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Digital displays in retail, production, and logistics.
Efficient resource utilization.

Added value with digital signage

Digital signage meets a number of requirements for modern companies. Displays that can be updated quickly and easily offer interesting possibilities, especially when process optimization, increased productivity, and transparency are required in the context of digitalization. No matter whether you have an existing or new infrastructure: here we present two options for using digital displays and integrating them easily into wireless networks.

On this page you will find suggestions, advantages, and information material on the use of electronic price labelling in retail, on digital signage in warehouses and logistics, and on digitalization in the industrial environment or Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT).

LANCOM Infopaper: Added values of digital signage

LANCOM digital signage for retail, production and logistics

Wide range of applications for electronic signage

Reach and activate customers quickly and directly at the goods, provide employees with up-to-date information, set up processes dynamically and transparently. All of this is possible with electronic shelf labeling (ESL) or digital displays. Electronic signage is not just pure decoration or a "nice to have", but part of a consistently well thought-out wireless infrastructure in which all data is available at any time and any place.

Digital displays are not the end of an information chain, they create two-way communication. Whether it is information on the storage location, the status of a production step, the booking out of an item to the inventory management system and the subsequent processing of the data to update the stock, or the scanning of a price label with stored bonus points and discounts by the customer in the store: Employees can quickly verify information by scanning a QR code and make it available to customers and colleagues.

Plug-in extension module

Quick and easy: Expand your existing WLAN infrastructure with a USB stick that allows you to control digital displays without complex installations. Many LANCOM access points and routers have a corresponding port, so there is no need to switch to new hardware - the added value of digital signage remains. Smaller WLAN infrastructures in a shipping department, retail store or pop-up store in particular can quickly and visibly implement their digitization strategy. The LANCOM Wireless ePaper USB supports the cloud-managed digital displays from the manufacturers SoluM and Hanshow.

Access points with integrated radio module

The LANCOM digital signage access points not only provide optimum Wi-Fi with many practical and innovative functions, but also supply digital displays in an interference-free coexistence. When planning a new Wi-Fi infrastructure, these access points are the first choice: with Wi-Fi 6 or Wi-Fi 6E, the access points are perfectly suited for applications in the Internet of Things or Industrial Internet of Things. Production facilities and logistics companies that want to digitize and optimize their processes can rely on the strength of these digital signage access points. Digital displays from the manufacturers VUSION and PDI digital are fully supported by an integrated interface.

Fields of application

Digital price labels in retail

Retailers and wholesalers benefit directly from digital price tags (also known as "ESL" or "Electronic Shelf Labels") in their daily processes. Instead of the employee at the shelf, item information such as prices, QR codes and barcodes are automatically imported wirelessly from the merchandise management system. Price adjustments during promotions or updating stock levels are no longer time-consuming tasks that tie up manpower, but can be rolled out to all stores and locations at the click of a mouse.

The electronic price tags are easy to read, durable and can be created in the corporate design. Shop-in-shop scenarios can also be professionally implemented with digital displays. Thanks to battery operation, the small displays can be placed at any desired location.

By eliminating paper labels, you can save resources in the long term and increase customer satisfaction at the same time. On the one hand, you can present your goods in a modern and clear way, while on the other, employees have more time for direct customer contact and service.

Infopaper: Price labeling in retail

Streamlining processes through automation

Just imagine: You have to coordinate a production hall with several workstations. Material storage locations are located near machines, robots and people, who are distributed across different workstations.

An employee retrieves new material from the warehouse, scans a QR code and the central inventory management system is updated immediately. The robot at the assembly station also receives its work order via the QR code on a display and immediately begins to implement a new program for assembly.

The finished product is picked up by an employee, the workstation is approved again by scan and the product is passed to quality control. The employee's notes and information are summarized via individual IDs and made available digitally internally.

All processes and workflows are transparent, digitalized and efficient.

Radio-controlled shelf labeling in logistics

Warehouses, logistics and shipping departments benefit from electronic labeling in many areas: The small, radio-controlled displays show all the necessary information such as product family, quantity of goods or delivery status at all times - and always up to date. They can also be provided with barcodes that can be scanned by a handheld scanner to retrieve information from or transfer information to the merchandise management system and exchange information with an external shipping service provider via an interface.

Stable roaming of the displays is guaranteed both in the in-house supermarket and in the production hall.

The digital signage access points from LANCOM integrate easily into the existing network, reduce costs and optimize the flow of goods and quality assurance.

Good arguments for the use of digital signage with LANCOM

Maximum cost transpa­rency through clear product prices including manufacturer's warranty, direct support from the German manufacturer, and plannable software maintenance

Complete trust and security Made in Germany through state-of-the-art IT security, GDPR conformity, the highest compliance standards, and backdoor-free products

Centralized network design and automated management from a single source with comprehensive product bundles and a dedicated software-defined networking cloud

Comprehensive availability and flexibility of deploy­ment through a variety of interfaces, and integrated backup functions over alternative lines (4G/5G networks, fiber optics, etc.)

Visibly more: digital signage in the field

Digital signage also makes a direct contribution to sustainability, as it saves both physical and temporal resources. Use ESL as the flagship of your digitalization strategy and underline the high standards you set for yourself. Your company, your branches and even your warehouses will be perceived as more effective, more up-to-date and more open if it becomes clear that transparency and up-to-dateness are important to you.

In the context of competitive factors such as digital sovereignty and the trust of employees and customers, LANCOM digital signage always puts you on the safe side for the future. Dare to break new ground, without risk, but with a clear impression.

Example of a network infrastructure with a focus on ESL

Example of a network infrastructure with a focus on IIoT

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