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Who we are

We are the LANCOM Cloud Team and we develop and design our LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). We act according to the principle "one Tribe, one Product". Together we are responsible for the successful development of a central product (the LMC). In addition to software developers, we are also looking for new colleagues for other positions, including Scrum Master, Product Owner or Web Designer. It's worth taking a look at our job portal!

How we work

At our company, you develop software in an agile environment, using SCRUM and sometimes Kanban. Our department is organised into squads, chapters and guilds, which are assigned different responsibilities and tasks. All team members share information in different formats. For you, this means that you also take part in regular events and meetings, such as joint reviews, townhall meetings and refinements.

You will certainly be interested in the tools we use. We decide this flexibly, because the tool has to fit the task. It is important to us that we are also open to other technologies. If you are familiar with the Atlassian software suite (Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket/Stash), you will be on familiar ground with us. We use these as well. You prefer Kubernetes, Kafka or Java / Kotlin as a programming language? Great, you'll also find these tools - along with numerous others - with us!

By the way: It doesn't matter whether you prefer to work from your home office or the business office, or a mixture of both. We are flexible. We will also find an individual solution for you.

Do you share our spirit?

Why should you become part of our team? We are internationally aligned and stand for diversity and cohesion. We see ourselves as a unit that pursues a common mission: to further improve our LMC and thus provide our customers with a secure and trustworthy basis for their digitalisation. This can only be done together and with a lot of enthusiasm. Do you have the necessary expertise and do you share our spirit? Then we should get to know each other! Apply now via our job portal!

How you start with us

If you would like to become part of our "tribe", you will certainly be interested in how your onboarding will be organised. Basically, the team decides how your onboarding will go. You will be introduced to your tasks individually.

From day one, you are part of our group and work together towards our goals. In the first few weeks, a mentor from the Cloud team will accompany you. This person will ensure that you receive basic information and know how we are organised and who your relevant contacts are. At the same time, another mentor from another area of the company will give you an insight into our structures, processes and culture. We offer a lot here: events, company breakfast, food trucks, health management and much more.

What's next?

Are you interested in working for the LANCOM LMC-Tribe? Then you're sure to find the right job here. We look forward to hearing from you!

Why is our work important?

LANCOM Systems is the leading provider of secure and reliable network and security solutions for business and administration. We have been developing routers, access points and switches for many years, and in 2018 we added our LANCOM Management Cloud. With the LMC, our customers are able to network dozens, hundreds or thousands of sites in a simple and intuitive way. In our LMC team, we develop future-proof solutions based on Software Defined Networking. We use the latest technologies for modern cloud-based web applications.

With our LMC, we offer our customers a cloud solution that makes complex and large projects manageable again. This means that our "solution" is increasingly becoming the decisive criterion in winning a project. At the same time, revenues from services are becoming increasingly important for us as a company, as the market is changing more and more in the direction of "X-as-a-service" offerings. So with our licensing model in the LMC, we are hitting the nerve of the times. And: our cloud solution is increasingly becoming a digitization driver through its central role and function in the customers' network, because it enables our customers to digitise securely and trustworthily in a simple way.

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