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Partners of the LANCOM Solution Center are IT experts with many years of experience, not only in the LANCOM network portfolio but also in the different requirements of the professional users. With the LANCOM Solution Center we provide a platform where you can convince yourself of the creativity of the LANCOM partners when it comes to the design of needs-based and industry-specific solutions.

The LANCOM partners will not only deliver the product components of a solution, but will deal with your requirements and implement and maintain your solution on site.

Solutions from our partners

  • Linkyfi by AVSystem

    This is an advanced solution for WiFi access management, analytics, location services and proximity marketing.


    LOOP21 makes more of your Wi-Fi by communicating with your customers via their smartphones. No app is required to get customized information.

  • Picopoint Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper Platform is a hosted guest Wi-Fi solution that enables data capture, so you are able to communicate with your customers, track their movements, and more.

  • SoWiFi

    More clients thanks to social WiFi: Your clients like your Facebook page and get WIFI access. Monitor visitor statistics and reach out to them with targeted messages.

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