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Warranty extended to 5 years

At purchasing and registering the LANCOM Warranty Basic Option you extend the three-year manufacturer warranty to five years. This way you benefit from advantages such as free-of-charge processing of repairs and the LANCOM service for two further years. In addition, we guarantee free-of-charge software maintenance via security updates until the End of Life status of the device.

Product features

  • Extension of the manufacturer warranty of a LANCOM device from 3 to 5 years
  • Guaranteed software maintenance via security updates until the ‘End of Life' status of the device
  • Support authorization beyond the warranty of the device up to the ‘End of Life’ status (support access required)
  • Free-of-charge processing of repairs until the end of the option
  • Registration of the option within the first three months after purchase of the LANCOM device
  • Available as S, M, L, and XL option, depending on the device type
  • Several LANCOM devices in the HA cluster require a Warranty Basic Option per device

This illustration shows how our software maintenance is based on the product lifecycle.


This product is unfortunately no longer available.

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