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Suitable IT infrastructure for shop-in-shop concepts.

Shop-in-shop system – a profitable concept

Large-scale stores like department stores or hypermarkets offer certain parts of their product range in special departments, known as “shops-in-shops”. This may be textiles, beauty products, perfume, coffee, spirits, or groceries in petrol stations – the possibilities are diverse and widely used. On these rented sales floors, the particular manufacturers not only stand out with their individual branding: They also operate as a shop that is independent from the rest of the retail outlet – including the entire IT infrastructure.

Both for the landlord of the shop floor and for the shop-in-shop operator, LANCOM offers exactly the right package for secure and also pragmatic operations.

Do you know the latest retail trends for 2024 / 2025?

Innovative store concepts and technologies show time and again: the retail sector is changing and is eagerly using digitalization and networking to cleverly revolutionize the sales and shopping experience. Smart retail applications such as ESL, self-checkout, and retail analytics play a key role in this.

Our retail glossary shows you the current concepts, terms, and innovations in retail and what they entail.

Glossary of retail trend terms 2024 / 2025

Have you heard of NIS2?

Did you know that manufacturing and processing companies will also be covered by the NIS2 directive in the future and will have to ensure a certain level of cyber security? Check our topic page to see whether you are affected and what you can do to fulfil the EU requirements for network and information security.

Find out more about NIS now

Implement shop-in-shop IT solutions securely and reliably

IT staff who manage a shop-in-shop concept know exactly what the landlords and shop-in-shop operators expect:

Shop-floor landlords expect…

  • ... that the shop-in-shop IT is managed independently of their own.
  • ... that the shop-in-shop operator does not use their Internet bandwidth.
  • ... that the shop-in-shop operator does not have access to their internal network.
  • ... that no time-consuming installation work is required during commissioning.
  • ... that the integrated network components do not interfere with their own.

Shop-in-shop operators expect…

  • ... the checkout system to work.
  • ... that the latest prices are displayed on the price tags.
  • ... that a limited amount of hardware is required on site.
  • … not to have to waste time with IT maintenance.
  • ... to be able to concentrate on their core business.
  • ... that their customers benefit from new services or offers from their company.

Success from shop-in-shop concepts

The aim is to maintain secure network isolation and performance for the landlord, while at the same time ensuring a smooth, strong access for the shop operator. The easiest way to do this is to use an Internet connection based on cellular routers using 4G/LTE or 5G. They are quickly installed, do not require integration into the infrastructure of the shop floor landlord, and protect the autonomy and interests of both parties.

This means that both the store where the shop-in-shop is located and the shop-in-shop can be connected to their respective headquarters independently of each other and with the highest performance. Secured by a VPN tunnel, the data flow remains steady and protected for both.

With LANCOM ePaper access points and displays, Wi-Fi and ePaper radio traffic coexist at peak performance, ensuring smooth business operations in the shop-in-shop.

The ideal LANCOM shop-in-shop products


For seamless cooperation in a shop-in-shop system, we recommend our powerful 5G SD-WAN gateways for encrypted communication via numerous interfaces and with extensive access optimization functions:


Various 4G SD-WAN gateways are available, which are ideal for sites with lower bandwidth requirements:

  • LANCOM 1926VAG-5G

    Multi-WAN SD-WAN VoIP gateway with 2x VDSL or 1x, 2x Gigabit Ethernet, fiber, and 5G for networking medium-sized and large companies

  • LANCOM 1900EF-5G

    Multi-WAN SD-WAN gateway with 2x Gigabit Ethernet, fiber, and 5G for site networking of medium-sized and large companies


    Industrial SD-WAN Gateway in IP50 protective housing with 4G for high security in demanding environments

Selection aids

Are you unsure which device is the right one for your shop-in-shop system?

Then feel free to use our router matchmaker to find the right router within seconds, or speak to our sales department – no strings attached.

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Digital Signage and Wi-Fi

  • LANCOM LX-6500E

    Tri-band Wi-Fi 6E access point incl. IoT module

    4x4 MU-MIMO (UL/DL), up to 8.4 Gbps

    Multi-Gigabit Ethernet, BLE & USB support

  • LANCOM LX-6200E

    Dual-band Wi-Fi 6 access point incl. IoT module

    2x2 MU-MIMO (UL/DL), up to 1.8 Gbps

    BLE & USB support

  • LANCOM LN-1700UE

    Dual-band Wi-Fi 5 access point incl. IoT module

    4x4 MU-MIMO (DL), up to 2.2 Gbps

    BLE & USB support

Intelligent digital retail networking

"In recent years, shopping has become faster, contactless and, above all, is increasingly digital. [...] At the same time, it is clear that the classic retail store is still the most important touchpoint for a personal, high-quality shopping experience. To manage the balancing act between stationary and digital sales channels, or even in store and online trade, what we need more than ever is a profitable symbiosis of networking solutions that are specifically tailored to the diverse requirements across the retail sector. From chain stores and franchisers to shop-in-shop operators, it is important to cost-effectively plan individual retail networks and roll them out as widely and as quickly as possible."

LANCOM White Paper about smart retail infrastructures and network requirements

Request complete white paper for free

Electronic Shelf Labels (ESL) / Digital Signage

Full control over your own shop

As a shop-in-shop operator, you regularly travel to your sites for new deliveries of goods, products, and updates. But do you have to go to these lengths for every price change or special offer?

With electronic shelf labels (ESL for short), you can use small, battery-operated displays that are suitable for use in daylight and display your prices – and connect them to the central merchandise management system. All price changes are displayed on your price tags almost in real time, automatically, and with a standardized layout. Barcodes and quantities of goods can also be displayed and updated without problem.

For shop-in-shop: Less work with digital signage

Shop-in-shop system with LANCOM as your networking partner

Almost real-time data exchange between main office and shop

Shop-in-shop systems are based on a reliable 24/7 connection to the main office and automated, fast data transport. LANCOM offers all devices such as routers, firewalls, switches, and access points for secure networking over long distances and enables convenient and low-effort management via our own LANCOM Management Cloud: Experience how zero-touch functions, one-click security, and 24/7 monitoring save you and your technicians real time and money!

Transparent, verifiable costs at all times

Shops-in-shops have to be lucrative for the cooperation to last. This is why the investment and running costs should always be clear. With a shop-in-shop infrastructure from LANCOM, the operating costs are clearly defined and obvious from the start: The product prices, the integrated manufacturer's guarantee, software maintenance of the products – what you can expect to pay is transparent at all times.

Trusted network infrastructure from Germany

However many devices you need for your shop-in-shop network – LANCOM guarantees data protection and security at all times. With LANCOM, your shop-in-shop network not only meets the high security standards of the “IT Security Made in Germany” trust mark initiated by the German Ministry of Economics, it is also fully GDPR-compliant. The backdoor-free LANCOM products (software and hardware) are mainly developed and manufactured in Germany. With the LANCOM Management Cloud hosted in Germany, network management is also subject to European law.

Experienced support based on partnership

With 20 years of experience in store connectivity and numerous shop-in-shop projects already implemented, we have tailored our retail solutions to the needs of the retail trade. With secure and high-performance networks, professional support from the German manufacturer, and customer-oriented communication with the Sales team.

Shops-in-shops with a modern shopping experience

With limited floor space, visuals are all the more important. Stand out not only with your branding, but also with your modernity! Be it digital price tags and advertising space, customer app interactions, or helpful analyzes and evaluations of user behavior at the shelf: The professional LANCOM Wi-Fi in the latest Wi-Fi 6E and Wi-Fi 7 standards also enables interference-free digital signage radio traffic and gives you every opportunity to make a lasting impression.

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