LANCOM Wireless ePaper USB

Practical IoT expansion module

With this practical expansion module, you can add digital signage functionality to your USB-enabled router, access point or WLAN controller* in no time at all. The ideal solution for the subsequent implementation of applications such as digital price labeling via radio or the dynamic labeling of workstations in an industrial environment.



Technical features

  • Support for digital displays from various manufacturers, such as Hanshow or SOLUM with cloud-based management
  • Support for LANCOM routers, access points and WLAN controllers with USB support
  • Bracket for wall and ceiling mounting included
  • Includes 3m USB extension cable


The easy start into the IoT world

The LANCOM Wireless ePaper USB is quickly and easily connected to any LCOS-based LANCOM device with a USB interface (router, access point or supported WLAN controller). It’s everything you need to put a complete digital sigange infrastructure into operation.

Flexible positioning

The LANCOM Wireless ePaper USB can be positioned anywhere within a radius of up to 3 meters* of the LANCOM device. Flexibility that can be of real benefit where space is tight. You can place your Wireless ePaper USB as close as possible to your Wireless ePaper Displays.


* Please observe the supplied installation instructions.

Digital Signage with LANCOM

The LANCOM Wireless ePaper USB is part of our innovative and cost-efficient digital signage solutions.

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