Network Access Control (NAC)


macmon secure has been focusing on in the development of network security software since 2003 and is situated in the centre of Berlin. The Network Access Control (NAC) solution macmon is completely devel­oped in Germany and used worldwide in order to protect networks against unauthorised access.

macmon Network Access Control (NAC) detects, monitors and protects network access in companies and organizations from unauthorized access. Therefore macmon contributes significantly to bring overview and control to complex, heterogeneous networks and to minimize the risk from potential attacks. macmon brings every company a flexible and efficient NAC solution that is quickly implemented with little effort. The substantial added value for macmon users is, in addition to overview and control, automatic switching and assignment based on rules, which saves network administrators effort. Over 1,300 satisfied customers testify to this. macmon NAC provides a complete overview of the entire network environment at all times, performs many necessary configurations automatically and guarantees protection against unauthorized access and network attacks. To protect networks from unauthorized access, macmon offers two product packages as well as add-ons:

  • Network Bundle: Topology, Advanced Security, VLAN Manager, 802.1X, Guest Service
  • Premium Bundle: All features of the Network Bundle as well as the compliance feature
  • Add-Ons: Past-Viewer, Switch-Viewer, Scalability

The compatibility between macmon NAC and the LANCOM infrastructure components has been jointly ensured. In this way, you benefit from the certainty of being able to equip your network with LANCOM components and protect it with macmon NAC. Short paths between LANCOM Systems and macmon ensure optimal operation in the future as well.



  • Protects the network from unauthorized, non-compliant devices and internal attacks
  • Intelligent AD integration & dynamic rule creation
  • Graphical Visualization of the whole network
  • Interactive, graphical network topology
  • Completely “Engineered In Germany“
  • German vendor support


  • Network Bundle: Topology, Advanced Security, VLAN Manager, 802.1X, Guest Service
  • Premium Bundle: All Features of the Network Bundle as well as the Compliance function
  • Add-Ons: Past-Viewer, Switch-Viewer, Scalability

Important note:

We recommend using NAC via RADIUS because it can be operated both with standalone switches and with the LANCOM Management Cloud. In addition, it uses much higher-quality authentication methods in the process and offers some advantages over the alternative method NAC-SNMP.

Please note that NAC-SNMP must not be operated together with the LANCOM Management Cloud. In this case, the two management systems would interfere with each other and the last configuration written in each case would be used. Therefore, only use this method together with standalone switches.

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