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How can I offer my employees home office or mobile working work with confidence?

The world of work is in a state of transition: The New Work concept is gaining more and more attention – and thus not only changes the work-life balance, but also requires a rethink with regard to home office and remote work (mobile working). In other words, mobility and flexibility have become an integral part of today's working world.

As an IT decision-maker, you are now faced with the question: How do I enable my employees to work securely from home or flexibly, securely and in compliance with company-wide security policies from anywhere?

Despite the seemingly complex challenge, the solution is quite simple: set up a secure and cost-effective VPN infrastructure in your company. We specialize in VPN solutions for businesses and will be happy to guide you in setting up, managing, and maintaining a professional and quickly implementable home office VPN access, without concerns.

Responsible networking with NIS2

Digital networking is enriching companies around the world and constantly evolving working life. However, network and information security must not be ignored. This is why the EU NIS2 directive now defines and prescribes this more precisely in order to increase cyber security overall and adapt it to current developments. Find out what this means and whether the new requirements affect your company.

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The path from challenge to real added value

How to make home office work for you

Even though many companies have already decided to allow their employees to work from home, there are still many employers who express strong reservations about this. We help you weigh the typical challenges that remote work presents to many companies against the benefits:

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Challenges caused by home office for companies

Companies are usually confronted with the following issues when setting up home office access:

  • In-house concerns, which can often be resolved with clear regulations on home office use.
  • Concerns about data security
  • Concerns about the costs of equipping home offices
  • Uncertainties about potential performance problems

With the modern VPN solutions from LANCOM, you can leave all these concerns behind and take full advantage of the benefits of VPN in the home office.

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Advantages offered by home office for companies and employees

Connecting the laptop to the corporate network brings great added value for employees:

  • Saving time and money by eliminating the need to travel to work
  • Easier work-life balance

Employers also experience the VPN connection to the home office as beneficial:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction of rent and operating costs
  • Ensuring the ability to work even in exceptional situations – such as quarantine or extreme weather situations

Read more here and see how your concerns disappear or ask one of our experts the questions that are bothering you with no strings attached:

Scan security concerns off the table!

A lot can be said about device security, but is it all true? You want tangible proof of IT security? With the IT Security Label of the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI), which LANCOM routers bear, this is now possible. Before purchasing, end users are able to scan a QR code on the product packaging and see exactly that the device meets the BSI's strict security requirements and what they look like. This way, doubts are quickly a thing of the past and you know exactly what is safe and what is not.

More about the BSI IT Security Label

A masterclass in site connectivity

In our Online Masterclass Site Networking, we demonstrate in 30-minute webinars how companies can network their sites in a secure and future-proof way.

However, the practical experiences of other international companies are particularly interesting. With 500 locations in 21 countries, the Dussmann Group is a leading multi-service provider in the fields of facility management, food services, and technical solutions and has transformed its IT infrastructure into a more uniform, secure, and user-friendly one with LANCOM. Our video takes you through the project and reveals the reasons, challenges, and benefits of the rollout with LANCOM.

Would you like to know more about site networking? Then browse our topic pages or catch up with the online masterclass at your convenience:

Free expert know-how in 4 x 30 min.

How do I successfully set up home office via VPN for my employees?

With the easy-to-implement complete solution from LANCOM for secure home office connectivity, you can offer flexible and productive mobile working within virtually no time at all: A router, the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client, and, if desired, an extension of the VPN channels with the LANCOM VPN Option – that's all it takes to get started.

Your ready-to-go home office package

Hardware: What technical equipment do I need for a home office with VPN?

For the home office connection to the headquarters, a secure VPN tunnel is set up for each employee. All that is needed on the company side is a VPN-capable device - usually a router, gateway or firewall. When selecting the device, pay attention to the dimensioning or recommended use of the VPN accesses that can be used simultaneously per device.

Software: Which requirements must be met here?

The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client must be present on the employee devices, and its configuration requires not only little time for the administrator, but also little technical know-how: The integrated "1-click setup wizard" makes the initial configuration as effortless as possible. Thanks to it, VPN accesses for employees can be created and set up in no time at all.

Simply secure site networking with the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

With the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client for the Windows and macOS operating systems, your employees can access the corporate network via a secure VPN tunnel with just one click. It makes no difference whether they are in the home office, abroad, or in a transportation vehicle. Equipped with a stateful inspection firewall, the software VPN client automatically detects secure and insecure networks for secure communication over the Internet at all times. Further data protection is provided by support for all IPSec protocol extensions, various encryption algorithms and numerous other security features. Seamless roaming also ensures that VPN connections are maintained even when switching media.

What equipment is needed?


Small company

Medium-sized company

Large enterprise

recommended hardware

LANCOM 1700 and 1800 series

LANCOM 1900 series


possible VPN connections

up to 5

up to 25

up to 250

with optional extension

up to 25

up to 100

up to 3.000

device needed per home office work station

LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

LANCOM Advanced VPN Client

Not quite sure what your perfect home office bundle is? Just tell us about your situation and we'll suggest the right products for you.

Individual product recommendation

What if I need more home office connections in a few years?

Technological advances, trends or political developments: We live in a world where the working environment can change at any time and, above all, unpredictably. So nowadays it is more important than ever to be able to react quickly and flexibly to current events. Thanks to the LANCOM VPN Option, you are ideally equipped for this: You are given the option to easily increase the number of existing VPN tunnels without having to purchase additional hardware. This makes the LANCOM home-office VPN solution a scalable, low-risk, and sustainable investment.

A detailed overview of all VPN factory configurations and upgrade options for LANCOM products can be found here.

Queried, tested, won

Longtime PUR IT-Ops VPN Champion

LANCOM VPN solutions have been in operation by users for many years and have been subjected to tough practical tests. They have always been able to maintain their consistently high quality standards: In the "Professional User Rating Security Solutions (PUR-S)" 2024 of the analyst firm techconsult, LANCOM Systems was once again able to convince with its Virtual Private Network (VPN) solution area – and thus successfully defend its title as VPN champion for the sixth year. No other manufacturer has ever had so many first-place finishes in a row!

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The fastest way to a trustworthy home office connection

For LANCOM endcustomers

Simply place your order with your local Business Partner or directly contact LANCOM and you will receive your licenses quickly afterwards.


Digital licenses by e-mail for resellers

LANCOM is pleased to announce, that we are able to issue a Digital License Support for the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client and the LANCOM VPN Options as the fastest way of procurement and deployment. Simply refer to your local Distributor, place your order and you will receive your licenses quickly via email.

If you – as a reseller – don't have an existing partnership, please reach out to LANCOM directly.

FAQ – Questions about the LANCOM VPN home office solution

What functionality does the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client offer in the demo version?

The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client offers a free 30-day trial version with full functionality.

Can I import my VPN profile into multiple end devices and apply it simultaneously?

VPN user profiles can generally be imported into multiple VPN client installations (e.g., different computers). However, only one session per VPN profile is possible at the same time.

Where can I see how many VPN connections are active?

Active VPN client connections can be clearly viewed using the free tool LANmonitor, for example.

As an administrator, can I deactivate VPN connections centrally?

Selected VPN dial-up connections can be deactivated via LANconfig or WEBconfig if required.

Can I upgrade my LANCOM router with additional VPN connections?

With the LANCOM VPN Option, the number of VPN channels can be expanded depending on the LANCOM device. For example, LANCOM routers with the LANCOM VPN Option or the LANCOM Enterprise Option can be expanded to between 25 and 3,000 VPN channels, depending on the device.

You can also get a free 30-day demo license for our LANCOM VPN Options LANCOM VPN 25 and VPN 50. From now on, this allows you to increase the available VPN channels very quickly, flexibly, and, above all, unbureaucratically. The trial licenses offered have no functional restrictions during the 30-day free period compared to a purchase of the option.

Where can I find information on the installation for activating the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client, on configuring VPN access, etc.?

Our support team has compiled configuration aids for you in an overview document in our knowledge base for the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.

Just give it a try!

Would you like to try out the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client as a universal solution for connecting your employees in the home office? Here you can download the VPN client free of charge as a fully functional 30-day trial version*:

*Note: A LANCOM router accepts a maximum of three simultaneous VPN connections from LANCOM Advanced VPN clients that are in 30-day trial mode. All further connection requests from unlicensed VPN clients are rejected by the router.

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