Visual LANCOM LCOS FX 10.6

LCOS FX 10.6

Cloud-managed VPN and even more control

With the new release version LCOS FX 10.6, you get a real plus in convenience and control when operating your LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls: Among other things, more convenience is provided by a wide range of features for highly automated operation with the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC). And for more control, zone management in DNS allows separate DNS configuration for individual networks.

LCOS FX 10.6 is now available via the update function of the LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall or in the myLANCOM Firewall License Portal.


Visual LCOS FX 10.6 Feature: Extended feature set for cloud-managed firewalls

Extended feature set for cloud-managed firewalls*

LANCOM FX 10.6 upgrades the LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls with many additional functions for operation with the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) and turns them into a fully-fledged stand-alone VPN gate­way for branch offices: From now on, secure VPN networking of sites, including network virtualization, is fully automated. Thanks to the support of LMC's DynDNS service, firewalls are also easily reached via a self-selected subdomain. Furthermore, applications can now also be blocked by the firewall in stand-alone mode at layer 7 level.

Visual LANCOM FX 10.6 feature: Zone management for DNS

Zone management for DNS

From now on, the LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls support different DNS servers for different zones. In addition, the DNS configuration for indivi­dual networks can be adjusted separately. This allows separate DNS configuration for individual networks so that, for example, local zones can be accessed exclusively from the employee network and not from the guest network.

*Support of these features in the LANCOM Management Cloud will follow soon.

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LCOS FX download

The latest version of LCOS FX 10.6 is ready for download directly in your LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewalls' web interface or via the myLANCOM Firewall License Portal. You can find further information here: