LANCOM Trusted Access support and more overview for rule inheritance

With LCOS FX 10.13 you can make your Unified Firewalls ready for LANCOM Trusted Access, the trusted cloud-managed Secure Remote Access solution. This version also includes a practical extension for the Unified Firewall WebGUI: We have redesigned the dialog for the connection between desktop objects to provide you with better clarity for complex firewall rules with inheritance. In addition to the selected services, the rules table now also displays those rules that are defined between parent objects. This enhanced approach allows you to see the full hierarchy of rules at a glance.

Note: Update to at least LCOS FX 10.12 RU3 urgently required. More information is available here.


Download of the current version

Important note:

Please perform the software update at least to version LCOS FX 10.12 RU3 to ensure optimal protection.

LCOS FX 10.13 is now available via the update function of the LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall or in the myLANCOM Firewall License Portal. In the myLANCOM Firewall License portal you will find the current LCOS FX release version as well as all active predecessor releases under the section "Downloads".

Feature highlights

Support of the LANCOM Trusted Access Client

LANCOM Trusted Access is the trusted network access security solution for enterprise networks. It enables secure and scalable access to enterprise applications for employees in the office, at home, or on the road, protecting modern hybrid working from anywhere, anytime. The LANCOM Trusted Access solution adapts to increasing security requirements in your organization and enables both cloud-managed VPN client networking for access to entire networks and the move to a Zero Trust security architecture for comprehensive network security. Based on granular access rights, users are only granted access to applications that have been assigned to them (Zero Trust principle). Existing systems for managing users and user groups (Active Directory) can be fully integrated into the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). For smaller networks, the LMC alternatively offers internal user management. LANCOM Trusted Access 100% GDPR compliant and scales for small businesses as well as for very large networks with several thousand users.

New dialog for connecting desktop objects

The redesigned dialog for connecting desktop objects provides an optimized overview for complex firewall rules including inheritance. The new feature includes the display of rules defined between parent objects in the table view. This enhanced view allows you to see the entire hierarchy of rules at a glance, while taking into account both selected services and the rules between parent objects.

Further features & improvements

  • For route-based IPSec connections, the MTU can be set to solve packet size issues in some scenarios.
  • For monitoring WAN connections, tcp_probe can be used with hostnames.
  • Curl can be used to monitor WAN connections.

Further information

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Overview of firmware versions

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LANCOM release process

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Note for LCOS FX download

The latest version of LCOS FX 10.13 is ready for download directly in your LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls' web interface or via the myLANCOM Firewall License Portal. You can find further information here:

Important note:

Please perform the software update at least to version LCOS FX 10.12 RU3 to ensure optimal protection.

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