Product photo LANCOM SFP-GPON-1

Direct high-speed connection to passive fiber optic lines (FFTH)

The expansion of fiber-optic lines directly into the home (fiber-to-the-home / FTTH) is growing steadily and with it the availability of this fast alternative to DSL lines. The LANCOM SFP-GPON-1 enables you to connect directly to a GPON network (Gigabit Passive Optical Network) via your LANCOM gateway - without the complex cabling and power supply of a separate provider modem.

Technical features

  • Standard: GPON G.984.2 ONT
  • Simplex SC/APC Transceiver
  • Direct connection to GPON FTTH networks without separate provider modem
  • Constant transmission bandwidth and interference-free technology
  • Operating temperature -40 - 85°C
  • Easy integration into LANCOM devices 1790EF, 18xx series, 19xx series, ISG-8000, and ISG-5000
  • Including 3m LC/APC to SC/APC cable


Reliable support for GPON technology

For fiber to the home (FTTH) data transmission, GPON technology is a future-proof solution: A GPON-based network architecture is characterized by flexible bandwidths as well as high transmission ranges. The components of the gigabit speed optical network reduce its maintenance and costs, making it reliable and scalable. An upgrade to GPON technology is, thus, easy to realize with the LANCOM SFP-GPON-1.*

* The compatibility of the LANCOM SFP-GPON-1 has been tested with the support of Deutsche Telekom for function on corresponding Telekom FTTH connections.

Direct connection to GPON FTTH networks without separate provider modem

While previously an additional fiber-optic modem had to connect the fiber-optic connection in the building to the router, the LANCOM SFP-GPON-1 now handles the necessary conversion of the incoming data signals. This eliminates the need for cabling and installation of a modem as well as the laying of an additional power supply.

Easy integration of the LANCOM SFP-GPON-1

The uncomplicated connection of a LANCOM SFP-GPON-1 module is realized via the SFP ports of the LANCOM 1790EF, the LANCOM 19xx and 18xx series, and the LANCOM ISG-8000 and ISG-5000.

Note: To use the LANCOM SFP-GPON-1, at least the LCOS version LCOS 10.50 RU2 is required on the device side.

Supported devices

The LANCOM SFP-GPON-1 is compatible to the following LANCOM devices:

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