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Optimal planning of your WLAN investment

Insufficiently planned networks lead to customer complaints, expenditure, a lot of wasted time, and unnecessary costs for you. Realize the potential of the LANCOM WLAN Survey Service for your professional planning and efficient implementation of wireless infrastructures. You take advantage of a reliable, transparent cost overview before you start your project. You can be sure that your premises are optimally covered and your WLAN infrastructure is efficiently implemented.

Product details

  • Virtual Wi-Fi coverage across the premises based on floor-plan drawings
  • Documentation presenting detailed planning results
  • Estimation of the costs for implementing the WLAN project
  • Available as a LANCOM WLAN Survey Service Voucher
  • LANCOM WLAN Survey Service Voucher corresponds to a processing time of half a working day (4 hours)


Professional planning

Rely on LANCOM expert know-how and plan your WLAN infrastructure before the installation.

Optimal coverage

Our experts plan your WLAN installation professionally and reliably so you know exactly how many LANCOM devices you need for optimal coverage.


The voucher corresponds to a processing time of maximum half a working day (4 hours). Please contact us via e-mail or telephone for activation.

Book via e-mail

To activate, please send us a mail with the number from your voucher to:

Book via telephone

Please keep the number as specified on the voucher at hand. You can reach the LANCOM Service Hotline here: +49 (0)2405 49936 210

LANCOM service hours

The LANCOM Service Hotline is available from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. (except for regional holidays in Wuerselen, Germany).

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