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Which network scenarios can actually be implemented with LANCOM components? Which practical requirements can be met with them? Which problems and pain points of our customers inspired us to design which solution?

The LANCOM InfoHub, a "Progressive Web App" (PWA), helps answer precisely these questions and provide a reality check for your company.

With a variety of tools, such as use cases, product recommendations, stakeholder information, advice for securing your digital sovereignty, and a clear digitalization outline for the public sector, the InfoHub helps companies select the right solutions for their individual network requirements.

What solutions can I find in the LANCOM InfoHub?

Site connectivity

Network security

Network management

Small / mid-size enterprises


Public sector


All use cases and information at a glance

Always the right use cases at the ready

You know for sure that you need a reliable and resilient Internet connection and fast data transmission. We make sure you get exactly that.

Efficient site networking, uncomplicated network management, improved network security or special, niche-serving solutions – we have been professionally equipping companies with IT infrastructures for over 20 years.

Take a look at our application examples for branch office structures, secure business applications, medical facilities, home office connections, digital price labeling, school networks, and much more, including suitable product recommendations, and use our best practices for your own project.

Becoming and staying digitally sovereign

Digital sovereignty is on everyone's lips, as it is essential for a self-empowering approach to IT networks.

But what does it actually mean? How do you act with digital sovereignty? And what is the current state of digital sovereignty in Europe?

The LANCOM InfoHub provides you with the essential cornerstones of high availability, network security, sustainability, integrity, and autonomy at all times and advices you on how you can build and maintain your digital sovereignty in these fields.

Discover the digital sovereignty section now


As a progressive web app, the LANCOM InfoHub is a mixture of website and app. You can access it via your browser or download it to your mobile device and use it offline.

To do this, simply perform the following steps:

  1. Open the LANCOM InfoHub in any Internet browser on your smartphone or tablet.
  2. On your iPhone, you can now use the "Export / Download" function in your menu bar at the bottom of the screen and then select "Go to home screen". On your Android device, you can use the browser menu and select "Install App". It will be added directly to your home screen after successful installation.
  3.  By clicking on the blue LANCOM InfoHub icon, the use cases, stakeholder information, and the digitalization blueprint are now available offline.

All possibilities
in your hand.

Which typical use cases are covered by LANCOM solutions? Which products are recommended in each case and how do they fulfill the specific use case requirements? How does the IT infrastructure optimally support medium-sized businesses, the retail sector, and the public sector?

Our smartphone-optimized LANCOM InfoHub, as a clear and handy PWA app, shows how the individual challenges are mastered-even offline when downloaded to mobile devices. So that all the options are in your hands.

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