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Secure site connectivity in retail

Be it in brick-and-mortar retail, petrol stations, pharmacies, car dealerships, hardware stores, or bakery chains: Retailers today must meet the increasing expectations of their customers at the point of sale to be able to measure up against highly competitive online retailers. At the same time, there is high cost pressure, there are growth pressures on the market, and an all-round shortage of skilled workers.

LANCOM networking solutions for chain stores are field tested and address 100% of the problems faced by IT managers. Learn how to make your branch infrastructure scalable, predictable, and trustworthy.

Do you know the latest retail trends for 2024 / 2025?

Innovative store concepts and technologies show time and again: the retail sector is changing and is eagerly using digitalization and networking to cleverly revolutionize the sales and shopping experience. Smart retail applications such as ESL, self-checkout, and retail analytics play a key role in this.

Our retail glossary shows you the current concepts, terms, and innovations in retail and what they entail.

Glossary of retail trend terms 2024 / 2025

Have you heard of NIS2?

Did you know that manufacturing and processing companies will also be covered by the NIS2 directive in the future and will have to ensure a certain level of cyber security? Check our topic page to see whether you are affected and what you can do to fulfil the EU requirements for network and information security.

Find out more about NIS now

Requirements for chain stores

As the IT manager for a series of chain stores, you are well aware of what your customers, branch employees, branch management, and the branch headquarters expect:

Customers expect...

  • ... that they can log into the Wi-Fi hotspot automatically and securely after agreeing to the T&Cs once.
  • ... that any tracking data is handled confidentially and in compliance with the GDPR.
  • ... that they can pay in cash or by card.
  • ... they receive current offers on their smartphone when entering the store.
  • ... that they can redeem their bonus points at any time.
  • ... that the items they are looking for will always be in the same place.

Branch employees expect...

  • ... the checkout system to work.
  • ... their devices to have access to the central merchandise management system
  • ... that inventories can be taken via the barcode scanner.
  • … that the surveillance system and alarms work properly.
  • … that the latest prices are displayed on the price tags.

Branch management expects…

  • … that the IT is managed centrally, so that no in-depth IT know-how is required at their branch.
  • … that the systems are not disturbed if the Internet goes down.
  • … that data can only be viewed with authorization and cannot be misused by third parties.
  • … that the investment in the network infrastructure is long-lasting and is also ready for future applications.
  • … that modern digital marketing activities, such as discount campaigns or purchase recommendations, can be implemented directly via the customer's smartphone.
  • … that they can optimize their range of goods with business intelligence solutions such as route-tracking analysis.

The store headquarters expects…

  •     … that all its locations are securely networked with each other and with the central merchandise management system without interruption.
  •     … that all data exchange is protected against unauthorized access and that sensitive data is processed in compliance with GDPR.
  •     … that business processes are not endangered at any time by connection failures.
  •     … that it can control price adjustments, marketing activities, warehouse information, etc. centrally and roll them out everywhere at the same time.
  •     … that important reports such as sales figures can always be communicated without problems.
  •     … that it can transparently access important information on the status quo of certain (special) promotions at any time.
  •     … that its infrastructure is worth the investment and is powerful, durable, and flexible enough to support new technologies and applications.
  •     … that it is not restricted in its ability to expand and that the IT network grows in a scalable manner.

In order to meet these expectations at all branch sites and to smoothly implement the required applications, the essential basis is a professional network infrastructure. Your big advantage when planning branch networks: The individual branches are almost identical in terms of floor plan, equipment, and digital applications. What this means specifically is:

The “experience” is equally good for customers and employees at all branches.

Maximum data protection for your customers

In the best case, a quality customer Wi-Fi results in an excellent Internet connection and useful offers for your customers – but it also exposes data that is worth protecting: Using the SSIDs of the customer smartphones and their communication with the Wi-Fi access points in your store, for example, the time of arrival, length of stay, and movement pattern / behavior on your premises can be identified and, with a few additional data from Internet providers, clearly assigned to specific individuals.

By using a LANCOM network, you show your customers that you handle this data confidentially and in compliance with the GDPR. For us, backdoor-free hardware and software engineered in Germany, secure cloud hosting in Germany, the highest level of compliance, and a high data protection standard are all part of a secure infrastructure. So your customers go shopping with a good feeling and you are guaranteed to be on the legally compliant side.

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Networking solution package for retail branches

Design once, roll-out thousands of times

Identically structured stores offer you a great advantage as the IT manager for networking retail branches. The network design of an individual branch can be adopted 1:1 for all other branches. What you need for this is a network infrastructure that adapts flexibly to your needs, but always feels the same. This is where LANCOM Systems comes in as your partner.

Setting up a functioning branch network does not take much hardware. For small branches with few digital applications, such as a petrol station, all you need may be a router with optional Wi-Fi. In larger retail stores with many requirements and end users, you are already well equipped with a router or secure SD-WAN gateway, a switch, and a suitable number of access points for the premises.

The individual branches, regardless of their size, are classically connected to the head office via a secure VPN – and your branch network is complete.

Scenario A: Small branches with few applications

Scenario B: Branch with multiple applications

You need help choosing the right product for your branch network?

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Smart retail – digital retail

Intelligent network automation for branches

Fail-safe, cloud-enabled network components such as flexible gateways, next-generation firewalls, high-performance switches, and Wi-Fi 6E-enabled access points with zero-touch rollout and deployment, remote monitoring, and automatic configuration

Secure hybrid working in the retail sector

Secure connection of suppliers, partners, and field staff via (cloud-managed) VPN or Zero-Trust principle for smooth and automated work processes

Reliable Wi-Fi for a modern shopping experience

Seamless, powerful, and stable Wi-Fi coverage throughout the branch for the use of modern logistics and sales technologies such as barcode scanners, self-service checkouts, and self-scanning hand scanners (self-checkout (SCO)), payment and bonus point apps, and much more.

Convenient but highly secure payment, just the way the customer likes it

Highest European data security and GDPR conformity including PCI DSS compliance with the LMC network management cloud hosted in Germany, products engineered in Germany, and the very best fail-safe mechanisms

Electronic shelf labels (ESL) and digital signage billboards

Centralized, automated price adjustments and offers by connecting electronic shelf labels and displays to the central merchandise management system, calendar systems, and much more.

Incentives for smart branches

At the heart of your store connectivity:
The LANCOM Management Cloud

The structure and commissioning of branch networks is one thing; the handling, configuration, and maintenance is another. There are many digital applications that have to react quickly and flexibly to new requirements. The LANCOM Management Cloud puts an end to difficult-to-manage, highly complex networks:

Make your branch an agile "SD-Branch" by means of central orchestration of all network components.

User interface of the network management platform LANCOM Management Cloud on the desktop monitor, tablet, and smartphone

Agile, flexible, and future-proof

Auto-configuration and zero-touch deployment implement a centralized, automated rollout with maximum security. Zero-touch deployment – assuming a functional Internet connection is in place – means that commissioning a device merely involves mounting it on location and connecting it up.

Thanks to auto-configuration per software-defined networking (SDN), the network administrator does not need to physically touch the device. It is immediately ready to operate.

The shop with the best Wi-Fi

High quality Wi-Fi is essential to your retail business processes. Handheld scanners, apps, digital price tags – it's not just your store's reputation that is at stake, but rather a functioning work environment. The LANCOM Management Cloud and the powerful, “thinking” access points from LANCOM assure you of the best possible Wi-Fi at all times.

The unique self-learning automation solution LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0 fully optimizes Wi-Fi installations based on real usage data and minimizes the effort and cost of Wi-Fi setup and operation. A must-have that is second to none for those managing a large amount of stores!

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Intelligent digital retail networking

"In recent years, shopping has become faster, contactless and, above all, is increasingly digital. [...] At the same time, it is clear that the classic retail store is still the most important touchpoint for a personal, high-quality shopping experience. To manage the balancing act between stationary and digital sales channels, or even in store and online trade, what we need more than ever is a profitable symbiosis of networking solutions that are specifically tailored to the diverse requirements across the retail sector. From chain stores and franchisers to shop-in-shop operators, it is important to cost-effectively plan individual retail networks and roll them out as widely and as quickly as possible."

LANCOM White Paper about smart retail infrastructures and network requirements

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Central management for your branch network

In brief: You decide how you want to set up your network, create the framework centrally, and apply the configuration or software updates to all devices in the network, wherever they may be, completely automatically. The LANCOM Management Cloud handles the network management for all branches, all of the security mechanisms such as network separation, role and rights systems, as well as 24/7 monitoring including the alerting feature. Not only is this easy on your nerves; it saves you time and hard cash as well.

For a deeper dive into LANCOM's SD-Branch solutions, visit our solution website:

Your LANCOM network solution for chain stores

Central decisions implemented at all branches in real time

Virtualize the entire functionality and network infrastructure of your central site and all of your branches, and manage everything from a central site – routing, IT security, switching and Wi-Fi – all centrally controlled via the LANCOM Management Cloud. Thanks to zero-touch functions, one-click security, and 24/7 monitoring, you save the administrator a lot of time and yourself a lot of money.

Maximum scalability and future viability

Whether you operate just a few branches or several thousand: Our branch solutions are field-tested for use in scenarios of all sizes. And when more branches are added, the LANCOM network simply grows with them. We keep an eye on the future for your benefit: You will receive long lived and up-to-date technology as well as ongoing free software updates.

Highly available business processes

You have every right to expect that the Internet access that connects your merchandise-management, logistics, and in particular the payment systems is highly available, since a failure of these business processes directly results in a loss of sales. We offer you twice the security with SD-WAN gateways, which include an additional cellular backup.

Secure integration of external service providers

Be it a security company, digital signage content supplier, or a hotspot provider – many external service providers have to be integrated into a network in order to implement digital applications. With network virtualization, you integrate external service providers into your network, although thanks to strict network isolation, they can only access the network where they need to implement their application.

Maximum trustworthiness

With LANCOM you can rely on secure and fully GDPR-compliant networking solutions. Development of the software and hardware at LANCOM Systems, as well as the manufacturing, are predominantly based in Germany, as is the network-management hosting. The company is committed to products that are free from backdoors and is a holder of the trust mark "IT Security Made in Germany" as initiated by the German Ministry of Economics.

Maximum cost transparency

No nasty surprises: Our package is the right one for your branches, including a manufacturer's guarantee and transparent software maintenance. This gives you full transparency of your TCO with regard to investment and running costs, right from the start.

Full support

Along with an overall portfolio that is perfectly tailored to branch networks, LANCOM offers you one thing in particular: Experience. For more than 20 years, name-worthy customers in retail have relied on LANCOM's branch networking, the professional support offered by a German manufacturer, and customer-oriented communication with the sales team.

Modern shopping experience

Your customers are digitally well connected. Show them that you are moving with the times. From visual highlights with digital price tags to professional customer hotspots, you can use LANCOM Systems to implement many aspects of your digital marketing and give your customers a modern shopping experience.

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