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A wide range of accessories for individual network requirements

In addition to the wide range of functions offered by our products, we also provide a wide variety of accessories for upgrading software and hardware in order to adapt your devices to your individual needs in terms of functionality or application area. With extensive software options, your routers, gateways, access points, and WLAN controllers are upgraded to meet your network requirements – from hotspot functionality to expanding the number of VPN tunnels. The hardware accessories include practical wall mounts for your devices, SFP modules for routers/gateways, switches, and firewalls as well as indoor and outdoor antennas for your access points and cellular routers.

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EOS and EOL products

LANCOM products that are in end-of-sale (EOS) or end-of-life (EOL) status can be found in our product archive:

Product archive Software & Accessories

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