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What's new in the LANCOM Management Cloud?

Cloud-based network management alone does not ensure dynamic development – this constantly includes new functions and improvements. With the latest highlights from our cloud development, we show you what we mean by continuous development: At regular intervals, we incorporate new features into the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) to make your cloud experience and thus your daily work even more efficient. To use all the functions of the LANCOM Management Cloud, we always recommend using the latest LCOS release version.

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All features at a glance

  • More comfort with multi-language support for the cloud-managed hotspot

    Left: Woman in the hotel on her cell phone, Right: Screenshot of the cloud-managed hotspot in the LANCOM Management Cloud, Above: Icon with two speech bubbles and a globe
    Seven available languages for your hotspot users

    ”Wifi en español? ¡Por supuesto!” – take full advantage of the language diversity when using the Wi-Fi hotspot via the LMC! Add translations of up to seven languages directly when creating a cloud-managed hotspot under Networks > Add Network > Hotspot Network > Translations. By selecting a default language, your hotspot users will see the preset language and the option to change the language. Simply assign the new hotspot network to the desired sites and your Wi-Fi hotspot will easily be available to visitors in different languages.

  • Precise troubleshooting with direct links to the source of the error

    Screenshot of the LANCOM Management Cloud on a laptop with a magnifying glass view of the new optimized error messages
    Quick navigation to invalid configuration parameters

    The time-consuming search is coming to an end: you can now benefit from optimized error notifications! For example, you can save yourself the laborious task of detecting errors in the event of invalid configuration parameters relating to object IDs (OIDs) in the device configuration. Clicking on the link displayed in the error report takes you directly to the corresponding point in the configuration preview in the detailed configuration of the device. This allows you to identify and localize the source of the error much faster!

  • Easy-to-view site assignment of a network

    Screenshot of the Network menu in the LANCOM Management Cloud and icon with magnifying glass, logo, and connection arrows
    New detailed overview of sites in the "Networks" menu

    At which sites is a particular network used? How can networks be quickly removed from sites? Answers to these questions are now provided by the clear display in the "networks" menu entry. Under "Site count", you can see at a glance how many sites your networks are assigned to. Click on the number to go directly to the new detailed overview "Site" of your selected network. Here you can remove the network assignment of one or more sites at the same time if required. In addition, a warning now appears when you delete a network, informing you if the network is still assigned to at least one site.

  • Central administrator management at organization level

    Person at the laptop and illustration of the LMC user interface with settings for user inheritance
    Administrator inheritance and new "organization viewer" role

    Reduce time-consuming, manual activities when adding or deleting LMC administrators: Activating administrator inheritance gives members of an organization access to the subordinate projects. As the organization administrator, you control this access by selecting a role that is inherited to all subordinate projects in the organization. If you want to give administrators access to all projects but do not want them to have the administrative rights of an organization administrator, simply assign them the new "organization viewer" role under Management > Administrators. For projects in which administrator inheritance should not be activated, this can be excluded under Project specifications > Basic > Project access. All information on the LMC roles and rights can also be found in compact form in the Infopaper.

  • A look back at 2023

    Laptop with LMC Dashboard, icons next to it to visualize the highlight features
    In 2023, many exciting projects with innovative solutions were realized with the LMC. At the same time, we continued to develop and drive forward the capabilities for the management of all network components.

    We would like to use the turn of the year to thank all administrators of the LANCOM Management Cloud. In 2023, many exciting projects with innovative solutions were realized with the LMC. At the same time, we continued to develop and drive forward the capabilities for the management of all network components. These key features are just a few examples:

    • LANCOM Trusted Access – Cloud-managed Secure Network Access
      In addition to the central management of network components, the LMC also enables the secure connection of employees to the company network – from a single source! LANCOM Trusted Access (LTA) offers highly scalable remote access that protects hybrid working, whether as a cloud-managed VPN or based on the innovative Zero Trust principle. Start your onboarding today!
    • Wi-Fi optimization with LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0
      Best Wi-Fi at the touch of a button: LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0 (ARC 2.0) predicts the optimization potential of the Wi-Fi network based on real usage data and automatically optimizes channels and channel widths. Discover the full power of ARC 2.0 on our topic page!
    • Efficient switch rollout thanks to centralized port templates
      Network assignments to switch ports are simplified and assigned to the devices "zero-touch". A major efficiency gain, especially with different port assignments at different locations.

    You can already look forward to the further innovations that 2024 has in store for the LANCOM Management Cloud. Thank you for your continued support and trust!

  • Central management of all VPN users via the LMC

    Man at the laptop with LANCOM Management Cloud Dashboard and LANCOM Trusted Access lettering
    LANCOM Trusted Access for small and medium-sized enterprises

    Centralized management of VPN users via the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) is also worthwhile for smaller installations. You do not need a user database (Active Directory), but can take immediate advantage of the remote access solution LANCOM Trusted Access: to do this, select the option LMC-managed under Security > LANCOM Trusted Access > User management. Then copy the unique identifier (TXT resource record) from the LMC and paste it into the DNS configuration of your domain. After a brief check, the LMC verifies the domain and once you have entered your users e-mail addresses, you can immediately enable them to use Trusted Access. Discover the LTA tutorials and trial versions today!

  • LANCOM Trusted Access – Cloud-managed secure network access

    Man sitting at his laptop in his home office, with the words "LANCOM Trusted Access" at the bottom
    Secure and scalable access to enterprise applications for employees in the office, at home, or on the road

    With the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC), you now not only manage your network components, but also secure the connection of your employees to the corporate network centrally. With the highly scalable remote access solution LANCOM Trusted Access (LTA) and the new LANCOM Trusted Access Client, you can protect hybrid work – regardless of whether you want to use LTA as a cloud-managed VPN solution or on the basis of the future-proof Zero Trust principle with granular network control. Find out which LTA level of integration is right for you, start your LTA training, and test LTA for free for 30 days on the LTA onboarding web pages.

  • Refresh of the LANCOM Management Cloud user interface

    View of the LMC interface in the new LANCOM design

    Already noticed? The LANCOM Management Cloud now has a new LANCOM look. With a contemporary color palette and intuitively designed controls, the Cloud gets a breath of fresh air, while the features remain in the familiar place. Discover new colors and subtle design adjustments for an even better user experience. We welcome comments and feedback on the new Cloud design.

  • Simplified management and more overview for switch stacks

    Collage of a laptop with screen shot in the front right, three switches in the background, and an icon with cloud symbol
    Port template groups and individual stack names

    From now on, you can also benefit from convenient port management for switch stacks, so that individual and time-consuming port configurations of the stack units are a matter of the past. The central, cross-network port template groups are available for this purpose: Select one of your predefined port template groups for each unit of a stack to conveniently reuse your port configurations even for new stacks at different locations. The port template groups are assigned exclusively by your explicit selection in the unit overview of the stack and require the port mode "Network default for unit". For even more overview, you can now additionally assign individual names to your stack units.

  • Centralized port templates for optimized switch rollout

    Collage of a laptop with screen shot in the front right, three switches in the background, and an icon with cloud symbol
    More convenience for network assignments to switch ports

    Manual network assignments to switch ports could quickly become a challenge if you needed different port assignments for switches with the same number of ports at multiple locations. This is now remedied by extended, central templates, so-called port template groups. You can create, configure, and apply up to 50 different templates yourself for the networks and device models offered (e.g. 26-port model). Your previous port templates are initially assigned to the default group. You will find the port template groups under Networks > Selection of a network > Switches and can easily map them to your devices on the site level for even more "zero-touch".

Find more information on features of LMC software releases up to version in our Archive document Release Notes.


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