LMC licenses

LMC licences

License model

In order to manage LANCOM devices with the LANCOM Management Cloud appropriate licenses are required. The following overview shows which license category is suitable for which LANCOM device currently on sale. To use all the functions of the LANCOM Management Cloud, we recommend using the latest LCOS release version. You can find the available LMC licenses for EOS devices in the data sheet of the corresponding device in our download area.

Access Points

collage access points

License category A

  • LANCOM LX-6500, LX-6500E, LX-6400, LX-6402, LX-6200, LX-6200E
  • LANCOM OX-6400, OX-6402
  • LANCOM LW-500, LW-600
  • LANCOM L-321agn
  • LN-830U
  • LANCOM LN-1700B, LN-1702B, LN-1700UE
  • LANCOM IAP-821, IAP-822
  • LANCOM OAP-1702B, OAP-1700B, OW-602


Collage LANCOM R&S Unified Firewalls

License category B

  • LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall UF-60, UF-60 LTE, UF-T60
  • LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall UF-160
  • LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall UF-260

License category C

  • LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall UF-360
  • LANCOM vFirewalls

License category D

  • LANCOM R&S®Unified Firewall UF-760

Gateways / Routers

collage gateways and routers

License category A

  • LANCOM 730VA, 730-4G+
  • LANCOM 1640E
  • LANCOM 883 VoIP, 883+ VoIP, 884 VoIP

License category B

  • LANCOM 1800EF-5G, 1800EF, 1800EFW
  • LANCOM 1790VA-4G+, 1790VAW, 1790VA, 1790EF, 1790-4G+
  • LANCOM 1793VAW, 1793VA, 1793VA-4G+
  • LANCOM 1780EW-4G+
  • LANCOM 1784VA

License category C

  • LANCOM 1900EF, 1900EF-5G, 1906VA, 1926VAG, 1926VAG-4G, 1926VAG-5G
  • LANCOM vRouter 50, 250, 500, 1000, 3000, and vRouter unlimited

License category D

  • LANCOM ISG-5000, ISG-8000


collage switches

License category A

  • LANCOM GS-2310, GS-2310P+
  • LANCOM GS-3510XP

License category B

  • LANCOM GS-3628XUP, GS-3528XUP, GS-3528XP, GS-3528X
  • LANCOM GS-2326+, GS-2326P+
  • LANCOM GS-2328F
  • LANCOM GS-3126X, GS-3126XP

License category C

  • LANCOM GS-3652X, GS-3652XP, GS-3252P
  • LANCOM GS-3152X, GS-3152P, GS-3152XP, GS-3152XSP
  • LANCOM GS-4530X, GS-4530XP
  • LANCOM XS-5110F, XS-5116QF, XS-6128QF

License category D

  • LANCOM GS-4554X, GS-4554XP

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