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Gatekeeper Wi-Fi Guest Access and Analytics Services


Picopoint Solutions is a Europe-based solutions provider for wireless Internet service providers (WISPs), resellers and operators. Picopoint offers scalable solutions for managing and billing public and private data networks since 2002 and is a LANCOM Solution Provider since 2007.

The Gatekeeper Platform is a hosted guest Wi-Fi solution that enables data capture and more, so you are able to communicate with your customers, track their movements, and much more.



  • Easy to deploy, very scalable, hosted solution
  • Mobile or social-media Marketing: Your customers’ profile data presents you with new options for marketing campaigns and increased sales
  • Login methods: Mail, Facebook, loyalty card, Mobile App login, SMS log-in, vouchers, Company / school ID number / Bring Your Own Device
  • Landing page customization: Flexibility to give your landing page the look-and- feel you prefer
  • Gatekeeper Analytics. Dashboard. We provide you with an online dashboard for gaining customer metadata and an insight into the behavior of the customers who utilize your Wi-Fi network.

Features Gatekeeper

  • Gatekeeper supports multiple social-media login methods
  • Loyalty card login, loyalty scheme, customer in-store acknowledgement
  • Footfall counting, heat mapping, proximity messaging
  • Track & trace

Reporting/Analyzing data

  • Dwell time: This is the average time a customer is seen on the network;
  • Return rate: How often in a certain time frame do we see the same customers again;
  • How many new signups today;
  • How many returning users;
  • Gender: What % is male or female;
  • Age range: What percentage is within certain age range ( 25 > 30 / 31 > 35, etc.);
  • Type of device used: What % is using i-Phones / Samsung / Blackberry;
  • Number of unique users per time frame

Solution components

  • LANCOM Public Spot Option (any LANCOM product that can be Public Spot enabled)


  • Retail
  • Hospitality


  • Worldwide

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