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Online. Anywhere, anytime. Preferably at no charge and with a minimum of effort. The Public Spot solutions from LANCOM fulfills this wish for your guests and, at the same time, they securely separate the guest network from your company’s network. Also, LANCOM solutions adapt perfectly to the size of your network – and your budget. An open interface makes it easy to integrate external systems without any problems.


General Questions

What is a Public Spot?

“Public Spots” or “hotspots” are public Internet accesses for guests, which are often offered in hotels, restaurants or clubs. Sometimes these “public” Internet accesses are not available for everyone but restricted to a certain user group which is provided with personal credentials.


Who can use a Public Spot?

Everyone with the appropriate login credentials. In case that the hotspot is open without any restrictions every recipient of the network, or the SSID, can use the access with their end device.



How can I set up a Public Spot?

There are many different possibilities, depending on the size of your hotspot, the defined access options, the pricing structure and so on. A small hotel which may restrict its hotspot to the conference room or the hotel lobby only needs a (WLAN) router with the appropriate software, the LANCOM Public Spot Option, in addition to the Internet access. Depending on your IT-knowledge or the extent to which you want to set up your hotspot to your individual conception, you can configure it with the help of a wizard or do it manually. For more information on different hotspot scenarios check these Knowledge Base articles.


Which prerequisites do I have to fulfill?

For starters, there has to be a broadband Internet connection to ensure a stable operation of the hotspot. The demands on the performance of the Internet connection depends on the number of guests who are online at the same time. One can roughly estimate appr. 1 Mbps for each user if they only use e-mail services or browse the Internet. The kind of devices you need depends on your desired size of the hotspot.


Which costs do I have to expect when installing a Public Spot?

Do you already have a LANCOM network infrastructure? Then you only need one additional software option: The number of users is determined by the device type, you can find a list here. Depending on the LANCOM devices (gateway), a specific option is used: The Public Spot Option with a maximum number…

Do you already have a LANCOM network infrastructure? Then you only need one additional software option: The number of users is determined by the device type, you can find a list here. Depending on the LANCOM devices (gateway), a specific option is used: The Public Spot Option with a maximum number of 64 users or the Public Spot XL Option with up to 2,500 users. All current prices of our products can be found in our price list on the product pages in the download area.


Do I need a special provider?

No, the LANCOM Public Spot Option operates independently of a special provider. You simply choose the provider of your preference.



How do I benefit from a Public Spot?

Most people are used to accessing the internet, emails, and social networks from anywhere, whether in their own region or in foreign countries. Guests in hotels often feel limited in their options without internet access and therefore prefer to choose hotels with internet access when planning their holiday. Guests also stay longer in cafés if they can surf on the side, which in turn raises the opportunity for increased revenues. In short: with Wi-Fi access, many guests are more satisfied and they prefer locations that offer a hotspot.


How does the free internet access for guests work?

First, the guest connects with the SSID you have configured. Then the device receives a signal that an additional login is required. Here you have various options for giving the customer access to the Internet, which can be configured individually. For example, access can be granted either by simply accepting the terms of use or by personalized access data consisting of a user name and a password.


Do my guests have to pay for the Public Spot?

With the LANCOM Public Spot Option you have the option of either charging your guests for the Internet access or offering hotspots for free.


Can I determine who can use my Public Spot and for how long?

Yes, the Public Spot Option offers different login modes. In addition to the variant in which only acceptance of the terms of use is required, there are also variants in which registration is only possible with dedicated access data. All variants have the option of using or combining time     and volume limits. You define the validity period via a tariff model; if the customer reaches one of the limited details, the ticket is invalidated for him.



Can I block certain websites like for example pornographic websites or downloads?

Yes. LANCOM offers you software for sale, which can be installed in the router (or controller/central site VPN gateway) in addition to the LANCOM Public Spot Option.
The so-called Content Filter blocks certain websites which include typical keywords by blacklisting them. Downloads can be limited in several ways: Either by shutting down particular ports in the firewall, by reducing the speed of the account, making downloads less attractive, or by limiting the download volume.


What can I do in case of a failure of my Public Spot?

If you have a solid IT-knowledge and did the configuration of your Public Spot yourself, you can contact our LANCOM Support. In addition to that, you can contact one out of many LANCOM resellers who will be pleased to support you. If you have not had contact to a LANCOM reseller yet, you can find a suitable partner near you here.


Are guests with hotspot access able to connect to my servers and read confidential data?

Not if your network has been professionally configured. With a LANCOM infrastructure, you can simultaneously operate your internal network and your guest network but still separate them in a secure way. Your data is always protected from external access. Your reseller or our LANCOM support team will be happy to help you.


You have another question?

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