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LANCOM Wi-Fi 7 access points offer impressive speeds and extremely low latencies. But in addition to simply providing the next generation of Wi-Fi, these access points come with a unique offering for more security, sustainability, and automation. Find out more now and consciously strengthen your digital sovereignty with LANCOM Wi-Fi 7!

A closer look at Wi-Fi 7 technology

Why Wi-Fi 7 is worth it for you

Just like Wi-Fi 6(E), Wi-Fi 7 uses the Wi-Fi exclusive 6 GHz frequency band and therefore offers interference-free Wi-Fi operation with minimum latency and maximum data throughput – especially practical for time-critical, fast-response applications such as machine control or virtual reality. The direct comparison of Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 7 shows why the switch to Wi-Fi 7 pays off for you:

Faster data transfer

With Wi-Fi 7, you benefit in practice from a speed boost of up to 240% compared to Wi-Fi 6(E). This is due to the doubled maximum channel width (320 MHz instead of the previous 160 MHz) and the increased information density during transmission processes (4k QAM instead of the previous 1024 QAM) compared to Wi-Fi 6E.

More stable transmission quality

Wi-Fi 7 shows its advantages in radio environments with high signal density, as the use of Wi-Fi 7 devices ensures significantly more reliable transmission and reception quality. For this purpose, the better quality frequency band is automatically used or even two frequency bands are used simultaneously (Multi Link Operation). In addition, the previously serious consequences of interference signals are effectively mitigated (Multi RU & Puncturing).

More future-proof orientation

The growing demand for powerful and reliable Wi-Fi connections combined with an ever-increasing number of clients requires a Wi-Fi standard that is based on advanced technologies to improve network efficiency. In particular, the rapidly increasing market coverage of 6 GHz-capable WLAN end devices promises enormous potential for Wi-Fi 7-capable access points. Invest early in Wi-Fi 7 technology and take the next step into the future of wireless connectivity!

The LANCOM Wi-Fi 7 performance promise

More than just up-to-date: Get to know Wi-Fi 7 with LANCOM

Our Wi-Fi 7 access points were designed with a clear vision: making professional networks more secure and sustainable and at the same time relieving administrators with a high degree of automation. Discover the holistic technology!

Icon: Blue arrow with "SECURE" lettering and protective shield with magnifying glass
  • Security scan: radio field monitoring with dedicated scan radio
  • Dual PoE-in: fully redundant power supply to the second switch for maximum reliability (LANCOM LX-7500)
  • Firmware Engineered in Germany: guaranteed absents of backdoors, secure boot, and maximum reliability and future viability thanks to regular feature and security updates
  • Integrated assembly lock: counteracts opportunist theft
Icon: Green arrow with "SUSTAINABLE" lettering and globe with leaf
  • LANCOM Sustainability Mode: Reduced energy consumption in the Wi-Fi thanks to technological options and logical control
  • Energy monitoring for the entire network: transparency regarding energy consumption, savings,CO2 emissions, and CO2 reduction
  • Environmentally friendly packaging: Plastic-free packaging based on paper fibers - a contribution to uncomplicated and sorted disposal
  • Optimized scope of delivery: avoidance of packaging waste and electronic waste as well as CO2 pollution in logistics
  • 100% recyclable housing: 100% recyclable materials without glued individual components
Icon: Blue arrow with "AUTOMATED" lettering and clock symbol
  • Cloud-managed Wi-Fi: zero-touch commissioning, auto config, 24/7 monitoring & alerting, and Wi-Fi anomaly detection via the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) for less manual effort
  • Radio resource management: self-learning automation solution LANCOM Active Radio Control 2.0 for optimized WLAN installations at the touch of a button – the scan radio allows constant radio field monitoring
  • Energy savings without risk: Intelligent, cloud-based, dynamically adapting optimization solution LANCOM Active Power Control reduces the energy consumption of the Wi-Fi infrastructure while maintaining operational reliability

Especially when it comes to new technologies, it is important to strengthen your own decision-making authority and to rely on trustworthy partners. By choosing a LANCOM WLAN infrastructure, you are making a conscious decision to strengthen your digital sovereignty and thus to protect and control hardware, software, data, IT resources, and processes for greater data security, planning reliability, and risk minimization.

Wi-Fi 7
revolutionizes the market.

LANCOM VP Switches & WLAN Michael Müller
Michael Müller
Vice President Switches & Wireless LAN

With Wi-Fi 7, the next Wi-Fi standard is in the pipeline! The Wi-Fi exclusive 6 GHz frequency band combined with the advanced Wi-Fi 7 features will deliver unprecedented immersive user experiences that will transform the Wi-Fi market.

When planning a Wi-Fi 7 infrastructure, it is important to consider high-performance LAN components in addition to Wi-Fi 7 capable access points: for the required transmission speeds and power requirements, switches with sufficient port capacity and additional PoE power are needed.

As a long-standing consultant, companion, and network technology supplier for various industries, we at LANCOM Systems are familiar with the obstacles involved in switching to new Wi-Fi technologies. We will be happy to advise you and show you how to set up a secure, sustainable, and automated Wi-Fi 7 infrastructure. Making digital transformation easy and carefree.

The Wi-Fi 7 application fields

Ready for change? This is how Wi-Fi 7 looks in your organization

Cross-industry digitalization requires a future-proof Wi-Fi network. The following examples show how Wi-Fi 7 is an important building block for sustainable success in all industries and business areas:


Wi-Fi 7 is revolutionizing the retail sector by providing the bandwidth and speed of response for data-intensive digital services at the point of sale (PoS). The integration of customer smartphones and personalized services, supported by data mining, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, turn shopping into an immersive experience. Contactless payment and modern concepts such as scan & go contribute to a seamless online and offline shopping experience thanks to the reliable Wi-Fi 7 connection. In addition, business processes can be optimized by collecting, evaluating, and optimizing walking routes, item inventory or advertising displays based on real data. With Wi-Fi 7, networked logistics also benefit from reliable real-time communication when controlling and monitoring warehouse and logistics systems, even for business-critical data transfers.


In the healthcare sector, Wi-Fi 7 is the answer to rapidly increasing bandwidth requirements: the digitalized work processes in surgeries, clinics, nursing homes, pharmacies, and outpatient care services require fast and absolutely reliable data exchange. The volume of data is also increasing with the introduction of electronic patient files. These allow patients and authorized healthcare providers such as doctors and pharmacists secure and fast access to important health data such as diagnoses, treatments, and medications. In telemedicine and remote patient monitoring, Wi-Fi 7 ensures efficient and consistent transmission of real-time information.

Modern administration

In the public sector, Wi-Fi 7 plays a crucial role in optimizing services: In libraries, schools, administrative buildings, and urban spaces, the powerful Wi-Fi 7 infrastructure not only promotes easy and fast access to digital learning materials (e.g. virtual classroom), but also facilitates access to data-intensive and latency-critical services (e.g. augmented and virtual reality (AR, VR)) even with a high client density. In addition, Wi-Fi 7 supports the efficiency of administrative processes through reliable and fast networking of urban facilities. The implementation of smart city solutions, such as intelligent traffic control and environmentally friendly energy monitoring, also benefits from the powerful Wi-Fi 7 technology.

The powerful Wi-Fi 7 components

Explore now: LANCOM Wi-Fi 7 access points

The Wi-Fi 7 access points LX-7500 and LX-7300 represent a quantum leap in speed and efficiency in professional Wi-Fi. The following applies to both models:

  • Support for all three frequency bands (2.4 GHz, 5 GHz, and 6 GHz): best possible interface for all end devices
  • Integrated scan radio: for more quality, security and overview of your network
  • Orientation sensor and power meter: for detailed and precise network diagnostics
  • IP50 protective housing and UL2043 certification: for use in even the most demanding environments
Icon: lettering Wi-Fi 7


High-performance Wi-Fi 7 access point for large, demanding wireless networks

  • Tri-band Wi-Fi with 4x4 MU-MIMO: Fast data processing even in crowded Wi-Fi networks
  • 10G & 2.5G Ethernet with dual PoE-in: for the best possible reliability for your Wi-Fi

Datasheet LANCOM LX-7500


High-performance Wi-Fi 7 access point for medium-sized, demanding wireless networks

  • Tri-band Wi-Fi with 4x4 MU-MIMO: Fast data processing in Wi-Fi networks with medium capacity requirements

Datasheet LANCOM LX-7300

Sophisticated housing design

  • "Wedge" design with flattened shape for an unobtrusive appearance that fits into any environment
  • Dust-proof according to protection class IP50 incl. rubber sealing of the ports
  • Certified fire resistance and low smoke properties in case of fire (UL2043)
  • Secure universal holder with mounting lock and Kensington Lock counteracts opportunistic theft
  • Universally compatible mounting plate allows device replacement of commercially available models without additional drilling

More about Wi-Fi 7

Would you like to take a deep dive into the technology behind our Wi-Fi 7 access points?

You can find out more details about Wi-Fi 7 technology and the benefits for your infrastructure on our technology website including a white paper!

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