of your choice
  • LANCOM as a German manufacturer: full compliance with the applicable European security guidelines
  • GDPR-compliant handling of your data and observance of the highest security standards
  • Independent certificate by the German Federal Office for Information Security confirms the LANCOM security pledge

Powerful SD-Branch orchestration

Automated network management

The LANCOM Management Cloud is the central network orchestrator, which provides and manages the entire infrastructure and all network segments (WAN, LAN, WLAN & Security), . All you have to do is define the target scenario via a graphical interface – manual configuration of individual devices is a thing of the past.

SD-Branch in practice

The SD-Branch solution from LANCOM ensures holistic management of all network processes, secure connection of your branch offices and external service providers, and secure network separation of the various digital applications.


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