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Award-winning network management

A fully functional network is the heart of any business. Building it up and controlling it, however, can be time-consuming and error-prone. In an IT world with increasing complexity and a widespread shortage of skilled workers, what your network needs is a reliable control center.

  • A solution that automatically organizes and optimizes network operations.
  • A system that implements and monitors security policies and compliance requirements.
  • A platform that sustainably reduces complexity and your operating costs and enables central, scalable, and future-proof network management.

Dynamically control all your network operations in the WAN, LAN, Wi-Fi, and security from a single cloud platform – as automated as you like.

Become a network designer and get to know the LANCOM Management Cloud!

Man with folded arms in front of a screenshot from the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC)

Excellent – and it’s not just us saying so!

Highlights of the LANCOM Management Cloud

Maximum productivity.

As the control center for your network, the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) makes you a network designer. Configuration adjustments, firmware updates, monitoring, rollouts, and troubleshooting to your specifications are implemented automatically and efficiently.

Never again will you have to deal with manual processing, errors will be reduced, and on average you can expect time savings of 75%. Enjoy the freedom to focus on the important things.

Infographic: Screen with cloud and clock as well as the lettering 75% time savings

Your bonus for more time savings

  • Design first, deploy later
  • Out-of-the-box solution for all components: Routers, firewalls, switches, and access points
  • Automatic device configuration for fewer misconfigurations
  • Central network management & monitoring
  • Easily scalable connection of sites, home offices, and field staff
  • Practical switch port profiles
  • Switch port configuration incl. stacking
  • Comprehensive firmware inventorization, including scheduling
  • Interoperability with third-party systems thanks to an open API
  • Custom scripting through add-ins

More performance. More security.

The success of your business closely depends on a powerful and secure network infrastructure. By optimally coordinating all the components involved, the LANCOM Management Cloud enormously optimizes the speed and efficiency of your network. Traffic analysis and optimization functions make the best possible use of your network bandwidth.

And you can be sure of maximum security with a minimum of effort: VPNs, VLANs, ports, UTM rules, and passwords are defined centrally and rolled out with a click. Remote workstations are also securely connected in the quickest possible time.

Infographic: Three protective shields with hooks, two toothed edges, and three arrows pointing upwards

Your performance advantage

  • Auto-VPN
  • Auto-VLAN
  • Cloud-managed secure network access with LANCOM Trusted Access
    (Trusted Internet Access operating mode: Full Tunnel operation and activated gateway security functions for secure office-like working)
  • Dashboards with 24/7 monitoring and anomaly detection
  • SD-WAN with HSVPN, active-active & dynamic path selection
  • Monitoring of security & compliance requirements
  • Automated security configuration for all sites with content and application filtering for malware and virus protection, including German BPjM filter
  • Automatic configuration rollback in case of connection loss
  • Geo-redundant hosting only in German data centers according to ISO 27001

Immediate return on investment.

On average, IT administrators spend 40 percent of their working time troubleshooting. Especially in distributed networks with numerous sites, the LMC makes much more efficient use of valuable resources such as manpower, time, and money.

Put entire sites into operation without expensive on-site visits, provide new applications, or use real usage data to optimize even the most complex Wi-Fi infrastructures with a click of the mouse. The LMC helps to keep running costs under control and to set up companies to be lean and sustainable for the future.

Infographic: Gear wheel with speedometer needle, euro sign, employees, and clock

The benefits at a glance

  • Remote troubleshooting at any time—without expensive on-site visits
  • Zero-touch commissioning of entire sites
  • Self-learning Wi-Fi automation solution LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0
  • Quick and easy provision of new networks and services such as multilingual cloud-managed hotspots
  • Transparent costs thanks to the flexible license model
  • Available as a Public oder Private Cloud

Interested? Your direct entry into the cloud

Test the cloud!

Information is good, experience is better: Get direct insights into dashboards, features, and tools – free of charge and completely without obligation via the test system of our LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). Be our guest!

Free cloud starter license

Are you already managing your network via the LMC and want to integrate new devices quickly and easily? Then take advantage of our free, 30-day cloud license included with all LANCOM Cloud-ready devices.

Further information is available here:

Techpaper: LMC – Rollout

We are here to help you!

The LANCOM Management Cloud offers a live chat with our Support staff at any time.

In non-urgent cases, try our Help Portal with all sorts of practical basic knowledge, system requirements, and license information as well as directly on this website downloads and links.

The LANCOM premium portfolio is cloud-ready

Network management with LANCOM means: Security, routing, switching, and Wi-Fi from the cloud! The LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) is the one system that controls your entire network infrastructure featuring our portfolio of R&S®Unified Firewalls, SD-WAN gateways, switches, and access points. You decide whether to switch over your entire network to innovative cloud management either right now, or one step at a time: Migrating individual sites one by one is no problem.

Logo of the LANCOM Management Cloud with "Cloud-ready" lettering

Your security advantage for cloud-based network management

Highest security standards for the LMC

When choosing a cloud service, data sovereignty plays a crucial role. That is why we not only meet legal requirements for data protection and data security (GDPR) – we also attach great importance to transparently communicated and certified security mechanisms to protect against risks such as service failures, unauthorized access, and cyberattacks. See our choice of hosting service providers, data centers, certifications, and encryption methods here:

Infopaper: LMC (Public) – Data protection and data security

If corporate security policy requires the operation of a private cloud but you don’t want to miss out on the features and convenience of the LMC, the Private Cloud is the solution for you. This allows companies to operate the LANCOM Management Cloud at their own data center or on-premises, without sharing an infrastructure with other client organizations.

Highlight feature of the month

We regularly upgrade the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) with new features and enhancements. Our cloud development always takes your valuable feedback into account! A full overview of the last few weeks’ and months’ highlight features can be found on the LMC News website.

By the way: With the RSS feed we give you daily information about news from the LMC, so that you are always up-to-date.

  • Full transparency before rollout thanks to configuration comparison

    Display with configuration comparison
    Detailed advance insight into configuration changes

    The practical configuration comparison gives you a detailed insight into the specific changes made by the rollout, particularly to the device configuration. This tool precisely shows you the sections in the device configuration that are overwritten by the LMC rollout configuration. The advantage: you get a clear overview of all changes in your device configuration before the rollout, minimizing risks from unforeseen results. Test this feature in the "Detail Configuration" tab of your routers, access points, or switches!

The LANCOM Management Cloud in practice

Faster above the clouds with networks from the cloud

In an emergency, every second counts! And that's exactly why the rescuers at Air Zermatt outsourced their IT to the cloud for the quick and precise preparation of airborne missions. A state-of-the-art IT network managed from the cloud reliably ensures the collection and provision of all required data at top speed.

The technology is sourced from the German network manufacturer LANCOM, and the service is provided from the Seabix data center in Switzerland.

Read the Air-Zermatt user report

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