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It's good when a competent partner masters modern site connectivity. For us, there is no alternative to networking and security. Our network experts explain how this works. To give hands-on information we have set-up a Masterclass webinar series on the topic site connectivityThe sessions will provide a deep-dive into different aspects.

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Planning, building and operating high-throughput, secure branch infrastructures requires trust and expertise. An appreciative partner for the specific tasks at eye level. A provider who values personal exchange.

We will answer all your questions live in our LANCOM Online Masterclass. Hands-on and practical.

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Practical example from a customer's perspective

That's what we're talking about:

The Dussmann Group - one of the leading global multi-service providers in the field of facility management, is in the middle of their roll-out of 500 connected sites and will share the requirements, challenges and benefits using LANCOM solutions.

Module 1: Kickoff

Secure site connectivity - the perfect interaction

Modul 2:

Central cloud-based SD-WAN & (V)LAN management

Module 3:

WLAN made easy in distributed

Module 4:

Network security at distributed

You have the questions, we have the answers

Have you ever asked yourself at least one of the following five questions for your business network?
Then you've come to the right place.


1. Options for improved efficiency?

Better efficiency for all components with zero-touch provisioning—so enabling automatic roll-outs across sites.

2. How can I support collaborative, data-intensive working?

Efficient use of all lines available on site—in particular for video-chat applications and large data transfers.

3. Interference-free Wi-Fi?

Add new functions to traditional WLAN controllers, including maximum automation, maximum agility, and access from anywhere.

4. Can I integrate VoIP?

IP-based networks integrate any service, including telephony, TV or mobile communications, all on a shared infrastructure—with significant cost savings.

5. How about security?

Operating Unified Threat Management at the headquarters or branch offices provides reliable protection of networks and data against undesirable contents such as spam, viruses, or malware. Security is more important than ever!

Experience from more than 100,000 projects

Experience is elementary in the implementation of complex site connectivity.
We are the network specialist for all medium-sized businesses. Engineered in Germany with experienced manufacturer support. 100% subsidiary of the German technology company Rohde & Schwarz.

8,800 references – SD-WAN site connectivity in Europe

It is one of the most impressive and modern networking projects in recent years: Almost 8,800 locations form one of the largest SD-WANs in Europe.

LANCOM Systems realized the project together with the Düsseldorf ICT company ecotel for a well-known German customer.

The network was rolled out, managed and monitored using software-defined networking technology based on the LANCOM Management Cloud. The system automatically transfers previously defined security specifications from the system to the sites. Each site is connected by a powerful IPsec VPN router.

The LANCOM Management Cloud reduces processing costs and the work involved in management and monitoring.

The 30-minute Online Masterclass

A webinar series for your company's multi-site IT infrastructure - secure, reliable, and optimized. Our 30-minute Online Masterclass gives you relevant, tried-and-tested tips from the LANCOM experts Christoph Spitzer and Lutz Linzenmeier for your secure, high-performance company network - with different deep-dives.

Christopher Spitzer has more than 25 years of experience in the IT sector with a focus on IT security.

Lutz Linzenmeier has almost 25 years of experience in the areas of IT security, networks, and SD-WAN.

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Modern site connectivity from Germany

“Multi-site working requires fast, reliable, and economical data connections together with high-performance on-site networking. SD-Branch solutions enable companies to secure and optimize the connections to and within their branch offices (WAN, LAN, WLAN, security). Modern SD-Branch solutions reduce network complexity, and the entire network can be managed and operated via an integrated management platform. This not only increases efficiency, scalability and security in the network, but also saves time, effort, and expense.” – techconsult survey from 2022


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Digital sovereignty is essential for companies

“Since founding the company 20 years ago, we look back on well over 100,000 projects—a remarkable achievement. We see ourselves as a medium-sized company for medium-sized companies. The customer's needs are the focal point of everything we do. I can’t stress enough that my personal mission is for us to live and breathe digital sovereignty as an integral part of our DNA.

We are committed to the dynamic adaptation of our reliable, comprehensive solutions, including those for professional and future-proof site connectivity. Network security is an increasingly important component. Our cornerstone is our product lines that are characterized by reliability, freedom from backdoors, and professional management—along with free security and feature updates that offer long-term protection of our customers' investments. Quality made in Germany and a building block for digital sovereignty.

The overall macroeconomic situation is a motivation for Europe to play a stronger role in asserting itself, to be more sovereign—including and in particular in the area of IT. In our opinion, digital sovereignty is the self-determined use and design of information technology by our society, the state, companies, and individuals.”

Ralf Koenzen
Founder and Managing Director at LANCOM Systems

This is what modern site networking looks like


Mastery of even complex SD-Branch networks for branch-office connectivity with an integrated product portfolio and automated network orchestration.


Wide area networks in particular demand maximum application performance, efficient use of whichever lines are available on site, state-of-the-art security, and a high level of investment protection for the future.

VPN site connectivity

Virtual private networks (VPN) are an economical solution for the secure inter-connection of numerous sites, even if they are separated by great distances.

Home office with VPN

A LANCOM Advanced VPN Client and, if necessary, VPN tunnel extensions—that is all you need to securely connect every employee to the company network.

WLAN solutions

The requirements determine the solution: Classic indoor Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi under extreme weather, industrial, or temperature conditions, in high-density settings, or digital signage solutions with Wireless ePaper Displays.

Talk with our network experts – in the Online Masterclass

“We know that site connectivity is highly complex. This challenge can be mastered through shared dialog. Spare yourself long searches without real results. In our 30-minute live Online Masterclass we give you valuable tips on what you really need.”

Christoph Spitzer,
Director Pre-Sales

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