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By definition, network security describes the technical and organizational protection of the internal IT infrastructure with all its data, systems, devices, and applications to enable secure digitalization. These security mechanisms not only protect the data center, but also all locations and the cloud itself. Effective network security fends off unauthorized access, data manipulation or data theft with blackmail, system paralysis (DDoS attacks), and other damage caused by hackers, malware, and viruses.

It ensures that data is exchanged confidentially and with integrity and is always available via VPN (Virtual Private Networks) or ZTNA (Zero Trust Network Access). However, secure networks are created primarily through comprehensive information on network security and network protection, as well as targeted measures to enforce cyber protection policies at all levels. The best way to get started right now is with LANCOM insider knowledge on the subject of network security!

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Network security for cities and municipalities

Cybersecurity and digital sovereignty are of utmost importance, especially for public authorities and agencies. We support secure IT networks for modern administrations with our study and our tips for greater digital sovereignty.

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Digital sovereignty and GDPR compliance

LANCOM products are not only largely manufactured in Germany, but also have a proprietary operating system developed and maintained in-house. Due to LANCOM's strict "No Backdoors" policy and their "Engineered in Germany" character, the solutions are therefore 100% GDPR-compliant and support the digital sovereignty of the companies where they are used. Particularly unique: Even with remote access according to the zero-trust principle with our LANCOM Trusted Access Client, only the data exchange for user authentication takes place via the LANCOM Management Cloud hosted in Germany – all other user data runs directly between client and gateway.

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Unified power for your network security

Thanks to Unified Threat Management, network security can be left to the LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls with a clear conscience: The UTM firewalls combine the highest-class security functions, such as sandboxing, machine learning, IDS /IPS, SSL inspection, deep packet inspection, and many more, in a single device, thus ensuring the best possible protection.

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Find the right firewall

For a secure IT network, your firewall should fit your infra­structure. With a maximum of five questions you can find the best firewall for your use case:

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Qualitative NIS2 advice from legal experts

NIS2 is affecting companies and institutions across Europe. After all, anyone affected by the directive who cannot demonstrate certain cyber security standards and risk management measures in the future could face heavy fines.

There is advice from many sources on how to prepare. However, it is often difficult to know whether this advice is legally sound.

We have interviewed lawyer Tobias Haar, a legal expert in this field, and have compiled a lot of helpful material for you on our NIS2 topic page:

Prepare for NIS2

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