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“Digital transformation” – it sounds as desirable as it is challenging. Society and politics are increasingly pushing small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to embrace digital transformation. However, when considering the digitalization of SMEs, it becomes clear how difficult it can be to strike a balance between proven tradition and useful innovation.

Digitalized business processes increase a company’s efficiency, added value, competitiveness, and future viability, as well as improving relationships with customers and partners. At the start of this kind of project, it can look like a mammoth task. So let's take the first step together. Before investing in modern cloud applications such as video telephony and collaboration tools, digital platforms for trading and exchange, or smart industry sensors and systems, you need something fundamental to be in place. The digital foundation: a secure and powerful IT network.

We are happy to show you what you need for this and why a well-planned, (cost-)efficient, and scalable IT infrastructure will get you further than the next trending app. From one SME to another.

NIS2 now also applies to SMEs

No company is too small not to attach importance to its own cyber security. In fact, this care will also be required by law in future as a result of the NIS2 directive. Companies with as few as 50 employees or an annual turnover of 10 million are affected in the defined CRITIS sectors. Failure to do so will be very expensive and unpleasant from October 2024 at the latest. Check now whether you are covered by the directive and which requirements you have to fulfil:

Check need for NIS2 action

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Since its founding in 2002, LANCOM Systems has not only had to face the challenges of digital transformation itself, but above all has accompanied numerous other medium-sized companies in their digitalization in a spirit of partnership and trust.

We know first-hand how complex this task is and that it has to be solved individually. Get to know a partner who is in the same boat, in the same time zone, and in the same jurisdiction area! Together we will digitalize your company in a way that suits your purposes. We look forward to hearing your story and sharing ours with you.

Our topics

Secure IT networks

The need for a root-and-branch digital transformation has reached every company in every sector of the economy. Digitalization in SMEs needs to pick up speed, and fast. But which developments are relevant for SMEs and especially for small and medium-sized manufacturing companies, and what are the specific implications for a company's IT network?

Smart Working

In digital SMEs, intelligent technologies can be leveraged for corporate profit. This opens the way to smart industry in the SME sector. But the resulting data volumes demand an IT infrastructure that is powerful, reliable, and future-proof. Find out about the unleashed potential of an IT network that thinks for itself:

Digital platforms

Digital platforms play a key role in the digital transformation of SMEs: As a B2B platform or trading platform, they streamline processes, open up new markets, and they effectively and securely retain customers to the company. Learn everything about the benefits of new business models and the implementation of digital platforms.

Information security

Cyber attacks are a bitter reality and the ransom payments, data theft, espionage, and sabotage hit SMEs particularly hard. Professional information security protects you from nightmare scenarios like these. Our article informs you about the most important aspects of security, the actions for SMEs to take, and the first steps towards maximum corporate security:

IT specialists

Whether you are setting up and managing an IT network, digital smart working, digital platforms, or the virtual security of an SME – the digitalization of companies needs qualified IT specialists. That these are unfortunately very rare is something that every HR department is acutely aware of. We have formulated some strategies on how you can avoid the shortage of skilled workers, and how you can present yourself as an attractive employer at the same time.

Know and incorporate IT trends 2024

“As SMEs face the ever-increasing demands of the digital transformation, the trend is clearly toward increased data transmission speed, intelligent cloud utilization, and a general reduction in complexity. The inescapable need for IT security also continues to cast its shadow as a requirement SMEs need to meet. [...] This short study addresses the question of how SMEs, primarily those with 250 to 2,500 computer workstations, are currently positioned when it comes to modern operational concepts and company networks. To what extent is the cloud and as-a-service concept already being adopted by SMEs? What is driving the expansion of company networks? And what investments in networks are SMEs planning for 2024?” – techconsult study from 2024


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