Professional network planning for efficient Wi-Fi infrastructures including optimal Wi-Fi coverage and cost estimation as a off-site or on-site appointment

Optimal planning of Wi‑Fi infrastructures

Inadequately planned networks lead to complaints from unhappy users, wasted time, and unnecessary costs. In particular, increasingly large and complex wireless infrastructures require reliable preparation and sophisticated conception. Take the opportunity to use professional network planning directly from the manufacturer: With the LANCOM WLAN Survey Service, our Wi-Fi coverage specialists create a customized Wi-Fi concept for you, including a comprehensive documentation. This way, you know exactly where and how many LANCOM access points you need for optimum coverage, so that you can implement your Wi-Fi infrastructure efficiently and in a resource-saving manner. You can use the LANCOM WLAN Survey Service in two possible ways – either virtual (off-site) or by a LANCOM employee visiting you directly at the respective location (on-site).

Product details

  • LANCOM WLAN Survey Service Off-site: Virtual Wi-Fi coverage based on floor-plan drawings for planning or optimizing Wi-Fi infrastructures, even before the start of construction / installation (billing per four hours, optional extension if required, by appointment)
  • LANCOM WLAN Survey Service On-site: Wi-Fi coverage across the premises by a LANCOM specialist on-site for detailed planning or optimizing of Wi-Fi infrastructures (billing per day, max. eight hours per day, by appointment)
  • Both variants include a final report with a detailed presentation of the planning results and an estimation of the costs for implementing the Wi-Fi project


Customized Wi-Fi networks with maximum planning reliability directly from the manufacturer

Take advantage of the know-how of our LANCOM experts and have your Wi-Fi infrastructure reliably planned before installation – either on the basis of your floor-plan drawings (Off-site) or directly on your premises (On-site). An analysis of the current Wi-Fi coverage using the LANCOM WLAN Survey Service is also worthwhile for existing Wi-Fi infrastructures in order to identify potential coverage gaps, to optimize them cost-effectively, or, if necessary, to eliminate them across the board. In this way, you can prepare your Wi-Fi network now for future applications and requirements before overloads, bottlenecks, or interference occur that affect the Wi-Fi quality.

Optimum Wi-Fi coverage for the perfect use of devices

Our Wi-Fi coverage specialists analyze your existing or planned Wi-Fi installation, taking into account the potential use of the room, the structural conditions (e.g. wall thicknesses), and your individual requirements for the Wi-Fi infrastructure. To do this, the rooms to be covered are first measured using professional planning software on the basis of your floor-plan drawings (preferably DWG files, alternatively PDF). You will then receive a detailed, cost-efficient recommendation for the number and positioning of the LANCOM Wi-Fi devices to be used. A detailed, written final report with the planning results of the computer simulation and the estimated costs for the implementation of the Wi-Fi project will be sent to you after completion of the LANCOM WLAN Survey Service.

Professional all-in-one Wi-Fi solution from a single source

Planning, design, cost analysis, device procurement, installation, configuration, and support – as a long-term full-service provider and consultant for modern network infrastructures, LANCOM offers a high-quality range of services right from the start and supports you in all lifecycle phases of your Wi-Fi device. The comprehensive LANCOM Wi-Fi portfolio consisting of indoor, outdoor, and industrial access points as well as WLAN controllers and digital signage solutions stands for high-performance Wi-Fi even in high-density environments and maximum data security “Engineered in Germany“.

Booking & use

  • The LANCOM WLAN Survey Service in the variants off-site or on-site can only be requested via the form.
  • Please add further information under "Details about your request", such as information on the building and room layout, desired access points, or time frames, so that your request can be processed as quickly as possible.
  • We will contact you by telephone or via e-mail to talk about further details. Please then send us your room and site plans, preferably as DWG files (alternatively as PDF files).
  • In consultation with our technicians, we will check your request and estimate the time and costs involved.
  • Afterwards you will receive the booking confirmation and a questionnaire by e-mail to ask for detailed requirements regarding the Wi-Fi infrastructure.
  • LANCOM WLAN Survey Service Off-site is carried out by telephone, e-mail, or remote session and is charged per four hours.
  • LANCOM WLAN Survey Service On-site is only carried out on-site within the EU and is charged at daily rates (max. 8 hours per day). Please note that additional expenses are incurred and that planning usually requires a lead time of several weeks.

Wi-Fi coverage in practice

From the Wi-Fi test setup to the final report

When the LANCOM Wi-Fi coverage specialist visits your premises (on-site variant), access point positions are tested and analyzed using software. The latest LANCOM indoor and outdoor access points are used for this purpose. Required criteria are e.g. signal strength, signal-to-noise ratio, round-trip time (RTT), max. packet loss, data rate or data throughput, and potential channel overlaps.

Depending on the size of the building or room, up to five access points are put into operation at the same time in order to quickly detect interference by taking a holistic view.

In addition to an explanation of the terminology, the detailed final report contains screenshots and, if necessary, pictures of your premises to make the subsequent assembly and installation of the devices easy.

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