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High-quality Wi-Fi is no coincidence

WLAN Anomaly Detection

Your users expect top Wi-Fi performance – at all times! However, Wi-Fi is a complex transmission medium with many potential sources of interference: overcrowded channels, foreign Wi-Fi networks, structural situations, disruptive frequencies, and many more. Fast and targeted troubleshooting is therefore essential for the best Wi-Fi experience of your customers, employees, and guests.


Do not leave your Wi-Fi to chance! Keep full overview and control with the LANCOM WLAN Anomaly Detection!

40% Time saving

Trial & error is history

On average, an IT administrator spends 40% of his working time on WLAN troubleshooting. This is the case because without clear knowledge about sources of error, this task has so far consisted of laborious "trial and error". 1)

1) CWNA: Certified Wireless Network Administrator Offical Study Guide

Your advantages thanks to LANCOM WLAN Anomaly Detection

Immediate and unerring troubleshooting
Immediate alarm in case of anomalies in your wireless LAN
Unprecedented transparency of Wi-Fi quality
Identify potential problems before they arise
Clear knowledge about sources of interference
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You can gain direct insights in the "live view" of the LANCOM Management Cloud. There you can experience the clearly laid out dashboards and powerful functions directly.

Curios, what the LANCOM Management cloud has to offer for you? Discover the world's first hyper-integrated management system!


Everything in view – anywhere, anytime!

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Unerring troubleshooting

The sooner you know where and why something is wrong in your wireless LAN, the sooner this anomaly can be eliminated – in the ideal case even before the anomaly turns into a disturbance. You receive exact information about the respective location, the device, and the cause. An indispensable added value, especially in complex and dynamic wireless networks.

Screenshot of LANCOM Management Cloud WLAN Anomaly Detection warnings on dashboard

Immediate alarms

In the event of anomalies, you receive clear warnings both directly in the LANCOM Management Cloud and by e-mail. An intuitive color system makes it easy to see at a glance what type of message is at issue. This allows you to react immediately and in a targeted manner.

Screenshot of LANCOM Management Cloud WLAN Anomaly Detection notifications

Full transparency of the Wi-Fi quality

You get accurate information on channel load, noise, transmit quality, Wi-Fi users and 5 GHz channel availability metrics and are just one click away from trouble­shooting on the respective device. If the threshold values of several metrics are exceeded, they are displayed in a bundled overview.

Screenshot of LANCOM Management Cloud WLAN Anomaly Detection device information

Identify problems before they arise

Detect the warning signs of potential interference in the radio field even before it affects your Wi-Fi and is noticed by users. Practical target/actual comparisons provide you with the best possible transparency. In this way, you always have an overview, even in complex and dynamically changing wireless networks.

Screenshot of LANCOM Management Cloud WLAN Anomaly Detection proposed solution

Clear knowledge about sources of interference

The user interface of the LANCOM Management Cloud provides you with practical tips on possible causes. For immediate troubleshooting, you are also shown possible solutions to effectively eliminate the anomaly. So leave nothing to chance!


In the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC), data from managed Wi-Fi devices is evaluated using various "metrics" and then compared with defined threshold values. As soon as a threshold value is repeatedly exceeded in a certain interval, the affected device is identified in the LMC and the administrator receives an alarm.

Icons of LANCOM Management Cloud WLAN anomaly detection metrics
Visual LANCOM Management Cloud WLAN anomaly detection

With Cloud-managed Wi-Fi you leave nothing to chance!

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LANCOM WLAN Anomaly Detection is part of our LANCOM Cloud-managed Wi-Fi approach. It extends all the functions of traditional WLAN controllers with the access-anywhere capabilities of cloud-managed wi-fis, and it supplements these with maximized automation and agility. Additional access points or new applications such as hotspots are easily integrated into the network, taking full account of all network policies. At the same time, a cloud-managed Wi-Fi offers administrators a graphical all-around view of the Wi-Fi status and the application-level and client-level loads on the entire network – prerequisites for proactive, around-the-clock troubleshooting.

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