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Network management can be better and easier.
How you save time, costs and nerves.

Increase your IT efficiency!

Network management – a word as long and tough as manual system installations, hours of manual device configuration, and setting adjustments to every single network component are. Even configuring a network that connects two sites, each with four access points, two switches and a router via VPN, usually takes 150 minutes, even for experienced admins.

The following three letters make it 35 minutes and certainly go easier from the lips: LMC. The LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC for short) is an intelligent software that is able to map and manage the entire network architecture centrally and securely in a web browser. All routers, gateways, firewalls, switches, and access points are integrated and tracked using supportive 24/7 monitoring.

Does NIS2 affect your company?

Become the manager of your network security. Because security requirements are growing: from 2024, the EU NIS2 directive will cover more companies than before and requires stricter network and information security measures. It's worth checking whether your company needs to take action. We offer expert videos and helpful hands-on tips:

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On average 75% time saving

Faster network diagnostics and roll-outs, more economical use of IT resources, and more relaxed and efficient working – all this is just a few clicks away with the network management cloud by LANCOM. Take a close look at the pain points of an IT manager that the LMC addresses and how it improves your network management.

Modern network management

„Globalization, digitalization and the pandemic have shown companies that the technical prerequisites for a future-proof operation are not yet fully developed. Not only the number, but also the variation of the devices in the network has risen rapidly alone by the fact that a lot of employees have switched to working from home. [...] Today, a network architecture uses a large number of sensors, controllers, routers, switches and access points. In addition, the networking of different locations has become a significant factor in the efficient operation of the entire company due to globalization, internationalization and outsourcing as well as the integration of business areas. What is needed are network management solutions that intelligently organize, optimize and manage these components and enable the network to achieve a holistic security standard.“  – techconsult study from 2022

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Set up networks faster, configure devices faster

Remote management and network automation

Optimal network management accomplishes the following three things: Clarity, complete control at any time and from anywhere, and a great deal of simplification or automation of day-to-day processes. You can either drive miles to a branch office to update or fix the IT network there. Or you can do it from a comfortable office chair, with a nice warm coffee in your hand.

One system for everything, all in one system

... the VLAN configuration of the switch ports could be done centrally as a template?

... all hotspots / SSIDs / authentications / networks could be set up from one place?

... local Internet breakouts for trusted applications could be set up centrally?

... the configuration of rules for content filter, application control, DPI, AV would only have to be done once for all firewalls?

... updates and reboots for all components would simply be managed from the central office?

... new devices or replacement devices could adopt the configuration of their predecessor with just two mouse clicks when replacing devices (RMA)?

The LANCOM Management Cloud reduces these individual, redundant configuration efforts on numerous devices to one configuration in one management platform.

For example, setting up a Wi-Fi with the LANCOM Management Cloud and the automated Wi-Fi optimization solution LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0 and keeping it at a high quality level takes just three clicks and saves a majority of the usual operating costs.

Particularly in the case of distributed networks with many sites, valuable resources such as manpower, time, and money are used much more efficiently than without cloud management.

Stressed system administrator checks his busy schedule on the way to on-site appointment with long journey
Relaxed system administrator happily looks at his watch and enjoys the fact that he can use his time wisely

Efficient and happy IT department

Intelligent support in network management

The shortage of skilled workers in the IT industry is no longer a worry for those who relieve their IT department and ensure optimal working conditions. If you sheerly eliminate the most nerve-racking everyday tasks of IT admins, make network monitoring pleasant and clear, and let a computerized system take over repetitive network management processes, managing IT networks becomes pleasant again.

Setting up a VPN between all locations and headquarters then looks like this: One mouse click plus entering the host name of the central office – not a hundred settings on every single VPN gateway at the hundred sites.

Close cost traps and security gaps

Minimize errors and effort

Costly misconfigurations, which can quickly occur with so many manual individual configurations, are a thing of the past with LMC's cloud-based network management. So are the travel expenses around arrival and return trips of workers due to local work.

Grow economically

Growth-related network expansions literally only require a thumbs-up – to your smartphone, with which you can add new devices to the cloud in a few minutes via scan with the LMC Rollout Assistant.

Secure around the clock

Cyberattacks or critical user behavior require a rapid response? With centralized device password management, malware and virus protection from your cloud-driven firewalls, and content filtering and application management in LMC, you can minimize your network security incident response time to seconds.

Eliminate faults quickly

And if there are problems with the WLAN or other malfunctions, the LANCOM Management Cloud helps you with unerring high-speed troubleshooting.

Get to know quick and easy network management

Would you also like to eliminate "tedious" and "laborious" from your vocabulary and daily work routine? In the LANCOM Management Cloud, they vanish into thin air!

Your time is valuable. From now on, use it the way you want to!

Waste no more time

Not a fan of long speeches? Then we'll keep it short: Why not test the LANCOM Management Cloud in Live View for yourself!

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