Common Support Tips

To improve the operational stability of the LANCOM devices, we recommend that you update the Loader to the version specified in this Knowledge Base article.


The Loader is available from the Download section of myLANCOM. To download the Loader, you need a free myLANCOM user account.


Firmware update for the LANCOM GS-2352 and GS-2352P Gigabit Ethernet switches

A recommended firmware update is now available for the LANCOM GS-2352 and GS-2352P Gigabit Ethernet switches. This update fixes, among other things, an error that could lead to failures of the SFP+ ports.


You can download the switch firmware version 3.22 and the release notes in the download area on our website. How to perform a firmware update for LANCOM switches can be found in our Knowledgebase article.

If the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client of the version 2.05RU1 does not run stably on a MacBook Pro, performing the following to resolve the behavior.


1) Uninstall the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client. Before doing this, you should backup your VPN connection profiles to an *.ini file.

2) Update macOS Sierra 10.12.0 Rel. to macOS Sierra 10.12.1 (16B 2555).

3) Install the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client version 2.05RU1 on your system (download). Import the VPN connection profiles saved in step 1.

4) You can now operate the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client without problem.

The LANCOM Advanced VPN Client for Macintosh as of version 2.05 (Build 32167) is compatible with the operating system macOS Sierra.