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Digital displays for rooms, prices, shelves, and more.
With LANCOM Digital Signage.

Digital and automated room signage with ePaper displays

Always up-to-date, always dynamic. LANCOM Wireless ePaper solutions keep your information up to date. Quickly and easily, data is updated where it benefits you and your customers: Whether as digital door signs that can be synchronized with calendar systems, as innovative electronic shelf labels in shops or warehouses, or as digital menu cards in restaurants – the content of LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays is managed centrally via the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server and is updated in real time as changes occur.

Thanks to the integrated API, any other systems can be controlled with the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server. Digital signage from LANCOM is flexible to use, extremely durable, automates your processes, and lowers your total cost of ownership. As a result, you no longer overlook what is really important.

Digital displays in action

High-quality optics, flexible application options, and resource-saving work processes are just three arguments in favor of Wireless ePaper Displays.

With LANCOM, you can also manage them conveniently and centrally via the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server, directly from the relevant calendar management system. We provide templates for calendars and images, and individual designs can also be uploaded easily.

Let your information speak for itself – whether in the hospitality industry, in retail, in public buildings, or in private practices and law firms.

Digital door signage for meeting rooms, classrooms, and treatment rooms

"Digital is the new normal", this is not only true for our hybrid work, but also for our everyday life. With LANCOM Wireless ePaper solutions, your working environment becomes dynamic and modern. Used as digital room signage, all current room reservations can be automatically synchronized with the calendar management system (Exchange, Domino, Google Calendar, Office 365) and displayed on the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays. This means that you can always see which meeting and conference rooms, offices, classrooms, or treatment rooms are free or for which purpose they are currently being used. Especially in offices, schools, universities, or medical facilities, this modern form of information display is a real plus for communication, transparency, and efficiency in all work processes.

Infopaper: Innovative room signage

Infopaper: Digtal signage in healthcare

Daily updated information displays for hotels and restaurants

In restaurants and hotels, Wireless ePaper Displays are perfect for offering your guests an ideal introduction to an "all-round carefree" experience. Whether it's lovely table reservations, individualized displays at the hotel room or the signage of rooms and occupancy rates in the wellness area: Your guests are well informed around the clock and feel welcome and comfortable.

With the large Wireless ePaper Display 12.2" you can even adjust and update the daily menu or the conference program at any place and at any time. This means you can always respond spontaneously to changes in dining, occupancy or meeting schedules, ensuring professional, well-organized and efficient operations.

Infopaper: Digital signage in hospitality

Digital price labels in retail

Numerous retailers and wholesalers are already relying on the advantages of digital price labels ("Electronic Shelf Labels" or "ESL"). Prices, articles, or even barcodes and QR codes can be maintained automatically via the central enterprise resource planning system (ERP) by radio – almost in real time. Promotional offerings and information about stock levels can be rolled out without much time or manpower. The electronic price tags are easy to read, durable, and can be created in the corporate design. Shop-in-shop scenarios can also be professionally implemented with LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays. Thanks to battery operation, the small displays can be placed in any desired position.

Paper labels are a thing of the past, your employees can spend more time on important business processes, and your customers will be delighted with modern and clearly presented product information.

Infopaper: Price labeling in retail

Radio-controlled shelf labeling in logistics

Your logistics also benefit significantly from electronic shelf labeling in warehouses and manufacturing: The small, radio-controlled displays show all necessary information such as product family or quantity of goods at any time – and always up to date. In addition, they can be equipped with barcodes that are read by hand scanners. Reliable roaming of the displays is guaranteed both in the in-house supermarket and in the production halls.

The ePaper solutions from LANCOM can be easily integrated into the existing network, reducing costs and optimizing material flow and quality assurance.

A masterclass in site connectivity

In our Online Masterclass Site Networking, we demonstrate in 30-minute webinars how companies can network their sites in a secure and future-proof way.

However, the practical experiences of other international companies are particularly interesting. With 500 locations in 21 countries, the Dussmann Group is a leading multi-service provider in the fields of facility management, food services, and technical solutions and has transformed its IT infrastructure into a more uniform, secure, and user-friendly one with LANCOM. Our video takes you through the project and reveals the reasons, challenges, and benefits of the rollout with LANCOM.

Would you like to know more about site networking? Then browse our topic pages or catch up with the online masterclass at your convenience:

Free expert know-how in 4 x 30 min.

What does digital signage look like in practice?

Perhaps you have already seen the use of electronic price signs in your supermarket or come into contact with digital room signs at a business meeting or in a university. ePaper displays that can be controlled via WLAN are already being used in many ways and are highly praised by their users. LANCOM ePaper technology enables the displays to coexist with the house WLAN without conflict, so there is no need to worry about interference on this side either. Nevertheless, it is often particularly enlightening to hear first-hand reports of experience in dealing with digital signage.

That's why you'll find a selection of infopapers, techpapers and customer references here:

Why you should switch to digital displays from now on

Innovative, radio-controlled and centrally managed (digital) signage

LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays are radio-controlled and centrally managed. Thanks to their modern design and fully daylight-readable ePaper technology, they not only ensure an attractive appearance for your company, but also speed up and simplify essential work processes such as information reconciliation and material flow, among others.

Flexible positioning thanks to long-life battery operation

Whether as an electronic menu or meeting schedule, digital room signage, digital shelf labeling, or as an ePaper price tag – the displays can be placed in any desired location thanks to their battery operation, independent of power connections. In addition, the low power consumption of the displays guarantees particularly long-lasting operation.

Convenient integration of other systems

Your data can be directly fed from the desired system via the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server including a special software interface (API). Room reservations are thus automatically updated according to the calendar management system (e.g. Exchange, Domino, Google Calendar, Office 365), prices or quantities of goods according to the enterprise resource planning system – perfect for optimizing transparency and communication in your company.

Individual design thanks to user-friendly software

The easy-to-use LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server offers customers a wide range of options when it comes to designing their LANCOM Wireless ePaper Displays. For example, it is possible to create fixed templates in the customer's own corporate design. Adapt the displays to your individual requirements and wishes in no time at all!

Your perfectly matched LANCOM Wireless ePaper package

Whether in companies, in logistics, in the hospitality industry, or in retail – digital signage from LANCOM gives every industry a modern appearance and professional, fast display of information. The innovative LANCOM E-series access points provide professional WLAN coverage combined with wireless maintenance of radio-controlled, battery-operated displays in various sizes to suit your needs.

Together with the LANCOM ePaper Server as a central management point and practical accessories such as the smart IoT module for adding Wireless ePaper functionality to USB-enabled devices, the stainless steel frame, and the display mount, you can build the optimal LANCOM Wireless ePaper infrastructure.

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