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With LANCOM cloud-managed Security, the implementation of even complex security policies is reduced to a few clicks in the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). The LMC takes over the fire­wall configuration and the setup of VPN connections (Auto-VPN).

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A Cloud-managed Virtual Private Network (Cloud-managed VPN) eliminates manual configuration of individual VPN endpoints and time-consuming VLAN configuration, enabling dynamic and secure encrypted networking of sites using a cloud.

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In a cloud-managed Local Area Network (LAN), the configuration of individual switches is fully automated and, if required, across sites: this enables automated, dynamic, and secure provisioning of any type of multi-service network on switch ports.

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A cloud-managed Wi-Fi provides visibility into the Wi-Fi status of the entire network and extends all the capabilities of tradi­tional WLAN controllers with location-independent access capabilities as well as maximum automation and agility.

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