Secure network solutions for the healthcare sector

Directive-compliant IT security engineered in Germany.
For a trustworthy digital healthcare network.

Digital sovereignty and connectivity for a secure digital healthcare system

Smooth communication and information security are vital in the healthcare sector – both offline and online. Government directives such as the European NIS2 directive particularly focus, promote, and protect the latter. After all, digital healthcare has many advantages for all market participants, but must never come at the expense of data security.

A trustworthy IT infrastructure is the basic prerequisite for any form of digital networking in the healthcare sector. This is the only way to use the valuable synergy effects of digitalization securely and to avid potential liability risks for healthcare providers.

As a European solution provider, LANCOM connects the healthcare sector sustainably in digital ecosystems with the LANCOM Connected Health Ecosystem concept and thus enables a better quality of care while fully complying with legal security requirements.

Prepare for NIS2 now

The healthcare sector has been part of the CRITIS sectors affected by the NIS1 directive since 2016 and is subject to certain European cybersecurity requirements. With NIS2, further, stricter requirements will now be added from October 2024, which will be set out in national laws. Compliance with these will be monitored and penalised. It is best to prepare now and find out what you will need to consider in the future:

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The LANCOM healthcare solution concepts

For a securely networked healthcare system in Europe

Cybersecurity and digitalization for healthcare institutions

LANCOM Health IT Infrastructures have a cybersecurity-as-a-service approach: They offer individual IT security infrastructures consisting of hardware and software solutions including service / support for various healthcare service structures. Both individual concepts and standardized packages are available for, e.g., individual practices, therapeutic practices, group practices, pharmacies, medical care centers, outpatient care services, clinics, and nursing homes.

Cross-institutional, digital care clusters

Once healthcare facilities have been equipped with security and network technology, the next step is to establish secure digital data flows between healthcare providers. A prominent example of such comprehensive data exchange between healthcare providers is the referral of patients to specialists, clinics, and therapists.

The LANCOM Health IT Cluster Solutions digitally network different healthcare institutions into a comprehensive care cluster in, for example, physician networks, healthcare networks, hospital groups, and referral networks.

Our topics

Digitalization in the healthcare sector

Nowadays, healthcare providers have to use a variety of digital applications in their practices to care for patients. Telematics and telemedicine are therefore part of everyday working life in the healthcare sector. As a result, legislation requires secure networking in healthcare facilities in order to ensure maximum security when processing patient data. LANCOM Health IT network solutions strike the perfect balance between profitable digitalization and maximum cyber security.

Digital ecosystems in healthcare

Various healthcare providers work together to care for patients, for example in collaborative or referral networks. This interlocking medical care results in a significant increase in the health data that is exchanged every day. For the healthcare facilities involved, regional healthcare networks enable optimal management of care services. The LANCOM Connected Health Ecosystem functions as a digital ecosystem to enable such modern care clusters securely and efficiently from the technical point of view.

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