LANCOM 1800 blackline

brilliantly simple – simply black.

Sophisticated technology meets trending design

How do you combine high performance with a modern look and sustainable production at the same time? With LANCOM 1800 blackline – the housing of our new 1800 series SD-WAN gateways. In this modern, black, and elegant design, we bundle our years of experience for reliable site networking. But just see for yourself:

Versatility by design

As central nodes of your site networking, our SD-WAN gateways have been tailored to your network requirements. Their variety of interfaces for any type of connection, which is unique on the market, makes them the first choice for demanding applications. And the blackline housing also impresses in terms of design and production.

Pioneering technology

Compared to the classic LANCOM CPE housings, the blackline housing offers more space for a powerful platform. This makes new product variants in CPE format possible, serving e.g. VDSL, fiber, Wi-Fi, and 5G simultaneously. Another plus point: The platform provides Gigabit performance for all product variants.

Clear design

With the combination of matt-black plastic and glossy front panel, the blackline housing focuses on elegance, timelessness, and a clear design language. Special eye-catchers are the LEDs for the interface information, which at the same time provide a quick overview and easy handling.

Local production

Software and hardware development as well as assembly take place entirely in Germany. The production of the blackline housing in the Netherlands guarantees short transport and communication routes.

Sustainable product design

We design all products for a secure, reliable, and long-term network infrastructure of the highest quality. This also means: We always keep in mind that our products are in line with a responsible use of resources. The clear goal in the development of the blackline housing was to further improve its eco-design aspects over the entire life cycle compared to our classic CPE housing – from the preceding value chain and production to the end of life.

Recycling-optimized design

The blackline housing is made exclusively of single-type plastics and uses only common types of screws. To ensure a high level of material recyclability in the sense of the circular economy, no coatings, adhesives, or paints are used.

Reduced noise emissions

An optimized cooling concept with lateral ventilation slots directly improves heat dissipation. Conversely, this means that the LANCOM SD-WAN gateways are operated more quietly.

Ecological packaging

The new, more compact packaging, fewer plastic foils and product inserts reduce packaging materials. The material savings go hand in hand with lower energy and raw material consumption.

Compared to the classic LANCOM CPE housing

You can find a transparent overview of our sustainability commitment on our Corporate Social Responsibility web pages.

Blackline housing on a black background with the perspective from behind

LANCOM SD-WAN gateways of the 1800 series

The LANCOM SD-WAN gateways in blackline housings are the ideal branch routers for reliably networking small and medium-sized enterprise sites. Thanks to their wide range of interfaces, they allow the simultaneous use of multiple access types such as fiber optics, VDSL, and/or 4G/5G paired with Wi-Fi 6. And best of all: We are constantly expanding our portfolio for you and will keep you up to date here.

  • New

    LANCOM 1803VA-4G

    SD-WAN VoIP gateway with VDSL, fiber, and 4G for site networking of small and medium-sized businesses

  • New

    LANCOM 1803VA

    SD-WAN gateway with telephony, VDSL, and fiber for site networking of small and medium-sized businesses

  • LANCOM 1800VAW-4G

    SD-WAN gateway with VDSL, fiber, 4G, and Wi-Fi 6 for site networking of small and medium-sized businesses

  • LANCOM 1800VAW

    SD-WAN gateway with VDSL, fiber, and Wi-Fi 6 for site networking of small and medium-sized businesses

  • New

    LANCOM 1800VA-4G

    SD-WAN gateway with VDSL, fiber, and 4G for site networking of small and medium-sized businesses

  • New

    LANCOM 1800VA

    SD-WAN gateway with VDSL and fiber for site networking of small and medium-sized businesses

Site connectivity with LANCOM SD-WAN

Reliable IT infrastructures for companies

Better network availability, higher bandwidths, and maximum data security – the demands on companies are constantly growing. With your SD-WAN-capable LANCOM device, you have already taken the first step on the path to highly scalable, efficient, and secure networking of distributed enterprise sites. In combination with the LANCOM Management Cloud, this provides you with a solution that is unique on the market.

Find out what site networking with LANCOM SD-WAN, SD-Branch, and clever home office solutions looks like right here:

More about site connectivity with LANCOM

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