LANCOM Wall Mount (LN)

Anti-theft mounting plate for access points and routers

The LANCOM Wall Mount (LN) consists of one wall bracket with kensington lock, one padlock, and one drilling template. It offers optimal anti-theft protection for LANCOM devices of the LN and LX series and the LANCOM 750-5G. This provides maximum flexibility for the installation of LANCOM devices at vertical or horizontal walls or ceilings.

Technical features

  • Robust wall bracket for the mounting LANCOM access points of the LN and LX series as well as LANCOM 750-5G
  • Attachment only on solid surfaces on non-flexible vertical walls or horizontal ceilings
  • Anti-theft protection due to a 4-times kensington lock and included padlock
  • Inclusive drill template and installation guide
  • Simple exchange thanks to identical drilling fixture compared to the LANCOM Wall Mount
  • Also available in bulk 10 versions either with or without padlocks


Robust wall bracket for wall- or ceiling mounting

The pre-drilled mounting board can be fixed directly at the wall and has four hooks, which the LANCOM device can be easily clipped into. We recommend mounting only on vertical walls or horizontal ceilings on a solid surface. Additional security feature: In order to remove the device, a screwdriver is needed, which pushes the hooks back.

Theft-proof thanks to kensington lock

The LANCOM Wall Mount (LN) safeguards LANCOM devices of the LN and LX series or the LANCOM 750-5G with the help of a 4-times kensington lock. Therefore, these LANCOM devices can be securely installed even at places with a high visitor-density. The included padlock assures that the kensington lock is easily and reliably secured.

Simple exchange

The attached drilling template is compatible to that of the LANCOM Wall Mount. This way one can use the drilling holes and the already implemented screws for the mounting of the LANCOM Wall Mount (LN). This saves additional effort and time.

Supported devices

  • LANCOM Indoor Access Points mit LN-Gehäuse
  • LANCOM Indoorf Access Points mit LX-Gehäuse
  • LANCOM 750-5G

Note: LANCOM Wall Mount (LN) is not suitable for LANCOM devices in classic CPE housing, which require the LANCOM Wall Mount.

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