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Are you about to graduate from school and would like to gain practical experience in an exciting corporate environment? Your studies are too theoretical for you? Or do you want to reorient yourself professionally? As a leading European manufacturer of innovative network and security solutions for companies, authorities and institutions, we offer you many opportunities to start a three-year dual training program in either the technical or the commercial field. We are proud of our apprentices, because together we are shaping the secure digital transformation. Become a part of us!

Our LANCOM Culture

We work very team-oriented and both the professional and personal development of our trainees is important to us. With us, you are a full-fledged team member right from the start and we adapt your tasks to your skills. As a trainee at LANCOM, we also offer you the opportunity, in consultation with us, to focus on specialist areas of interest during your training. This also means that you can gain insight into other areas of the company than the classic ones for your training.

Would you like to know more about the apprenticeship opportunities at LANCOM? Then take a look at our current apprenticeship postings here or contact us if you have any questions.

IT Specialist in System Integration

System integrators at LANCOM

As an IT specialist for system integration, you deal with complex IT problems at LANCOM and our customers. You help to reconstruct customer systems and identify errors there. You will then develop your own solutions. You will also support us in the procurement, installation and maintenance of equipment. This training involves less programming and more operational error reconstruction and solution finding.

Three important qualities

  • independent solution finding
  • interest in technology
  • diligence

Between vocational school and working life

At vocational school, you will learn important basics, such as how a network or databases works, and various programming languages and techniques. But also social science subjects like German, English, Economics and Politics are part of it.

We don't just have an IT department that you get to know during your apprenticeship. We are a company that specializes in IT and can demonstrate this competent expertise in all areas of the company. You will benefit from this in particular when you get to know the various departments during your apprenticeship. In addition to in-house IT and support, you will also get to know the work in product marketing, purchasing and quality assurance.

Comments from our trainees

"Expanding from small to large enterprise networks, we work with new challenges every day to best prepare for digitization."

IT Specialist in Application Development

Application development at LANCOM

In the application development specialization at LANCOM, you will work in and on our cloud solution, the LANCOM Management Cloud. During your three years of training, you will get to know all the teams in the cloud: the front and back-end, as well as quality management and DevOps.

In our cloud department, we do a lot of collaborative work. The exchange with your colleagues is important and the whole team works with the technical expertise of each individual towards a common goal.

Three important qualities

  • logical thinking
  • ambition
  • passion for technology

Between vocational school and working life

In addition to social science subjects such as German, English, Economics and Politics, you will attend technology-specific subjects at vocational school. In these you will learn, for example, what a cloud is and how it works. You will also learn different programming languages, code structures and how application development works. During your weekly days at the company, you will then deal extensively with our networks and their optimization.

You will be actively involved in the daily tasks of the cloud. Your tasks will be based on your skills and knowledge, and if you have any questions, the whole team will be there to help you. With us, everyone is a full team member whose opinion and knowledge are taken into account when ideas and decisions are made.

Comments from our trainees

"The subject-specific knowledge from the vocational school is the perfect preparation for working in the LANCOM Management Cloud."

MATSE Training

Mathematical-technical software developer

From analysis to centralisation - as a MATSE you will deal with all topics relating to software systems.
You will be integrated into our experienced, agile teams and work with them on our products and solutions. Right at the start of your training, you will come into contact with cloud-based web applications and be integrated into the various work processes. You will take on your own tasks in the various projects so that you can work independently on testing and documenting application solutions and their realisation.
You will also gain cross-functional experience and be involved in different departments.

Three important qualities

  • Independence
  • Courage to be creative
  • Willingness to develop further

University and working life

In addition to your practical training in the company, the theoretical part awaits you at the university. Here you will be taught a basic framework of knowledge in the "Applied Mathematics and Computer Science" degree programme so that you can build on this in your practical work and work on your own initiative.

You will be integrated into all processes and areas. We take your skills and interests into account to create a productive space for you and support you accordingly.
We want to enable you to play an active role in shaping our products right from the start.

Comments from our trainees

"I was given a very warm welcome right from the start and really appreciate the close support in the departments."

Industrial Business Management Assistant

Industrial business management assistant at LANCOM

As an industrial business management assistant at LANCOM, you will deal with the commercial processes in various departments at our company. This means, for example, that during your training you will gain an insight into the work of the marketing department, where you will write texts, carry out your own research or assist in the planning of a new campaign. In the purchasing department, you will process delivery bills, check incoming goods, or book invoices. In addition, there are other areas of the company that await you, such as accounting or sales.

Three important qualities

  • interest in business processes and the industry
  • organizational strength
  • openness for economic topics and new technologies

Between vocational school and working life

In addition to your working days with us, you will also attend a vocational school where you will learn the most important commercial skills, such as tax basics for companies, how prices are made up or why accounting is important for a company. In this way, you will recognize the connection between school content and the work context from the very beginning.

During your three-years apprenticeship you will get to know different commercial departments at LANCOM. We encourage the personal preferences and interests of our trainees, so that you can also gain insights into the graphics or web services department or the communications department, for example.

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