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Best VPN provider again

LANCOM Systems has confirmed its top position in this year's “Professional User Rating Security Solutions” by the analyst firm techconsult. For the sixth time in a row, LANCOM received the top user rating in Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions and was once again a clear leader in the field of IT security in Germany's largest user survey.

Top placing for the sixth time in a row

As the years before techconsult surveyed over 2,000 security-solution experts in October 2021 with regard to their satisfaction with solutions on the market and their providers. In both the solution and manufacturer ratings, the users gave LANCOM top marks in every discipline: for the performance of its VPN routers, gateways, and clients, as well as their range of functions. In the “Solution Benefits” category, too, users gave top rankings to LANCOM for “Mitigating damage from security incidents”, “Better efficiency working through secure solutions” and “Reducing load on the IT department”.

In the manufacturer ratings, LANCOM achieved the top placing among providers rated in the categories “Sales partners”, “Price and purchasing models”, and also “Service and support”. The company also leads the way in customer satisfaction for the categories “Overall product portfolio” and “Manufacturer loyalty”: Users continue to unreservedly recommend LANCOM VPN solutions and would buy them again at any time.

LANCOM founder and managing director Ralf Koenzen is delighted to have taken the top position once again: “The satisfaction of our users and customers is the ultimate reward and the best motivator for the entire LANCOM team. Today more than ever, network security determines the success of any company. We are proud that our VPN routers, gateways and clients ‘Made in Germany’ make such a strong contribution to a secure and digitally sovereign network infrastructure.”

Raphael Napieralski, analyst at techconsult, adds: “Working from home saw an explosion of growth during the Corona pandemic, which made the secure connection of remote workplaces to company networks the key to business continuity. The fact that LANCOM has won top marks from the users for the sixth time in a row is without a doubt an impressive achievement.”

About techconsult

Research and analyst firm techconsult has been the partner for suppliers and consumers of digital technologies and services for 25 years. Conducting analyses at businesses provides an insight into their problems and their future visions regarding the use of information technologies. More than 20,000 interviews conducted with business and IT decision makers each year provide an accurate impression. Additionally, techconsult continuously screens suppliers' products and services to provide strategic and implementational consulting to the IT industry and business users. For a number of years techconsult has been providing specialized assessment tools to business and IT decision-makers for the identification of problem areas and conducting positioning analysis. techconsult GmbH is headed by managing partner and founder Peter Burghardt with offices located in Kassel and Munich. The company is part of the Heise Group.

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Previous awards

2021 - Overall winner in VPN solutions

LANCOM Systems is the clear leader of the latest user survey “Professional User Rating Security Solutions (PUR-S)” by the analyst firm techconsult. For the fifth time in a row since 2017 LANCOM has won the title of Champion in Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions and has once again emerged as the overall winner by far in Germany's largest user survey in the field of IT security.

In the analysis, LANCOM received top marks for the performance of the VPN routers, gateways and clients with a focus on the individual aspects of performance, reliability, maintenance and the range of features. Here, users consistently attest to LANCOM's top performance in all the disciplines surveyed. Overall, the VPN solutions are convincing across the board: The users recommend them unreservedly and would buy them again at any time. The all-round satisfaction is also reflected in the manufacturer rating.

The result is also something special for techconsult analyst Raphael Napieralski: “LANCOM is the first manufacturer to be a Champion five times in a row. That is an impressive achievement—also considering how dominant and clear those title wins have been.”

2020 - Best marks for VPN solution

LANCOM took a clear lead to secure the top place among the VPN manufacturers with its extensive solution portfolio for highly secure site connectivity. Users particularly value the performance of the routers, gateways and clients. Also convincing are the outstanding effectiveness, high availability and easy maintenance offered by the solution.


Surveyed companies also gave top marks for the reduced workload on the IT department and the improved efficiency of work processes. The result: LANCOM VPN solutions are recommended unreservedly, and resale is assured. The outstanding satisfaction shown by the solution’s evaluation is mirrored by the manufacturer rating. Here too, LANCOM leads by a clear margin. Users lay particular value on corporate social responsibility, as they gave top marks for social engagement and corporate culture.


Seen together with a top placement in the current Professional User Rating IT Operations—where the LANCOM Management Cloud emerged as Champion in the Network Management category—the PUR-S VPN further underlines the performance of the efficient, secure and easily scalable LANCOM SD-WAN solution.


2019 – Top placements for VPN solutions once again

For the third time in a row, LANCOM has secured the title of "Champion" in the multi-vendor user survey "Professional User Rating Security Solutions (PUR) ". LANCOM continues to build on the outstanding ratings of previous years by scoring marks that are well above average in both the company and solution ratings.


In the Rating of Company Excellence LANCOM again took a clear lead. Top ratings were also achieved in sustainability, product innovation, support services and performance.


The research and analysis company techconsult conducted over 2,000 user interviews concerning 6 different solution types. The overall result in "VPN solutions" is made up from a total of 60 individual criteria.


2018 – Top position in the manufacturer and performance evaluation

In terms of the manufacturer and the solution ratings, LANCOM achieved results that are far above average and clearly outpaced its competitors in numerous categories. This large-scale survey interviewed more than 2,100 companies about their satisfaction with the solutions they employ. 70 individual criteria were evaluated in 14 categories. The survey included all major providers of security solutions who are active in the German market.


LANCOM achieved absolute peak performance in terms of customer satisfaction, its innovative capabilities, and the performance of its VPN solutions—including individual aspects such as reliability, update policy, as well as service & support. LANCOM scored particular highly thanks to the expertise of its staff at its in-house support center. And as in the previous year, LANCOM also received top marks for its close-knit and highly competent network of sales partners. For the first time, however, LANCOM achieved a top ranking for its commitment to sustainability.


2017 – Users place LANCOM in VPN Solutions as "Champion“

LANCOM achieved results that are far above-average both in terms of the Company Rating and the Solution Rating in the “Professional User Rating Security Solutions (PUR-S) 2017”. In the overall solution rating, the company is a clear number 1, leaving its competitors far behind


LANCOM achieved absolute peak performance in terms of customer satisfaction and the performance of its VPN solutions—including individual aspects such as reliability, maintenance/update policy, service & support as well as likelihood of resale and recommendation.


In this large-scale survey more than 2,400 companies were interviewed about their satisfaction with the solutions they employ. 70 individual criteria in 14 categories were rated according to the two aspects “Company Rating” and “Technology/Solution Rating”.


2015 – Champion in Network Security and VPN

Champion in Network Security and VPN

The market research and consulting company techconsult took a close look at IT security solutions for small and medium enterprises in Germany. LANCOM performed extremely well in relation to its direct competitors!


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