LANCOM Systems GmbH (hereinafter: LANCOM) grants end customers and resellers within the framework of the Partner Program the following support services for LANCOM products as of December 01, 2017.

1. Free support services (LANCOM Support) for registered resellers

a) LANCOM support includes the following services in the German and English languages:

  1. Technical questions about a LANCOM product
  2. Assistance with specific configuration problems by indicating common configuration errors
  3. Instructions for the customer on creating standard configurations by means of a Knowledge Base
  4. Assistance in diagnosing and resolving technical problems that are presumed to be caused by the behavior of LANCOM products by means of analyzing existing configurations and recorded traces
  5. RMA processing

b) The support services are provided via the web portal by telephone and by e-mail.

c) The response time and processing time depends on the request volume, the number of available service technicians, and the partner status of the requestor.

d) There is no entitlement to the actual solution of the notified problem.

e) LANCOM reserves the right to charge for support services if an error was caused solely by the customer or their network.

2. Free support services (LANCOM Support) for end customers

a) The primary contact person is the responsible specialist reseller or the source of supply.

b) LANCOM additionally provides online end-customer support in German and English. However, requests from reseller partners are prioritized and therefore no response time can be guaranteed.

c) The support services are provided via the web portal

d) There is no entitlement to the actual solution of the notified problem.

3. Charged LANCOM support services

a) LANCOM additionally offers the following fee-based support services in German and English:

  1. Configuration of LANCOM products
  2. Verification of configurations created by third parties, either on a flat-rate basis or with specified priorities such as security or service availability
  3. Consultation on network design and setup, even for complex scenarios, remotely by LANCOM (customer training can be provided at the same time)
  4. Creation of offline configurations for import by the customer
  5. WLAN coverage design based on floor plans
  6. Shorter reaction times (SLAs)
  7. Availability outside of support hours

b) These products can be viewed on the website A quotation for the support services mentioned here can be requested from

4) Limitation of liability

a) Within the scope of this support service, LANCOM shall not be liable for loss of profit, other financial losses, e.g. due to downtimes, travel expenses, expenses for rental equipment, indirect damages, consequential damages or similar.

5) Validity of the General Terms and Conditions (T&C) of LANCOM Systems GmbH

All support services mentioned here are provided exclusively in accordance with the General Terms and Conditions of LANCOM Systems GmbH, unless otherwise contractually agreed.

valid from 01 December 2017

Support services from LANCOM Systems GmbH